SeatGeek Reviews 2021: Is SeatGeek Legit, Safe & Reliable?

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Is Seatgeek Legit And Reliable To Buy Concert Ticket?

Seatgeek was tested and reviewed by Marianne Buie.

Are you a concert lover, music fan or sports enthusiastic person? You love having entertainment, and that’s why you attend various concert shows and programs to enjoy the performance of your favorite stars. Now, the most important thing to access to a concert venue or sports venue is the ticket. It is too much time-consuming and boring to go out of your house and stand in a queue to buy the tickets. There is one solution for you. You can visit the online ticket buying platforms to purchase the ticket. Nowadays, you may find several digital platforms for buying the concert or sports tournament tickets. From the Seat Geek reviews of various users, we have found that SeatGeek has gained a high popularity.

Table of contents:

  1. What is Seat Geek?

  2. Is SeatGeek legit and safe?

  3. Easy-to-use interface

  4. How does SeatGeek work?

  5. Integration of SeatGeek and Lyft

  6. SeatGeek- Ticket transaction done through a different platform

  7. Is SeatGeek safe for ticket transaction?

  8. SeatGeek- From where do the company get the tickets?

  9. Deal Score- The innovative feature of the ticket-selling site

  10. Calculation of the score

  11. Get option for inviting friends for using SeatGeek

  12. Any additional fee on the ticket?

  13. Delivery process

  14. Electronically transferred tickets

  15. Instant ticket delivery

  16. Reliability of Seat Geek ticket sellers and ticket

  17. Mobile app from SeatGeek

  18. SeatGeek Promo Codes

  19. SeatGeek Affiliate Program

  20. Refund rules

  21. Currency used for purchasing your tickets

  22. Common ticket related issues

  23. Customer services

  24. Our views on SeatGeek

  25. Pros

  26. Cons

  27. SeatGeek Customers Reviews

What is Seat Geek?

Established in the year, 2009, SeatGeek is an online ticket platform, helping you to sell and buy tickets for the theatre events, live sports and concerts. SeatGeek has both desktop and mobile platform, designed to showing information on the latest events at various places. You can have a view at the color-coded, interactive seatmaps. After purchasing the tickets, you may also have their printouts.

Jack Groetzinger and Russell D'Souza have made the joint effort to create the site of SeatGeek. Recently, in 2018, this company has employed James McClure as one of the international-level general managers for increasing the global reach. To say about the technological features of the site, SeatGeek uses DealScore algorithm for sorting the ticket. This algorithm helps to identify various low-priced tickets and location of the seat for any event. In the past, SeatGeek predicted the price details, similar to that of Farecast. However, it helps you in comparing the price of various concert tickets.

Is SeatGeek legit and safe?

SeatGeek presents you with the safest way of comparing the price rates of sports and concerts ticket. The company aims at ensuring that you will have the best value for what you have paid. As you are using the platform of SeatGeek, there is no need of hopping to various sites. It is much tiring and time-consuming to visit different websites for knowing the ticket rates. Thus, SeatGeek has made your ticket shopping process stress-free. As SeatGeek informs you about the live concert and events in your country, there is no chance of missing your favorite program.

SeatGeek- Find an easy-to-use interface

SeatGeek has a user-friendly interface, helping you to sell and buy tickets very easily. The signup process is very easy to the ticket sellers or buyers. On the homepage, you can find a button- Track My Order. This order-tracking feature is much similar to what we have found in most of the other ticket selling sites. You can get a clean interface to search for any event. You will find the search bar, and it helps you in searching anything by category. You will easily be able to detect the seats, at the most popular games or events of the year.

You have to choose the game and find a dropdown menu, helping you in finding the ticket prices. The search filter of the site is another useful feature. You may filter anything by price, quantity and type of ticket. This uncomplicated layout is one of the reasons, for which we have found high SeatGeek ratings from the users.

How does SeatGeek work?

