TicketCity Reviews 2019: Is Ticket City Legit, Safe and Reliable?

Ticketcity Review 2019

Ticketcity was tested and reviewed by Marianne Buie.

For an entertainment aficionado, nothing is as great as being a part of the audience of a live show. For attending it, these fans are likely to go up to any fair possible extent that usually involves making adjustments for other commitments on the way. 

Even if all adjustments are taken, there is one thing that is just not in their control. This is to get the tickets for the desired seats or positions. Right from sold-out Justin Bieber shows to the finals of your beloved sports team, it can be genuinely challenging to get tickets for famous events. 

Typically, the scene is to wait in a long queue for a few hours or bargain with scalpers who usually demand a price higher than the face value. Even then, there is no guarantee of getting the desired tickets. Thus, it is not surprising to see why several event fans go to online resources for purchasing their tickets.

This ensures them to be in front or in the middle of their most beloved concert or sports tournament. There are several online resources that provide tickets for several popular events, especially last-moment tickets that otherwise are already sold out and are unavailable for purchase. 

Most of them act as a facilitating platform where buyers and sellers come together to buy and sell tickets, respectively. The service itself does not interfere in these transactions. In other words, the buyers themselves have to monitor their transactions and the sellers themselves have to sell their tickets. 

Thus, if there is an issue with the sale of your purchased tickets, you directly need to contact the seller. Do you truly do not want to take this responsibility as a buyer? Do you need a more protected platform wherein the service itself has a significant role to play? 

Well, in that case, you need a service that purchases tickets outright from the sellers. This is perhaps better for both conscious buyers and sellers. One such online service to consider is TicketCity. 

For buyers, this ticket exchange network has many last-moment tickets mainly for concerts, sports events, and theater shows. As an avid fan of entertainment, you can expect a valid entry to your upcoming favorite show by buying tickets from this website. Several TicketCity reviews have revealed this fact, while many good TicketCity ratings seem to consider it a reliable platform. 

However, just ratings and number of reviews are not enough to decide, right? So, the questions still remain: Is TicketCity legit? How safe it is to use? What its existing customers are saying? Let’s find out answers to all these common queries. 

Table Of Contents:

  1. What is TicketCity?
  2. How Did TicketCity Evolve?
  3. How Does TicketCity Work?
  4. Is TicketCity Legit? Can I Trust TicketCity?
  5. Is TicketCity Reliable? Is TicketCity Safe?
  6. What Does the TicketCity Review for its Website Interface Say?
  7. How Do You Use TicketCity?
  8. Which Tickets Are Available?
  9. Will I Seriously Get Tickets of My Choice?
  10. What about the Ticket Prices? Are They Fair? Is There Any Service Fee?
  11. Can I Save on Tickets?
  12. How Do I Get My Ordered Tickets?
  13. TicketCity Reviews of Customers: What They Say?
  14. Pros
  15. Cons
  16. Conclusion

What is TicketCity?

Ticketcity Reviews - Logo

TicketCity is a third-party ticket reselling site where people can buy and/or sell tickets for three major show categories namely, concerts, sports, and theater shows happening in the U.S and other continents. It boasts a comprehensive exchange system that allows buyers to select the desired tickets or seats from an interactive venue chart, order them, and get tickets instantly through digital means. 

The platform facilitates both purchases and sales of tickets. This means that it has the desired resources or help to meet your goal of finding the right tickets or reselling some additional tickets that you may have. 

Established in 1990 by Randy Cohen and headquartered in Austin, TicketCity is genuinely an American online broker having a goal of making it easier to obtain tickets for favorite shows. It offers tickets of almost any live events of the categories mentioned above. 

With several loyal clients from across the globe, TicketCity takes pride in providing the highest level of service to all its consumers. Until today, the business has served more than a million customers and has sold over 4 million tickets.

The business is privately owned even today. While this has restricted its growth a bit, it is commendably responsible for maintaining a friendly touch with its customers. Despite operating on a small scale, it is one of the premium leaders in the world of ticket business.

