Ask/Bash the recruiter...

Session description

The Annual 'Ask/Bash the recruiter...' 

Want to know how we review CVs, or what we have learned from focussing on 6 years of working in the Java industry in London. 

Come along to this session to ask Barry Cranford & colleagues about our experiences... or just use it as a chance to explain what is so wrong with the recruitment industry.

What topic are you covering

- Jobs
- CV advice 
- Recruitment bashing

Who should attend your session - any previous experience required?

Anyone with an interest in getting a new / better job or wants invaluable advice for free from a friendly team.

No previous experience required.

What will attendees learn by attending your session

How to improve their chances of being successful in the job market

What problem space / challenges are you attempting attempting to solve

Recruitment in the crazy world of IT.