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You can see the dream events for each girl that you have unlocked so far. You can use START button to stop viewing the events. (List of the dream events can be read under Misc/Dream topics.)

You can watch the events before confession that you have seen so far in the game. (List of the memory events can be read under Misc/Memory topics.)


You can view special CGs that you have seen so far in the game. The View List contains all CGs you have unlocked. Both Slide Shows are not available when you start the game. You will need to fulfill some requirements to unlock them. (Read below about how to unlock Slide Shows - May be a little spoiler for those who love surprises.)

 There are 5 pages of CGs for each girl.
  • Page 1-3 will be CGs that you got while playing the first part of the game (before  confession). Some of them can only be acquired when you play the game at a certain season.
  • Page 4 is for the CGs you unlocked from the Weekly Lucky Charm (Omazinai) after you reach the second part of the game (after confession.)
  • Page 5 is for special CGs that you got after fulfilling some certain requirement. (I know that you can get one of the 3 CGs here when you unlock the Slide Show-All Girl. But I still haven't unlocked the rest yet.)


You unlock it after getting confession from a girl. You can use up or down button on the D-Pad to change background music (BGM) and use left or right button on the D-Pad to change transition speed. (Speed from left to right = Fast | Normal | Slow.)

You unlock it after getting confessions from all 3 girls. The controls are the same as Slide Show - One Girl. (Using D-Pad to change music and picture speeds.)

 You can hear the 3 girls say your name in each saved file. Just click on each data file to hear their voices.