How Did TicketCity Evolve? 

Ticketcity Reviews - Office

The founder began to sell tickets in 1988 in the secondary market when he was a student at the University of Texas. Randy Cohen started with four employees in a small office having only one computer. 

At that time, the dealings took place either over the phone or in-person. This early bird sold tickets primarily for sporting events. This business scene was completely transformed in 1998 when Randy launched its ticket resale website with a utility of online checkout. It was allegedly the first website of its kind online to resell tickets.

The year marked a revolutionary change in the form of introducing a fully functioning e-commerce portal. In simple words, for the first time, people could now buy tickets online. The website has gone through a few notable facelifts to be SEO-viable and more interactive. 

A major uplift was in the form of introduction of the proprietary ticketing software working in real time for purchasing inventory with the assurance of ticket availability. In 2011, a makeover was witnessed in the form of new utilities such as interactive venue maps for selecting seats and predictive text. 

Today, his own establishment, TicketCity, has over 40 employees in the office in central Austin and aims to resell tickets online of over 100,000 interesting shows across the globe. It has one of the biggest networks of pro team sports, major college, and media partners. 

TicketCity has established and maintained official affiliations with college athletic programs, NCAA conferences, championship events, and professional teams. Right from 2011 to 2015, the company was designated as the title sponsor of events such as TicketCity Legends Classic and TicketCity Bowl. 

As a messenger of personal service, an advertisement campaign was launched in 2011 by TicketCity. In 2014, it collaborated with Chris Fowler, the host of College Game Day who is now the official Brand Ambassador.

How Does TicketCity Work?

Ticketcity Reviews - Website

TicketCity works through its fully functional website through which finding tickets for the desired events to attend is simple. It also has an iOS app for buying tickets on your smartphone. 

The site works by listing all tickets that are available on sale. It also collects and displays in-detail information about upcoming sports tournaments, concerts, and theater shows. Event listings give details of its dates and venues. This is done so that you do not miss any of your favorite events again.

So, now the question arises who are these sellers whose Ticket City tickets are listed? The tickets available on sale come from a big and diverse network of autonomous sellers, which is maintained by TicketCity. These sellers are usually big wholesalers, brokers, individuals with extra tickets, event stakeholders, box office sponsors or organizers, and consolidators. 

TicketCity has been developing its network of sellers since over two decades. Thus, sellers can expect valid tickets at the most competitive prices. However, it should be noted that the platform neither owns any tickets nor fulfills them physically in its office.

The network of sellers is truly vast here. Sellers use its marketplace online for listing their tickets ready for resale. For buying any of these tickets, all you need is to place an order online. 

The ticket resale system is perhaps what sets it apart from other resellers. While most websites allow listing tickets at your own preferable price, TicketCity works by buying tickets from sellers due to which there is no need to wait to see when they will sell. All you have to do is submit an online form or call the customer support team for selling and listing tickets.

Apart from tickets, sellers can also get parking passes for different events. For these passes, it is essential to place a separate order.

Is TicketCity Legit? Can I Trust TicketCity?

Ticketcity Rating

The answer to this query comes from the aforementioned introduction and evolution of TicketCity. Its website is fully legitimate and is used by millions of buyers since 1990. Here are the TicketCity facts that can assure you of its legitimacy. 

  • An establishment that is almost 30 years old (only a legit service can stay for so long)
  • Service to 1 million customers until now
  • Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) 
  • A+ rating on BBB
  • Featured on esteemed programs including CBS Sports
  • Attendee at major live events such as Kentucky Derby and Super Bowl
  • A member of the NATB
  • 8600+ reviews on TrustPilot

With these facts, all your doubts regarding TicketCity legitimacy would go away. Still, the doubt may again arise if you come across some negative reviews of buyers online, especially regarding the prices. Such reviews are truly there, as the platform is an intermediary between the ticket vendors and buyers. 

