The conference has an short intro to explain how the conference works, with plenty of opportunity for everyone present to volunteer their sessions.  During the keynote the schedule is reviewed and organised if necessary to avoid any obvious clashes.

08:30 Signup and Coffee/Pastries for breakfast
Submit your sessions for the day - post-it notes provided
09:30 Intro From (TBC)
09:45 Final chance to submit your sessions for the day - postit notes provided
10:00 - 10.30 Keynote "20 Years of Java"
by Simon Ritter and Steve Elliott
(Organise the Board!)
room Babbage Fleming    Franklin Fry Johnson Newton Wilberforce
10:40 20 yrs of Java Q&A Perf by the numbers - Devoxx for Kids Apache Isis Live coding - -
11:20 How can I evangelise? Microservices in the real world - Devoxx for kids Fair usage QoS Legacy or Modern, Automate Scaling you CI/CD pipeline
12:00 Fleming - Lightning + Ignite talks Round 1
12:40 Lunch
13:40 Fleming - Lightning + Ignite talks Round 2
14:20 Perf Tuning clinic JDK8 Lambdas and Streams beyond the basics How to hack a classloader Making better decisions in software dev - Thinking Fast and Slow Cyber Security 2015 Why I stopped writing unit tests! BOF Interviewing developers
15:00 IoT 4 Java Exceptions and Streams in Java 8 can be friends Building a Dev community at Big Blue Clojure webapps in 40 mins Decompilation (How to start making a decompiler) How to tech speak in public Devops it's not what you think
15:40 Break
16:00 How to be a more productive developer Generics, past present and future Education 2.0 How the LJC changed my life in just 1 year Machine vision on the JVM BOF Building and maintaining communities Beginners guide to docker with automated tests
16:40 Understanding Java profilers Java Experts Q&A Panel - What I learned in 20 weeks of Java in Uni - - Dev+Ops, Devops who cares?
17:20 Conference Wrap-up
17:30 Sponsored Social event & post conference chat

The conference has room for a number of concurrent tracks throughout the day, so you have the opportunity to get involved with 30+ sessions throughout the day as well as the keynote presentation.