SeatGeek aggregates the detailed information from various listings on concerts, sports, theater, and different other events. This company has transformed the event ticketing process in the digital world. SeatGeek gets benefits from its growing customer base. It uses data for presenting the events and concerts based on the preference of the users.

Integration of SeatGeek and Lyft for better facility

In 2018, SeatGeek has teamed up with Lyft for adding a special feature. This feature is helpful to you in different ways. Lyft is one of the fastest developing rideshare agencies in the USA.

In most cases, we are not able to arrive at the concert venue or sporting event on time. You miss out some part of the event, as you could not identify the right path to reach your seat. Now, the latest feature helps you in solving the issue.

SeatGeek’s Lyft-booking facility will offer high convenience to the event attendees. These attendees can keep away from the common transportation issues of watching the sports tournament or concert. It has also streamlined the process of pick-up/drop-off for ride hailing. Fans, requesting the Lyft ride will get the location of their seat on the interface of Lyft app. This ensures that their driver has dropped them near their seat.

Most of the tech-savvy ticket buyers love the newly added feature for SeatGeek users. The market share of Lyft is much smaller than that of Uber. However, as one of the SeatGeek users, you will still have advantage from Lyft. The introduction of this feature has made SeatGeek unique.

SeatGeek- Ticket transaction done through a different platform

Snapchat has already gained attention as one of the social media. The partnership of SeatGeek and Snapchat has brought another advantage to the ticket sellers and buyers. You will be able to purchase Seat Geek tickets from musicians and teams within Snapchat. The ticket-buying process becomes more enjoyable to SeatGeek users.

Los Angeles Football Club had already sold the tickets by relying on the integrated technology. It has posted Snapcode and Snapchat Story, and this helped users in swiping up the screen for the purchase. The ticket buyers will not need to leave the app. The football club has realized that the integration has enabled them to interact with several dedicated fans. Thus, from both buyers’ and sellers’ viewpoint, SeatGeek and Snapchat partnership is highly valuable. The best fact is that SeatGeek is first to offer this live event ticketing opportunity.

We can say that SeatGeek team has made a thoughtful approach for benefiting both the sellers and buyers. The integration of two platforms will surely increase the number of ticket buyers from SeatGeek. We think that the company will make different other efforts to please all its customers.

Is SeatGeek safe for ticket transaction?

Most of the ticket buyers like to know the security technologies, adopted by this platform. From Seat Geeks review of various users, we have found that this is one of the safest sites to the ticket buyers. You will get able to avail the legitimate tickets. The company has used the encrypted technologies for processing your orders with the utmost protection. You know that this company works with different ticket exchanges, and they have taken protective measures to offer you secure service all the time.

SeatGeek- From where do the company get the tickets?

All the tickets, available at SeatGeek legit site are from the primary or secondary markets (re-sold tickets). The primary ones, including Eventbrite and Telecharge, allocate their ticket inventories to SeatGeek. SeatGeek also acts as the primary MLS ticket holders.

In the secondary market, several ticket brokers buy all the tickets, while they find them in the primary market. Then, they make the best effort to earn money by reselling those tickets in the secondary market. They have no interest to attend the event. Their major target is to sell all the purchased tickets.

Deal Score- The innovative feature of the ticket-selling site

As one of the SeatGeek users, you have to know about Deal Score. This indicates a number, and it is based on the fancy mathematical calculation of the company. This number informs you whether your chosen deal is good. Deal Score is helpful to the ticket buyers in finding one of the best available deals. You can purchase tickets confidently and save your money at every transaction.

Calculation of the score

SeatGeek team focusses on various things for the calculation of deal score. The major factors, affecting this score, include-

    • The past price rates of the venue and performer

    • Location of row

    • Standard of other ticket of the event.

