The conference has an short intro to explain how the conference works, with plenty of opportunity for everyone present to volunteer their sessions.  During the keynote the schedule is reviewed and organised if necessary to avoid any obvious clashes.

08:30 Signup and Coffee/Pastries for breakfast
Submit your sessions for the day - post-it notes provided
09:30 Intro From (TBC)
09:45 Final chance to submit your sessions for the day - postit notes provided
10:00 - 10.30 Keynote "Nao with children with autism"
by Carl Clement
room Babbage Fleming    Franklin Fry Johnson Newton Wilberforce
10:40 Why code coverage tools get it wrong (Sean R) Microservices and stuff (Daniel B) Jcache / JSR107 shortcomings (Jens) Junior Speakers clinic Discuss automated testing (Benji W)    What is Devops? (Robert) Unconventional guide to pairing (Stefan B)
11:20 How to nail a presentation like a pro (Simon M)   Java 8 Parellell Streams (Sean and Russel) Emacs (Jun) 12 factors environment how to (Daniel B)Pub discussion on business software Live coding jsplitpkgscn
Cloud, cloud, cloud, what is it?
12:00 Fleming - Lightning + Ignite talks Round 1
12:40 Lunch
13:40 Fleming - Lightning + Ignite talks Round 2
14:20 Create an app with no code! (Simon) A practical guide to the Java Memory Model Properties Testing (Russel W)Java performance / monitoring panel (Martijn / Richard / John) Caching Java / Scala workshop Part IIntroduction to spock
(Colin V)
15:00 What's new in Apache Spark 2.0 (Dennis) Concurrency Go, Kafka etc
Beat up the recruiter (Barry)Memory leak detection (Martijn / John)Organise hackathon Java / Scala workshop Part IIPerformance first! Testing during development (Simon)
15:40 Break
16:00LJC 2017 - what do you want? Functional Programming (Russel) Raise Public Profile (Daniel)Diabolical guide to performance tuning (Martijn)TBCGraph DB intro Java 9 core libraries update
(Richard W)
16:40N/A Ask the experts anything! N/AN/A N/A N/A N/A
17:20 Conference Wrap-up
17:30 Sponsored Social event & post conference chat

The conference has room for a number of concurrent tracks throughout the day, so you have the opportunity to get involved with 30+ sessions throughout the day as well as the keynote presentation.