However, at the same time, you should also keep in mind the positive reviews and nullify. This is because not all buyers will have the same experience. Even we found this to be true while going through the different TicketCity reviews online. 

A great feature of this platform that could help come out of any conflicts is its on-venue staff. Yes, according to some reviews, some of its staff members are available on the venue on the event day to resolve issues, if any. However, this is applicable only to major or popular events. 

Is TicketCity Reliable? Is TicketCity Safe?

Ticketcity Safe and Reliable

Yes, a 30-year-old service still in action cannot be unsafe or unreliable. This is logically true, right? Let’s verify with some facts that are likely to give peace of mind.

  • Online Security Measures: The website has employed modern security measures to protect your personal data and privacy during transactions or placing orders. It uses the latest 256-bit SSL encryption and audits the online platform regularly to detect and prevent vulnerabilities. The payment gateway in action only saves payment details at the time of first checkout, which means your bank account or credit card details are never saved. No personal information is exchanged or shared to any unauthorized or third party unless required by law to do so. 
  • 100% money-back Guarantee: With full refund on tickets if they do not come on time or the event was completely canceled regardless of the reason and without any indication of rescheduling. This indicates that each ticket being sold is valid and legitimate. As a result, its buyers remain confident and safe. However, there is no refund for partial cancellation of the event or purchasing wrong tickets. In case of postponed or rescheduled events, the tickets you brought are considered valid for these delayed events. 
  • TicketCity Guarantee: This policy ensures that your transaction will be secure and you will get your tickets on time so that they are accessible before your event. Further, the tickets obtained will be exactly what you ordered and that they will give you a valid entry at the event’s venue. In case of failure of any of these clauses, TicketCity is responsible for giving you either similar or better tickets than you requested or a refund. This guarantee is applicable only to confirmed orders. This is how you get only what you have ordered. All sold tickets are, thus, authentic and are to be delivered before the event time. In case of any issues, just contact its customer service staff, working for all seven days, for a settlement. 

Thus, TicketCity is reliable whether you want to buy tickets for floor seats or nose bleeds seats available below the face value at times as per the event and its time. The mission here is to ensure transparency and efficiency in a marketplace that was traditionally considered unreliable. 

This is done by facilitating purchases in a safe and guaranteed manner. In its support, the platform has an integrated ticket tracking system along with customer service support. Once an order is placed and confirmed through an e-mail sent to you, these integrations ensure to deliver your ticket on time.

It is vital to note that there is no way to return your ticket to TicketCity or obtain ticket insurance. In case you cannot attend an event, you have only one option of further selling it online.

What Does the TicketCity Review for its Website Interface Say? 

If you view its website for the first time, you may be overwhelmed a bit, especially if you are a buyer. Once you are used to it, buyers feel it easy to navigate through it. Below are the most useful interface features or utilities:

  • Simple Navigation: The website’s interface is pretty concise and neat. At the top-right corner, drop-down menus indicating the three main categories are seen. There is one more menu item called Cities. This means you can search for events even by a city. Just above the menu, contact number is shared along with the Sign In option. To the left, a clear search bar exists. Then, there are some famous visual posters of sports and musical events, which are quite popular. In this way, you need not put time in looking for some popular or latest events or their tickets. Finally, below it, there are quick useful links categorized into Company, Help, Orders, connect, Top Events, and TicketCity app. 
  • Systematically Organized: All links and other visual elements are well placed. All events are well listed in their categories indicates by top menus namely, Sports, Concerts, Theater, and Cities. For example, the Concerts drop-down displays different event types such as Country, Classical, Pop, Jazz, Rock, and Reggae. If you wish to see all types, just click See All Concerts. This utility is there in the drop-down menu of each menu category. 
  • Versatile Search Bar: If you seriously cannot make out what to click or how to proceed, just type the event name in the search bar atop the Home page. That’s it! If the event is listed, the website will display the event details along with the option to get tickets. The search utility works with the help of a search engine that looks up and fetches the event or ticket details you are looking for. You can even search by performers, locations, and venues. This allows searching tickets for interested events and getting an overview of different things going on in that event or area for you to enjoy. For instance, searching for events in a city that you are going on a holiday can give you a big array of different events and their tickets. From there, just filter your choice more closely.
  • Comprehensive Listing of Diverse Tickets: Whether you use the search bar or the menus, you can get tickets of events even outside U.S. Yes, you can instantly look for international show tickets. Further, once the details are listed, you can choose tickets as per the seat positions or names. This means buyers of any ticket preference can get what they want.
  • Instant Link to Mobile App: The Home page, at its bottom, gives a direct link to the mobile app available for iPhones and iPads. This means you need not search for this app in the Apple Store on your Apple phone.
  • Instant Link to Order Status Tracker: Available under ORDERS at the bottom of the Home page, the Order Status option is nothing but a tracker. Once your order is placed and confirmed, you can track its status by entering order ID and your e-mail address. 

