OSGi in practice- where do I start?

Session description

Assuming that you have got the general idea that OSGi is a modularity framework for Java. You understand, in theory, that OSGi uses  'bundles' (jars with extra metadata) and that bundles communicate using 'services'.
You are ready to dive in an develop a sample OSGi application - but where do you start? What free resources are there to help you write bundles? And what's the best way to  OSGi applications? How can you test them?

In this session we'll provide answers to these questions.

What topic are you covering

OSGi tools and runtimes (aka platforms and frameworks).

Who should attend your session

Java programming. The sessions assumes that attendees have understood the requirement for OSGi and are looking for practical next steps.

What will attendees learn by attending your session

Where to start with OSGi development.

Type of session - for example:
  • Presentation + live demos