Proposed Sessions

We are continually adding overviews of the session (see guide) to help you know what may happen on the day and give you an opportunity to ask questions via the LJC mailing list.  If similar session ideas arise, then there is an opportunity to run joint sessions.  

In the spirit of an unconference, you can of course come up with talks, workshops, discussion sessions on the day.  Please write your talk on a post-it note (supplied by us) and add it to the conference schedule board on display in the main meeting area.  Please try to be as descriptive as possible about your talk, including what people will learn, if it is a talk or practical session.

Sessions (35 minute session + 5 changeover)
Suggested sessions (looking for someone to run them)
  • Contributing to Apache Foundation or other OSS projects
  • Scala
  • OSGi

Lightning Talks (5-7 minute talks)

Workshops (practical, hands on workshops, 60 minutes+)
Suggested workshops (looking for someone to run them)
  • Deploying a Java app to <insert cloud provider>
  • Polyglot Programming in practice