The scores for every ticket vary between 1 and 100. Thus, when the score of your chosen ticket is 100, this is the best deal. Similarly, the bad deal has the lowest score, 1. As per the score, SeatGeek has considered the deal as- Amazing, Great, Good, Okay, So-so, Bad and Awful. You will also find colored markings beside each of the ticket scores.

In a few cases, you may find blue dot in adjacent to the ticket listings. It indicates that SeatGeek engine cannot calculate the Deal Score. This issue turns up while SeatGeek is not able to make out the ticket-related information, posted at the sellers’ site. However, the blue dot never refers the bad deal.

Thus, Deal Score gives you a chance of avoiding the costly tickets. You can find deal scores on the interactive stadium map.

Get option for inviting friends for using SeatGeek

This is one of the interesting features, to be mentioned in our SeatGeek review. You have an opportunity of inviting friends in a variety of ways. Your friends will know about SeatGeek and use the platform for purchasing the tickets. You have to add the email of your friends and click Send Invite button. You may also choose your social media website for sharing the personalized link.

You will get a benefit from sending an invitation to your friends. While your friend has used your link for the signup, you will be able to earn $10. You may use this amount of your future purchase at SeatGeek.

Any additional fee on the ticket?

Most of the potential users have a question- Can I trust SeatGeek for my ticket deals? They think that this company would charge an additional amount on the tickets. However, the company has claimed that their team never charges an additional fee on the tickets. Thus, it is clear that the sellers will not have to pay an amount for listing an amount or selling them. They can do it at free of cost. However, after the successful sale of the ticket, the sellers have to pay 20% of the purchase rate to SeatGeek. For instance, when you have sold a ticket at $100, SeatGeek will send you $80 and take $20 as their commission.

Thus, we can say that SeatGeek earns an amount from the referred site. To say clearly, you purchase a ticket from original seller, and this seller pays a small amount of commission for the sale. SeatGeek has centralized the tickets of different types and it has made everything easier to you.

Delivery of the ticket

In most cases, you will find the tickets, delivered through your registered email. You may also find the delivery fee, mentioned in the email. For a few events, there is a mail delivery option. However, this is much costlier than the email mode.

In case of some events, the mail delivery cost can be more than $15. Few users choose the express shipping method, and they have to pay an additional amount of $10 as the shipping cost. In addition to these shipping processes, there are other ways of having the tickets.

  • Venue Walk-In

This is one of the options, where the ticket seller has to contact you for arranging the place and time. Then, the representative will interact with you at the event venue. This will help you in accessing the event or sports venue very easily.

  • Local Pickup

In this case, you have to communicate with the seller before the beginning of the event for detecting the pickup site near the event venue to get the tickets.

  • Gift Card

In some cases, the tickets link the prepaid gift cards, and you have to use them for attending the event.

  • Get tickets through the mobile transfer methods

This is one of the innovative ways to get the mobile transfer or paperless tickets to have an entry to the venue. The potential buyers may have a question- Are the tickets at SeatGeek reliable? Most of the users have given feedback that mobile-based ticket delivery method is highly secure and much better than the conventional tickets. You may get the tickets at any other ticketing site, preferred by the team or venue.

These tickets are not transferable from the site, where they have been created. Thus, you have to develop an account or profile with the third party for having an access to the tickets. Another important thing is that these mobile tickets are not printable. You have to scan the tickets from your mobile for the entry.

At first, the third party will send you a message to your email, and you have to accept it for the ticket transfer. You need to click on the link, present in your email and then create your account for claiming the tickets. You will find the tickets, displayed on your phone. After adding the tickets to your own account, you can download the third-party app for scanning with your phone.

Electronically transferred tickets

Several buyers love this e-ticket format, and it is much like that of the PDF format ticket. The most important feature is that you will get these e-tickets in your own SeatGeek account. Get these tickets through email. However, do not think that these tickets are valid for your mobile entries.