How Do You Use TicketCity?

People inside or outside the U.S. can use TicketCity for buying tickets. However, those outside the nation will end up spending some more time in computing total ticket rates, as the prices are specified in American Dollars. Apart from this, the process of using this site for buying tickets is simple. 

It is not necessary to create a login account on the website. You can even buy tickets as a guest and then just provide your e-mail address for confirming and tracking your order. To summarize, you need to search the tickets you want, check out, provide your e-mail, and fill the order details. 

Following are the general steps to buy tickets:

  1. Search for the desired event or ticket by artist name, team name, event location, or even name. The tickets page for that event is displayed with a schedule showing a list showing dates, time, and venues of the upcoming shows of what you searched.
  2. Click Filters to refine the list by city and date range and filter the list. 
  3. Select the event as per the suitable date, time, and location. The event page as per the chosen date and venue is displayed. This is where you will see a left panel showing the quantity of tickets, price range, list of tickets for various rows in the venue and at different prices, and an interactive venue map with colorful hotspots. Just hovering the hotspot shows the number of tickets available along with its price range. Selecting a hotspot filters the left panel to show only tickets available for the rows of that selected venue area with the cheapest ones listed first. 
  4. Click the price tag alongside the ticket of your choice. The left panel now shows the details of the selected ticket. It shows the position of seats in the venue image, the number of tickets chosen, price, estimated delivery/shipping date, per ticket cost, and notification where it is a mobile ticket or not or whether you need a smartphone while entering the venue.
  5. Click Checkout in the left panel.
  6. Click CONTINUE AS GUEST if you have not signed in or sign in using your Google or Facebook credentials. 
  7. Provide the email address and click Proceed to checkout.
  8. Fill the necessary details.
  9. Place and confirm the order. 
  10. Track your order until it is delivered. 

After submitting the request, the customer relation member will confirm the tickets’ availability with the ticket seller. Once this confirmation is done, you get an e-mail specifying that your order is confirmed now. Until this e-mail comes to you, your order is in the pending state. It takes a few hours or maximum two working days to get this order confirmation e-mail. 

The confirmation email contains details indicating how the delivery of tickets will be done. If the seller does not confirm the tickets you requested, an e-mail notifying the same or providing substitute tickets available without any additional cost is sent. After order confirmation, the TicketCity guarantee becomes applicable.

Fees and service charges are likely to differ as per the event’s popularity and the ticket seller. Just as tickets, you can also search for parking passes for your events. 

Which Tickets Are Available?

TicketCity tickets are available for a variety of events. Here is their classification according to the event type or name:

Sports Tickets: Whether it is football, baseball, golf, racing, or soccer, you will find tickets for almost all sports events here. After all, this marketplace is closely associated with several sports teams and a few associations. The home page itself shows you clickable posters of different popular sports events so that you can directly see their available tickets. Just choose your sport from the Sports menu and check out tickets on sale. TicketCity seems to focus more on NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, and other events associated with their affiliations. As it has ticket wholesalers coming from different parts of the world, you can easily find tickets, which are unavailable on other online portals. 

