Git push deploy with Heroku

Session description

Why wait weeks, days or even hours when you can deploy your application with a simple git push command.  With a free account from Heroku you can deploy your application (or web service, etc) live on the Internet using git.

In this session we will cover the use of the Heroku toolbelt, creating an application on heroku, creating a Java app (probably with play 2 framework) and then using git to deploy that app live.

All the major languages are supported in Heroku (Java, Scala, Clojure, Ruby (and Rails), Python and node.js) and it really is trivial to get going.

What topic are you covering

- git push deployment

Who should attend your session - any previous experience required?

Anyone with an interest in getting their applications live as quickly as possible. 

No previous Heroku or deployment experience required.

What will attendees learn by attending your session

That things developers do can be easy with the right tools.

What problem space / challenges are you attempting attempting to solve

Continuous deployment in the modern world...