After getting the tickets, you must have a view at it. In some cases, you have to take the printout of the tickets. For checking it, you need to open SeatGeek app interface from your desktop or mobile. You have to click on the section- My Tickets. This will clearly inform you on the need of printing the tickets.

Instant ticket delivery

There is no chance of delayed release for these tickets. Within very few minutes, you will have the delivery of those tickets in SeatGeek account.

Thus, you will have your tickets in any of the above formats. The new users may feel confused on the format in which they will have the tickets. While you have chosen a listing for purchasing a ticket, you have to click on Notes section. This will help you in viewing at the format.

Now, you may have already purchased the ticket. In that case, you have to check out the confirmation email that reveals the ticket format. Thus, as one of the SeatGeek ticket buyers, you must have information on this format.

From the above discussion on the ticket transfer methods, we can say that paperless tickets have become most advantageous to the buyers. The buyers will get the opportunity of avoiding the physical tickets (send through mail) or printout of PDF ticket. The mobile-friendly tickets, sent through the app, have also made the process easier.

Jack Groetzinger, the co-founder said that this mobile ticketing has become applicable for more than 80% of venues, available on SeatGeek. He also thinks that this paperless ticketing process will eliminate the annoying issue of standing in the queue. Thus, you may rely on SeatGeek platform for the ticket transactions.

At any time, you can find a chance of the ticket delivery process. The sellers always list the tickets at SeatGeek with their own anticipations. However, in a few cases, it is essential for them to alter the ticket transfer process. Usually, this issue turns out due to decisions on the choice of venue. For these instances, it becomes tough for the sellers to send tickets timely. That is why they choose a different ticket transfer method. For instance, they can send the e-tickets faster than the paper-based tickets. However, while the new ticket delivery process has caused any issue to you, you have to send a message to SeatGeek team. They will take steps for solving your problem.

Reliability of Seat Geek ticket sellers and ticket

All the ticket buyers have concerns on the fraudulence. They always try to make sure that the tickets are valid, and the sellers are reliable. However, SeatGeek has claimed that there is no chance of facing any fraud cases at the site. Every vendor at the site has money-back assurance. That is why the deceptive ticket brokers have to give you a very high compensation. While any ticket is fake, you will get back your money. For all these reasons, most of the SearGeek users have not faced any fake case. The brokers will find not profit in deceiving the buyers. You may also read the feedback of buyers to know the answer of your question- Can I trust SeatGeek?

However, we have found a few reasons behind the invalidity of the tickets. In a few cases, the ticket broker unintentionally sells the tickets two times. After listing the ticket on SeatGeek, he may have listed that ticket on a different platform. Two different buyers may have thought of buying that ticket at the same time. However, the barcode for every ticket is usable for one time for entering the program. One of these tickets won’t work while you are at the event’s venue. While you are fortunately the first buyer, you will get the chance of using the valid ticket. However, for the second buyer, the ticket will become invalid.

As one of the SeatGeek sellers, you have to make sure that you have not listed your ticket inventory at multiple sites. This will prevent the risk of double-selling issue. Every, intelligent and honest broker has the responsibility to cancel this double-sold order without any delay. He must also inform it to the buyers within few hours. The buyers will get the time to place their second order for the ticket. Remember that SeatGeek has made the strict policy for the sellers. The ticket sellers, who have violated the rules, will face the penalty. Thus, you have to keep away from the double-selling risks. All sellers try to avoid paying fines, and this enables the buyers in getting the valid tickets.

Mobile app from SeatGeek

SeatGeek has found that several ticket buyers and sellers use mobile for their transaction. That is why the company has launched the mobile app for all its customers. The free mobile app from this company works for both Android and iOS platform. You can easily download and install the app for having the transaction at any time.

All the sellers, resellers and buyers from SeatGeek may use the mobile-friendly interface to deal with the tickets. You can buy or sell tickets for concerts, sporting events and fests. The mobile app interface is similar to that of the desktop interface. For instance, you can find interactive color codes and seating chart on the dashboard.