  • Concert Tickets: No matter which concert you want to see and enjoy live, TicketCity has covered them all. The Concerts menu has them all, ranging right from Classical to Rock. If a concert is not listed specifically, you may check by clicking Other Concerts in the menu list. An interesting feature here is the specific listing of tours of the current year, which can help you directly see the tickets of the chosen tour.
  • Theatre Tickets: Opera, Ballet, Broadway, Magic, Hamilton, Comedy, and so on; all theater shows are listed at TicketCity. Just check out the Theater menu. The marketplace lists a myriad of theater performances, right from conventions and podcast tapings. If your theater event is not listed specifically, you can check out the Other Theater option. 

Will I Seriously Get Tickets of My Choice?

Yes! Your choice is likely to cover a specific venue, a date, and a front seat. All of these expectations are likely to be fulfilled here in just a few minutes. Now, you may say that this actually depends on whether those desired tickets are available or not. 

Well, to reply to this, we have found the probability of any ticket availability is always high in this marketplace. This is perhaps because the sellers of this platform are not confined geographically. It is true that most sellers are located in major cities of the United Nations. 

However, they have tickets or there are sellers of different countries such as Canada, Auckland, Melbourne, London, and Paris. Having sellers spread across different countries definitely increases the probability of buying the ticket of your choice and at your affordable price too.

It is true that most of us think that ticket reselling is unreliable when it comes to getting valid tickets of one’s own choice and on time. However, TicketCity has broken this opinion by mainlining a highly active reselling platform since over 20 years by associating with even esteemed sellers or brokers. Thus, you will hardly find its listing or inventory inadequate. 

Further, searching, selecting, and making payment are all simple and small processes. It does not take much time to carry out their execution smoothly and successfully. This means once you have found and selected the tickets, you will be getting them for sure on time. Otherwise also, the TicketCity guarantee is there to protect you.   

When it comes to payment media, the platform supports more than one option. It supports Apple Pay, PayPal, and credit card for online payment. This indicates that your tickets will not be withdrawn if you have only PayPal or Apple Pay account to pay online. 

One more aspect we wish to bring to your notice is the trustworthy utility of Instant Download. A download link is sent to your Inbox within a few minutes of confirming your order. This is truly adorable for those who want tickets as quickly as possible! 

What about the Ticket Prices? Are They Fair? Is There Any Service Fee?

The price that you see alongside each ticket in the listing is of per ticket excluding any additional fees. Yes, in addition to this price, a service charge and a delivery charge are levied per order. 

So, the total ticket price as per the number of tickets specified and these two fees are revealed only on the checkout page prior to giving your payment details. The reason why a service charge is applied is reasonable. 

It is levied for fulfilling the operations required for providing a reliable collection of valid tickets of several live events across the nation and globe. A few of these operations include supporting a dedicated customer support team, marketing, and updating the website. At times, the fee can be as high as 25%. 

The delivery fee is levied per order as per the chosen delivery method. It is disclosed as a discrete item after you commit the checkout process. Now, these facts are likely to give you a firm conclusion that the ticket prices are seriously high. 

While it may seem so, it is not always true. This is because as per the company’s website and several TicketCity reviews, prices of tickets can be below or above their face value. Thus, many times, you can see unbelievable ticket prices, which is similar to those last-minute flight bookings. 

Moreover, the prices will be as per the current market price. This means that they are less likely to match the face value or price already displayed on tickets. However, a thriving tough competition among the sellers is a major player in keeping the prices as low as possible. 

Just keep in mind that the prices will also differ significantly by location of seat, venue, and popularity of the event. Similarly, the service charge will differ as per the tickets you purchase. While the service fee may be a bit high, there are no hidden fees included such printing cost. 

