Java Power Tools, the Cloud Edition

Session title

Java Power Tools, the Cloud Edition


Adrian Cole - JClouds

Session description (eg. a brief paragraph)

John Ferguson Smart's book Java Power Tools, introduces many powerful
tools for unit testing, build, and deployment activities. How do
these tools relate to the cloud? During this session, we'll review
tools in the jclouds ecosystem that connect to build, test, deploy
concerns: Arquillian runs your testng or junit tests in any cloud.
Hudson spawns slaves in the cloud to build your app faster. Whirr
stands up Hadoop clusters to run your jobs. Pallet builds customized
stacks and deploys your applications to them. At the end of this
talk, you'll have a few more tools in your box, and a good sense of
how cloud fits in.

What topic are you covering

Java in the cloud

Who should attend your session - any previous experience required?

developers or engineers with interest in build, test, and deploy
tools. basic understanding of cloud computing technology such as ec2
helps, as does some experience in continuous integration, unit
testing, and middleware.

What will attendees learn by attending your session

A number of tools that can help them connect their integration test,
build, and deployment processes with cloud resources.

What problem space / challenges are you attempting attempting to solve

Better testing, platform abstraction, testable infrastructure