TicketCity Reviews 2018: Is Ticket City Legit, Safe and Reliable?

TicketCIty Reviews

Ticketcity- Is It A Legit And Reliable Site To Purchase Concert Tickets?

TicketCity is one of the online sites, where you may buy tickets for sports tournaments and various other events. This is a comprehensive platform that enables the users to choose the ticket, place the order and buy it instantly. TicketCity also presents the seating arrangement chart for finding the right seat. The ticket buyers can get the detailed information of their preferred concerts and events.

In the year, 1990 Randy Cohen established the ticket reselling site, and at present, this platform offers tickets for more than 100,000 interesting shows, such as theaters, sports and concerts. It was created as the first website for reselling ticket online. The headquarters of this company lie in Austin. Now, TicketCity has turned out to be one of the reliable and safe sites. We have written a review of the site to help you in understanding its features.

How much safe is TicketCity?

The website owner has claimed that this is a secure site, and the personal details of the users remain protected. To make sure that your personal data and ticket orders are secure, TicketCity has applied 256-bit encryption technology. The team also audits the network regularly for checking the vulnerability. Their payment controller only considers the first checkout procedure and uses just the payment details. The credit card data of any user is not stored. This legit company also does not share the information with others.

TicketCity - A seller’s opportunity for business

Independent ticket sellers, stakeholders, consolidators and brokers join this site for selling tickets. It is a vast sellers’ network. In addition to it, this site also offers parking passes to access various events. You need to place a separate order to get those passes. The sellers will deliver those passes to you at the right time.

TicketCIty Reviews

Easy to place order

The ticket buyers do not need to be concerned after placing their order through TicketCity platform. All the transactions of the customers will remain secure and the site will deliver the authentic tickets at the right time. You will never miss your event. After the confirmation of your order, TicketCity, as a legit site, offers you a guarantee.

The seller sends you an email to give you an order confirmation. Usually, you can get it within a number of hours. However, in many cases, it may also cover two days. While you have not got it, you can check the spam folder of your email. 

Customer assistance

It is essential to know the working hours of TicketCity’s team. The customer representatives are ready to serve the ticket buyers on all the days of a week. They remain active from 7 AM in the morning to midnight (CST).

However, for your query, you have the option of contacting with the team by sending email or through a phone call. Moreover, there is live chat system, added to the website. You may get more contact details from this safe site. FAQ section is also useful to the website visitors.

Accessibility of the site

The best fact about TicketCity is that customers, who reside out of the USA, can get access to the site. The price of tickets, listed at the site, is in American Dollars. So, there is a need of more processing time for the deals, made with customers, who are not USA residents.

TicketCIty Reviews

Various charges of TicketCity users

The buyers have to pay an amount for order service. Thus, for each of the orders, you have to consider this order service fee and the ticket cost. The delivery charge should also be added to it. You will find the details on your checkout page. This delivery charge may vary due to the particular method of delivery. TicketCity charges a service fee in order to operate the business and to choose the valid tickets for all the events.

Various legit methods to deliver tickets

  • Download from online site-Get a link through an email and click on it for downloading tickets.
  • E-tickets- Use your mobile for displaying ticket to access the event.
  • Special method-You only have to take your tickets from a particular site, adjacent to the event venue.
  • UPS- It includes Overnight and Basic process for sending tickets. The second one takes three to five days to ship the tickets. However, while there is weather-related issue, you may have a delay in receiving the tickets.
  • Flash Seats- This is a ticket type, which enables you in accessing the site using your driving license or credit card. You can get instructions on the way of creating an account for Flash Seats.

TicketCity Pros

  • Reliable site to buy ticket
  • Safe platform to make deals
  • Easy to find events
  • Affordable ticket pricing
  • Good customer assistance team

TicketCity Cons

  • No return policy
  • Rewards program


From the customer reviews, we can conclude that TicketCity is one of the most reliable sites. Lots of people, from various countries can buy the tickets from the comfort of their home. This legit site is the incredible ticket reselling portal for them.


 TicketCity customer reviews

Thanks to TicketCity for its simple platform to buy the tickets. One month ago, I bought a ticket for a basketball tournament. I downloaded the ticket and accessed the venue. My friend has also found the site helpful. So, we like to return back to site legit and reliable site in future.

No chance of missing events! I love to enjoy concerts and so I have chosen this website after reading other customer reviews. I think that there is no other way, which is more convenient than this platform. The search tool at this site has helped to pick the right concert in my local area.

I was little concerned on online deals. However, this reliable website has safely accomplished by the deal. I have bought two tickets to attend a sports event with my brother. I have also one query on the payment method, and when I have called the team. I am pleased to see that they have given me instant response.



TicketCIty Reviews
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