Bet Fairs Site Rebuild Fast We Promise

Session title
Betfair's Site Rebuild – Fast We Promise

Session description
Betfair recently launched a beta version of their Sports betting website and is in the process of rolling out the site to new customers. We would like to present our journey so far and our results:
  • Faster page load times
  • Improving our operational insight into the performance of our website
  • Significantly increasing our rate of deployment through continuous delivery
  • How it impacted our bottom line

Our talk will explore the initiative in great detail. We will discuss:

  • Why we launched our Customer Commitment
  • The Betfair site architecture
  • Performance techniques applied including reducing the number of HTTP requests, reducing DNS lookups, minification, flushing the buffer early, eliminating iframes, using cookie-free domains for components, optimising CSS sprites
  • How we measure performance
  • How we measure the key business metrics including page load times, conversion rates such as registration, bets placed and revenue per customer
What topic are you covering
High Performance Websites including architecture
Operational Monitoring
Continuous Delivery

Who should attend your session - any previous experience required?
Those with an interest in using Java in the web tier

What will attendees learn by attending your session
Betfair's experience in writing Java web application to serve 9 billion http requests per month

What problem space / challenges are you attempting attempting to solve
Creating the next generation version of a high volume web site

Type of session
Case Study