How to open source a project at Mega-Corp

Session title

"How to run a successful open source project" OR "How to open source internal software at a mega-corp" 


Martijn Verburg - Java and open source community leader.

Session description 

Using war stories from several open source projects the talk will cover the sometimes subtle aspects (both technical and social) of how to run a lasting and vibrant open source project. Topics covered will include: Beenfits of open sourcing, Getting Started, Convincing the Stakeholders, Setting up your Technical Infrastructure, Managing your social and political infrastructure, dealing with the money, how to run communications, Packaging/Releasing and Daily Development, Managing Volunteers and the dreaded Licensing, Patents and Copyright.

What problem(s)/challenge(s) will an attendee learn to solve by attending your session?

How to be one of the few vibrant and successful open source projects and/or ow to convince their corporate overlord to open source internal software. 

What are you addressing that represents or indicates a new or emerging trend? And why do attendees need to be aware 
of this information TODAY? 

The model of open source software development has now entered the mainstream and the business, technical, financial and social benefits of open source have become increasingly appealing for traditionally more conservative organisations. In particular many organisations are looking at open source from a cost saving perspective in today's difficult economic climate. 

What will attendees learn by attending your session? 

Practical tips on how to open source their software and how to do it successfully for the long term. 

Who should attend your session

Anyone interested in open sourcing software or helping run an open source project. 

Anything someone should know before attending


Briefly, what is the format? (case study, presentation with real world examples, hands on, step by step 
instructions, problem‐solving session where attendees bring questions) 

Presentation with lots of real world examples and emphasis on Q&A throughout