Conference Schedule

The conference has a few organised talks and the rest of the schedule is created on the day from people stepping forward on the day.

We have a conference introduction and a keynote on a relevant topic.  The schedule of sessions will be finalised by the end of the keynote.

You can also submit a session in advance 

08:30Signup and Coffee/Pastries for breakfast
Submit your sessions for the day - postit notes provided
09:30Intro From Barry Cranford & Simon Maple
09:45Submit your sessions for the day - postit notes provided
10:00Keynote "State of the Java Nation"
(Martijn Verburg and Trisha Gee)
Organise the Board!
12:00Lightning talks Round 1
13:40Lightning + Ignite talks Round 2
15:40Afternoon Tea
17:20Conference Wrap-up
17:30Social event - sponsored by Zero Turnaround

The conference has room for a number of concurrent tracks throughout the day, so you have the opportunity to get involved with 30+ sessions throughout the day as well as the keynote presentation.