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Real Time Mode (Continue)

  • Schedule A Date

Next, the game will ask you to call your girlfriend. (You can't do anything else until you call her.) So, click the Phone command to call your girlfriend and schedule a date.

1. Click Phone (電話) command.

2. Click Schedule A Date (デートの約束) command.

3. Select a date
You can only schedule a date on a holiday which is any day shown as red color on the calendar. (The exception is during school break you can date her any day you want.)

4. Select location.
Note 1: You can only select location with Lv.1 an up. (You can see the location's level on the left screen as well as how it affects your parameters.) Some locations are not available before or after some certain time. (Eg. Family restaurant is not open in the morning; zoo is not open at night.) You can also see the Activity Points needed for each location. (You have to switch location if you don't have enough points.)
Note 2: If your girlfriend is not satisfied with the location, she will ask you to pick a new spot.

5. Select time.
Note: If your girlfriend is not satisfied with either date or time, she will ask you to pick a new date and/or time.

6. Once you finish, you will see a Date icon as a heart on your calendar on the right screen and the scheduled time on your left screen.

  • You have to remember your date schedule and make sure you open the game on or before the scheduled date and time.
  • If you already schedule a date in Skip Mode, you must finish your date before turning off the game or switch to Real Time Mode. (You will get a warning message when you try to turn off or switch mode.)

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