You can use the mobile app for sending tickets to your friends at free of cost. You may also track your preferred teams, artists and shows. You will be able to sell tickets from SeatGeek app. Thus, hold your mobile and everything becomes easy to you.

While you are one of the regular event goers, you may turn on the push notifications. You will get the latest news to your email for the upcoming event. Thus, you will have no chance of missing any event.

SeatGeek with various promo codes for the ticket buyers

SeatGeek has now become one of the most popular engines to the concert lovers in the USA. However, in few cases, the high-ticket prices prevent the concert or sports enthusiasts from attending the program. However, when you are at SeatGeek, you will get the opportunity of having a discount with promo codes. The availability of promo codes throughout a year has attracted several people to visit the platform of SeatGeek. SeatGeek knows that most of us love having discount on every purchase. Thus, you will also get this benefit from buying the ticket for the music program, live sports or any other live concert.

Whether you are a new ticket buyer or a loyal, regular user, there are attractive promo codes for you. Save your money and attend the concert. The promo codes remain valid for a particular period, and you can find variable codes every time you make a deal. For instance, you may get back $20 for placing your first order. You can buy your first ticket to attend college games, professional sports, comedy, theatre, concerts and other types of live event. As one of the lucky ticket buyers, you will get a chance of enjoying a cashback or high discount offer for the first purchase.

You can order the authentic tickets from SeatGeek app or website. All the buyers can use the promo codes while placing the order. You may have found several SeatGeek promotional codes at various coupon sites or discount retail sites. However, the best option to have your code is to rely on the official site. In most cases, we have found that the promo code is available for your first order or for a deal over a particular amount. Thus, to avoid missing any discount offer on the concert, theater or sports tournament, you need to visit the site every day.

Although the promo codes or coupon vouchers are lucrative, you have to know their limitations. You have to spend minimum $30 for availing the code. For instance, your ticket price may be $25, and in that case, you will not get the coupon code for the purchase.

We have also said that some of the codes are applicable for the first purchase. Thus, these codes will not work for your second or third deals. You will also find that the discount offers are not intended for all the tickets. After choosing the tickets for any event, you have to check out the eligibility for a promo code.

However, the good news for you is that most of the ticket deals have some discount offers. You can find a special Promo Eligible ticket section at the site.

SeatGeek- Join the affiliate program and become the partner

We have already told you that SeatGeek helps you in earning money by inviting friends. However, there is another way of gaining revenue from this platform. This company has arranged an affiliate program for you. SeatGeek has lots of tickets for various live entertainments. As one of the affiliate marketers, you have to promote the products of this company. SeatGeek has already gained several affiliate to work with them. For every deal, made for your referral, you will earn money. SeatGeek sends 50% of their earnings from a particular transaction.

The writers and bloggers will get the opportunity of posting the affiliate link on their website. Thus, create your account to become the affiliate of this company. You will be able to track the transaction and revenue by signing in to your affiliate account.

Refund rules of SeatGeek

We like to talk about refund policies in our Seat Geeks review. The most important information for you is that SeatGeek has made its unique policy- All sales are final. The vendors at this site also follow this policy. It indicates that the company will not refund any amount for the ticket. While you have submitted the order, there is no option for cancellation or refund.

The best fact is that when you cannot use your ticket for any reason, you can re-list it at SeatGeek Marketplace. This helps you in getting back the fund that you have invested for purchasing the ticket.

In a few cases, the event gets postponed and the ticket buyers are not able to reschedule the date.

SeatGeek sellers cannot refund any amount for the rescheduled program while they have not secured their own fund from the event venue. However, there is another way of saving your money. You can recover the ticket cost with re-listing process. Thus, you can rely on this process to get back the money, spent for purchasing the ticket.