In a nutshell, the prices tend to fluctuate on this platform. You can buy a ticket at a guaranteed price only if you do so at the time of searching for it. If on a tight budget, compare the ticket prices for a particular event and choose the one with the lowest price, which you can pay. 

Can I Save on Tickets?

Yes, you can save significantly on TicketCity tickets with the help of thorough comparison, discounts, and promo codes. Discounts are available for electronic tickets. 

Comparing tickets available can help you save significantly. When you click a hotspot on the interactive venue map, the tickets for that area of venue are usually listed by price in the order of low to high. Thus, by selecting the tickets that have prices as low as possible, you tend to save. 

Another way to save money significantly is to use discount codes. Well, there are two ways to get them: Online or on the site in case you subscribe to its alert notification or newsletter. It is vital to know that you will not get discount codes all the time. However, when you get, it helps you save significantly. 

If using the website as a beginner, you can use a promo code for signing up so that you can save instantly. Gift cards are also available for gifting them to sports fans in your social, educational, and family groups.  

How Do I Get My Ordered Tickets?

Well, you will be happy to know that TicketCity offers more than one delivery mechanism to give you tickets in your hand. You can choose the delivery mechanism while buying tickets, which will be used to deliver the tickets as soon as the seller confirms tickets in her or his possession. Following are the different delivery methods available: 

  • Instant Download of your tickets via a download link sent to your Inbox in almost 20 minutes of your confirmed order.
  • Mobile E-tickets on your smartphone, which is then required to show the ticket for obtaining entry to the event. A customer service team member will contact you to guide how to obtain such tickets on your smartphone. By selecting e-tickets, you get a distinct barcode for scanning it at the entrance to enter inside. It is ideal for those who do not have time for collecting tickets from the office. You can even download and print e-tickets for a valid entry. 
  • UPS covering basic and overnight services. The Basic service takes up to five working days to ship tickets, while the Overnight one needs only a single working day from the shipping day. In case of the event occurring within three days, the delivery method is automatically upgraded to guarantee timely delivery. However, if the weather is problematic, the company has no control over the same. 
  • Special, in which you need to collect your tickets from a place that is nearby the event’s venue. A customer service team member will inform you where and when to come for collecting your booked tickets. 
  • Flash Seats, a paperless form allowing you to specify the venue using your driving license or credit card. An e-mail will be sent containing the instructions on creating an account, obtaining tickets, and using them for getting entry.
  • Electronic Transfer, another paperless form requiring you use a third-party app on your smartphone. A customer service team member will give you the desired instructions to use it and send tickets to your smartphone for scanning at the venue’s entrance.

TicketCity Reviews of Customers: What They Say?

Well, just like any other online resellers, TicketCity has got mixed reviews. Still, out of those, more are positive. Even those that are negative are settled by the company, which is evident typically on the BBB website.

We have found that positive reviews usually revolve around stellar customer support team that has made even impossible possible. According to a customer, the service is so incredible that the team offered regular MLB tickets as keepsakes, which he had already missed. 

Coming to the TicketCity legitimacy, many people were happy to buy their tickets from here and they considered this marketplace as straightforward as well as a transparent platform. They did not face any issues while buying and downloading tickets and recommended their friends to use the site. Even their friends found it legit and preferred to use the site again in the future.

Although happy overall, many customers seemed to be unhappy with the prices, as they felt them too high. They also feel that as fees tend to fluctuate, it is not wise to compare them with those of other online resellers. However, they are happy to see that the platform shows the total cost upfront. 


  • Wide collection of tickets
  • International tickets on offer
  • Secure site to buy tickets
  • 100% money-back and buyer guarantees 
  • Delivery on time 
  • Reliable customer service
  • Ease of finding tickets or events


  • High service fees for some tickets at checkout
  • No Android app


With almost 30 years of journey, TicketCity is a safe and reliable online ticket exchange platform with an A+ rating by the BBB. It may be that you may not have heard its name in the popular online ticket resellers. However, it is a legit site with satisfactory protections. You can expect valid tickets and top-notch customer service and a willingness to fix any issues as they arise. 

