Doing something real with Haskell. Functional to the max.

Session description:

I've been a full-time Haskell developer for 9 months now, working with a startup - launched & with customers.  I wanted to share the experience of making something real with Haskell.

What topic are you covering: 
  • explanation of what Haskell is like, especially in relation to Scala and Clojure
  • why on earth Haskell was picked
  • what's been great about using Haskell
  • what's been bad about Haskell
  • things learnt through coding Haskell that can be applied when coding in other languages
  • leave plenty of time for questions 
  • people curious about Haskell tend to ask about monads.  So I'll make a couple of slides about them just in case.
Who should attend your session - any previous experience required?

Probably not, but it'd be most interesting to people with an interest in functional languages.

What will attendees learn by attending your session:

First hand account of using a purely functional language in a real life situation.  Probably interesting to developers as there is a current trend towards functional languages.

What problem space / challenges are you attempting attempting to solve:

Is using a functional non-mainstream language a good idea?