Now, you may think why SeatGeek has no refund policy. The ticket markets (both primary and secondary ones) are very complicated. You cannot cancel most of the ticket orders, while you have submitted them. It ensures the ticket’s validity. You can become the seller and SeatGeek Marketplace helps you in getting back the money. You have a chance of selling the tickets at a higher price.

Currency used for purchasing your tickets

USD currency is common for all the transactions, made through the platform of SeatGeek. Although you may have bought the ticket for any Canadian program, you have to make the deal in this USD currency. You will find the conversion of this USD to your own currency after deducting the funds from your account.

Common ticket related issues of SeatGeek buyers

In few cases, the buyers have found the name of some other person on their ticket. It usually causes concern to the ticket buyers. They think of whether they will be able to gain an entry to the venue. However, you can keep away from your worries in these cases. The printed name is the name of the original buyer of the ticket. That person has bought the ticket from the primary market. As he is reselling the ticket, you will find his name on it.

This type of issue will never prevent you from entering the venue of any event. The name is not an important factor to you. The major thing to you is its barcode, mentioned in the ticket. It is essential to scan the ticket for entering the venue.

Customer services- Options for communicating with the company or seller

Both ticket buyers and sellers use the platform of SeatGeek for the successful transaction. However, the website users may have questions or issues on their deals or any other topic. How would they solve those issues? We always believe that every reliable company must have a team of customer representatives to deal with the customers’ problems. Usually, the online platforms have the live chat systems to speak to them. However, SeatGeek has no live chat option and phone number to communicate with the customers. One option, available to you, is the digital form. You have to fill in this contact form to send your message to the team of SeatGeek.

While SeatGeek is the ticket seller on the page, you have to send message to the company through the online form. You will have the fastest response from the team and solve all your queries. This is the direct way to communicate with the seller.

However, in a few cases, you can find different other sellers at SeatGeek. The tickets are mostly from FanXchange, Telecharge and Ticket Network. You can visit SeatGeek site to find the email address and phone number of these ticket market.

Now, you may not always be sure of the identity of the seller. In that case, you have to check out the email confirmation of your ticket order. You will find the contact details and sellers’ name. The transaction details on the credit card statement also reveal the mobile number of the seller. Thus, in all these ways, you have a chance of communicating with the seller.

However, still, we can say that SeatGeek has to include the live chat system for communicating with the customers. This will be more helpful to everyone, and the buyers will be able to make the purchase confidently.

Another notable fact to you is the FAQ section. The FAQ includes several questions, and by reading the FAQs, you may be able to solve your queries.

Our views on SeatGeek

We have already analyzed all the features of SeatGeek. To present you with the best review, we have tried to find the feedback of real ticket buyers and sellers. We have visited the review sites, like Sitejabber, TrustPilot and Consumerfairs, where SeatGeek customers have posted their comment on this company.

After reading their reviews, we think that SeatGeek is one of the best platforms to get a concert or sports ticket at the decent price rates. Most of the users have received their tickets in their emails at the right time. More than 60% of SeatGeek ratings show 4 or 5 stars for this company. However, in a few cases, the customers have complained that their tickets have not worked for them to get entry to the venue.

SeatGeek Reviews 2021 - Pros

You may have lots of questions as one of the new users- Is Seat Geek reliable? Is it safe to purchase tickets from the company? From the above review, we have identified the positive aspects of this platform.

    • Event tracking system for all the ticket buyers

    • Regular email notifications to inform you on the latest programs

    • Find the color-coded deals on the interface. It helps you in identifying the average deals, the best ones and the bad deals.

    • SeatGeek is always easily accessible to you from a laptop, computer, tab and any mobile device.

    • You get the opportunity of previewing your seat, and it helps in finding the seat very easily.

    • As there are tickets from the secondary market, you have a chance of getting special deals.

    • SeatGeek also acts as the primary distributor of MLS tickets.

    • It is the cross-platform and comprehensive ticket-searching tool.