The website is a safe place to order concert tickets, and it has a money-back guarantee if the tickets you purchase aren't delivered prior to the event or if they aren't authentic. TicketCity is easy to use but lacks some search functionality found on the best sites we reviewed, like Ticketmaster and StubHub.

It is now time for you to check out and test TicketCity. However, you need not be confined to our review and do so. We highly recommend to go through other TicketCity reviews and do in-depth research prior to using this platform. We seriously want you to convince yourself fully for using this service. 

After all, we are not the whole and sole reviewers on the planet, right? We simply want you to take the right decision only after you feel confident. 

TicketCIty Reviews
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TicketCity Customers Reviews

Below are real TicketCity customers reviews which were published at Google Maps:

  • So after guacamole and sangria at the Rick Bayless joint right next to my gate in O'Hare, I responded to the gate agent's request to check my roller bag, forgetting to get my Sugar Bowl tickets (packed for 3 days) out of the suitcase (blame it on the alcohol). I was flying into Gulfport to stay at Keesler AFB, with plans to drive to NOLA the next day, pick up my sorority sister from the airport and head to the game. Nightmare scenario ensued...the next day, I'm in NOLA with NO bag, NO clothes and of course, NO tickets to the game. AND since it's New Year's Day, NO one is answering the phone at Ticket City! I spent most of the day trying not to have a nervous breakdown! At about 3pm, just after I had been informed I would not get my bag before the game, I got a call from Shawn! I explained the situation, he didn't make any promises but said he would see what he could do. And what he did was get us duplicate tickets! I don't know what he did, but Shawn absolutely saved the day and I am forever grateful! Now if he just could have run the ball a few time for 'Bama! Roll Tide!
  • After having a bad experience with a higher profile ticket distributor, I decided to give TicketCity a try for the first Houston Texans game, since they're local and have had consistently good reviews. What they may lack in fame, TicketCity makes up for in customer service and support a thousand times over. The gentleman I spoke with (can't remember his name) empathized with me about the terrible season the Texans had, and tossed in free shipping! Can't say enough about them....I'll be back!
  • I had a really great experience with Ticketcity. I purchased a few somewhat high value tickets without, apparently, knowing the location of the seats and the seating layout at the venue. Maggie, a representative at Ticketcity, immediately gave me a call to inform me of the full details prior to completing the transaction just to ensure that I was making a fully informed purchasing decision. She was extremely helpful, efficient, and friendly. She also was able to walk me through my purchase step by step and was a great help to me. I thoroughly enjoyed my customer experience with Ticketcity and am definitely going to use their services again. I would highly recommend them to everyone else!
  • TicketCity is my go to ticket company. Friendly customer service and a easy to navigate website. I've never had problems getting my tickets on time.
  • First of all, Ticketcity is the best! Fast, Easy to use, Excellent value. I have bought tickets in the past and know my way around. This is the easiest to use, and the service is incredible. Kyle Coffman is the best, polite, fast, and very helpful. I can't believe how well I was treated. I used to say want it fast good or cheap, pick any two. Now I say call TicketCity!
  • Im so happy with Ticketcity, it was my first time using. I was searching for last minute tickets to wrestlemania 33, and this company was the only site that had the cheapeast tickets. I was a little nervous of purchasing tickets because for some reason their reviews werent so great. Well, i got my tickets on time and I had a question inregards of how to get tickets and there response was quick, the best part I got good seats. I was able to take pics of almost all the wrestlers, they were not even 2feet away from us!!! My son was so happy!!! He had a blast!!! I wish I could post pictures to show you guys how close I was able to see and take pics of wrestlers up close!!! I paid $480 total for me and my son. We werent able to see the stage very well but was able to see the ring also see wrestlers up close,and my son was able to even shake their hands and even take some selfies with them. Thanks again TicketCity for letting us have a memorable experience.