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~ Skinship & Kiss

Skinships (Touching & Kissing)

  • Touching

During a date or at any occasion that you can have a skinship, you will see a green finger icon at the upper-left corner on the right screen. Try touching her when not many people are staring (watch the eye/people icon on the left screen.) If you succeed, you will be able to continue to the next part. Otherwise, the skinship will end.

When you see her close-up shot, you can touch her at different spots. (Read more in Skinship Tutorial). If your touch is successful and she likes it, you will see a pink heart. If she doesn't like it, you will see a blue heart and may see a "Down" arrows at the Feeling bar on the left screen. In most case, stay around her hair and forehead would be very safe. The body and ears could be dangerous at times.

Another factor for skinship is her feeling. Check the Feeling bar on the left screen. If she is at :D face, things will be easier. If she is at :) or :|, you may get blue heart or Down feeling no matter where you touch. (I've never dated a girl when her feeling is at skull face though. It could be fun. LOL).

  • Holding hands while walking

Sometimes when you walk with your girlfriend, either to a date location or to/from school, you will also get a chance of skinship. Usually she will want you to hold her hand but that depends on her mood as well. The first step you have to do is touch her anywhere when you see the finger icon. (You need to be careful with the eye/people icon too.) Then try touching her arm. (You can touch other places too before touching her arm). If she's at smiling state (look at the smiley icon on the left screen), she will probably be happy when you touch her. Sometimes, she will even let you kiss her after you hold her hand.

  • Kissing

If you succeed in the touching part, you may have a chance to kiss her. The first step is to touch her when there aren't many people watching like in the touching part above. (But in some cases that you have a lot of hearts for your parameters, your girl may just walk straight for you to kiss her.) You can notice this part when you see a big heart on the left screen.

What you have to do here is sliding your stylus around her face or her shoulder. Making a medium-size circle (around 1/3 or 1/4 of the screen's width) should be okay. Just don't touch the screen too hard or too fast and always release your stylus from the screen when your circle color turns blue. I'd recommend that you find a start point with pink color (try touching different places until your line starts with pink) and circle around that area until the line turns red and then yellow. Try moving away from green color if possible. (Green is not as bad as blue though.)

You will see hearts flying and they will move to fill the big heart in the left screen.
Every time the big heart is filled, you will gain one small heart. Sometimes, if your touching is not good, you will get a blue heart which will reduce the love gauge in the left screen or even cancel the pink heart there.

During this part, sometimes a green heart icon will appear. If you want to say something to her, just touch the green heart icon. The choices vary depending on the moment you touch the icon and the amount of hearts on the screen. You can totally ignore this green heart and keep sliding your stylus if you want.

(Note: Pictures are from different game play, not that my Manaka changes her cloth while I'm kissing her. LOL.)

The session will end once you gain 5 small hearts or when the time is up. (You will hear heart pounding sound when the time is almost up.)

After that, if you have at least 1 small heart on the left screen you can start kissing her.

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