    • There is no intricacy in the layout

    • SeatGeek offers valid and authentic tickets to all the buyers

    • There is a refund rule for the invalid tickets

    • The company gives you an opportunity of selling your ticket

    • High discount offer on purchasing tickets with the promo code.

SeatGeek Reviews 2021 - Cons

Although SeatGeek has lots of pros, there are few limitations and demerits.

    • The tickets from secondary market can have a very high price rate.

    • SeatGeek charges a fee as a commission while you have sold your tickets through its site.

Now, in conclusion, we like to sum up everything to give an answer to your question- Is SeatGeek legit? SeatGeek has created the safest platform to help all the fans and the concert lovers. The company has made all the steps to enable the buyers in getting the authentic tickets. SeatGeek users also have various opportunities to get money from the platform. You can make the payment for your ticket through the secure platform. SeatGeek app is also user-friendly and available in free version. Thus, all the users can download the app of this company for the smooth transaction of tickets. Read our review and use SeatGeek for purchasing or selling tickets.

Is Seatgeek legitimate?

It's likely that their polices are less favorable than those of SeatGeek. Without doubt, they've become one of the most popular, legit ticket aggregators online. And in my opinion their worth boils down to price. Get a $10 off on your tickets “through this page on”

I have been using it since a year and love it. Seatgeek is 100% reliable and legit site. you can get tickets at affordable price without getting scammed..

Here's what you need to know about SeatGeek and if it's legit. So yes, they are very legit indeed. But did you know this? If you are a new customer, on top of their price match guarantee you can get a $10 discount for ALL tickets “from this page on”.

SeatGeek Customers Reviews

    • I am one of the comedy lovers, and was looking for tickets to enjoy Carol Burnett’s comic show. I think that Seatgeek is the right destination to purchase comedy tickets. My major concern was to find out the venue for the event. This site had removed all my worries with its informative and comprehensible venue map. The color indicator, used for the map, has made everything simple. Seat View, as another feature on the View Map, is also one of the positive aspects. It’s really exciting to make a purchase at this site. The price of the Seatgeeks tickets is reasonable and also within my budget. Moreover, as I have used promo code while buying the ticket, I have got a good discount on the real price. Chriss

    • One of my friends is very enthusiastic of music concerts, and he likes to rush to any site, where he can enjoy listening to music. So, I have decided to buy a music concert ticket on his birthday. SeatGeek has made my task easier, and I have easily sent the e-ticket to my pal. While my friend has thanked me for my offer, I am thankful to the ticket buying site. It is the best way to send a unique gift to anyone. I like to give the highest ratings to review this site. This site has not charged additional fee for sending the ticket to others. My friend has also received the ticket instantly and enjoyed the event with me. I will again come back to this platform.

  • - Paul

    • I like to review SeatGeek as a seller only. This site has helped me to fulfill my dream, and I have got considerable profit by selling lots of tickets. The rules of selling tickets are also simple at this site. Though I am a new online seller, I have faced no problem to list the tickets for sale. Moreover, this site has charged only twenty percent of the ticket price. I love this site to continue my ticket selling business. While the events are over and tickets have become invalid, I have deactivated my listings. Thanks to Seatgeek for the constant assistance. Although it is really competitive to sell the tickets, I have got lots of advantages from this unique platform. I think that buyers also have found this site useful, safe and reliable. - Jane

    • I like to review SeatGeek as a seller only. This site has helped me to fulfill my dream, and I have got considerable profit by selling lots of tickets. The rules of selling tickets are also simple at this site. Though I am a new online seller, I have faced no problem to list the tickets for sale. Moreover, this site has charged only twenty percent of the ticket price. I love this site to continue my ticket selling business. While the events are over and tickets have become invalid, I have deactivated my listings. Thanks to Seatgeek for the constant assistance. Although it is really competitive to sell the tickets, I have got lots of advantages from this unique platform. I think that buyers also have found this site useful. - Melanie