Proposed sessions

We are continually adding overviews of the session to help you know what may happen on the day and give you an opportunity to ask questions via the LJC mailing list.  If similar session ideas arise, then there is an opportunity to run joint sessions.  

In the spirit of an unconference, you can of course come up with talks, workshops, discussion sessions on the day.  Please write your talk on a post-it note (supplied by us) and add it to the conference schedule board on display in the main meeting area.  Please try to be as descriptive as possible about your talk, including what people will learn, if it is a talk or practical session.

Sessions (35 minute session + 5 changeover)
  • Intro to the new Java driver for MongoDB
  • 10 top tips for IntelliJ
  • Career Advice for Developers
  • Apache ISIS quick-start
  • We're not so different you and I
  • Test Drive Development (TDD) Primer
  • Packman, a design pattern for separating Method/Function Output
  • Robot Programming with Clojure core.async
  • Introduction to Cassandra
  • NAO the humanoid robot you can program in Java
  • Java EE 7 with AngularJS
  • BDD gone wrong - lessons learnt from 3 years of acceptance testing
  • Chuck Norris doesn't need DevOps
  • Learning Clojure with Light Table
  • Android and the Web of Things
  • 3 Cups of Java and a Slice of Mongo

Wanted sessions (looking for someone to run them)
  • Session name

Lightning Talks (5-7 minute talks)
  • Architectural Assumptions and Component Deployment
  • Faking it: A Developer's Guide to Social Skills

Live Coding
  • Aspecting the unaspected
  • TDD Primer / Concurrent Test execution

Workshops (practical, hands on workshops, 35 or 70 minutes)
  • Git awesomeness-ness
  • Emacs for Clojure
  • Novice Speaker's Clinic
  • Learn JDK 8 Features - Randori Kata Style

Wanted workshops (looking for someone to run them)
  • Session name

Birds of a Feather (BoF)
  • Enabling OpenJDK Contributions for the Github generation
  • Automated Development environment
  • The future and beyond - what do you want to see in Java 9?