Conference Schedule

The schedule of the day is as follows

10:00 Intro Barry/Zoe/Mark (JAX)
10:10 The future of Java (MV/BE)
10:40 Automating Selenium (DG) Tomcat 7 Intro (MT) X10 (RG)
11:20 Hudson CI (John Smart) OSGi start (ZS/VM) How to OS at MegaCorp (MV)
12:00 Java Tech Roadmap (SE)
12:40 Lunch
13:40 Lightning talks
14:20 Java Park Bench (SP, SE MV, BE) OSGi BP (EJ)

15:00 Java Power tools - JClouds (AC, AH arriving late) Ask the recruiter (BC)
Beginners TDD Workshop (JS)
15:40 Tea
16:00 How to contribute to Tomcat project (MT) VisionOn.TV (RH) Avoiding Technical Bankrupcy (MK)
16:40 The Diabolical Developer (MV)

The conference has room for a number of concurrent tracks throughout the day, so you have the opportunity to get involved with up to 50 sessions throughout the day as well as the keynote presentation.