SeatGeek Reviews 2023: Is SeatGeek Legit, Safe & Reliable?

Is Seatgeek Legit And Reliable To Buy Concert Ticket?

Seatgeek was tested and reviewed by Marianne Buie. Updated on 08.21.2023.

My SeatGeek Review: Is SeatGeek Legit?

As a self-proclaimed concert junkie and True Blue Swiftie, I am always on the lookout for the best ticket prices. This time, I have decided to buy my Eras Tour concert ticket from SeatGeek.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour ticket selection with concert poster on Seat Geek’s Website

I have read the reviews and was doubtful as well, but still, I decided to give it a go and experience it myself.

I’m happy to say that I was able to get my TS Ticket from SeatGeek without too much hassle.

I liked that there is a lot of flexibility and transparency when it comes to its pricing, but what I noticed is that they do not have the largest selection of tickets.

I know that a lot of people are also considering buying from SeatGeek but, like me, are having doubts because of the online reviews that they read. 

Don’t worry, I’ll be telling you all about my experience buying tickets from this platform to help you decide whether you’d like to buy tickets from SeatGeek or not.

My review includes a bit of information about SeatGeek, the ticket resale process, their pricing, and overall customer support and satisfaction.

But to tell you upfront what my ratings are, I’ll give it a 4.0 out of 5 stars.

What are the Pros and Cons of SeatGeek?



What is SeatGeek?

SeatGeek’s banner with a search bar where you can type the event that you’d like to attend

From what I gathered, SeatGeek is a legitimate ticket marketplace that was founded in 2009 and expanded its services to include secondary and primary ticketing offerings for sports teams and live event venues in 2016. 

They help their users search for, compare ticket prices, and buy tickets to various events and concerts across the United States.

They have a selection of tickets to local and national touring events. SeatGeek has an interactive seating chart that displays a deal score for each section of the venue. 

This is good to help you determine which seats are being sold for close to face value.

To ease your mind, SeatGeek is not a scam. It is legit, and mostly it is considered a reliable peer-to-peer ticket marketplace. 

What is SeatGeek’s ticket resale and buying process?

Since SeatGeek is a peer-to-peer ticket marketplace. I decided to include the ticket resale process for both the sellers and buyers.

How do you sell tickets on SeatGeek?

SeatGeek’s ticket resale process for sellers is pretty simple and straightforward.

Advantages of selling your tickets on SeatGeek include low & transparent fees, price recommendations, a wide reach of fans, and easy listing of tickets

Here’s a quick summary of how you can list and sell your concert or event tickets for interested people to buy:

To list your tickets on the SeatGeek site, you need to make an account and provide important details about the event. Input the date, venue, seating details, and number of tickets that you are reselling.

Details needed by SeatGeek to open an account with them: email address, full name, and password

One good thing about selling tickets on SeatGeek is that sellers have the freedom to set their desired selling price. SeatGeek provides suggestions or market insights to help sellers set a reasonable but competitive price.

SeatGeek will review the listing to make sure that it is accurate and legitimate. Once approved, your ticket will be listed, and it will become available for ticket buyers.

The seller waits for a buyer to accept the offer. SeatGeek facilitates the transaction.

Once someone buys your ticket, SeatGeek will give you the details of the buyer and the delivery method.

There are times when SeatGeek requires the seller to transfer the tickets electronically through their platform.

When the sale is complete, SeatGeek processes the payment for the sold ticket into the seller’s account. It is usually done through the chosen payment method of the seller.

How do you buy tickets on SeatGeek?

When I bought my ticket, I did not have a hard time using their platform, as it was simple and user-friendly. I was able to compare prices and select the tickets easily. 

Here is SeatGeek’s ticket resale process for interested buyers:

Buyers can go to their website or download the SeatGeek app on their mobile phones. Make sure that you are downloading the official SeatGeek app on your smartphone.

SeatGeek app to be found and downloaded in Google Play
SeatGeek interface in their mobile app

Look for events or concerts that they want to attend. 

In my case, I searched for tickets to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert at Levi’s Stadium on July 28, 2023.

Buyers can select the tickets that they want to buy based on their seat preferences, location, and price. You can compare prices to find the best deal.

SeatGeek also offers a feature called Deal Score, which rates the value of a ticket based on factors like price, seat location, and historical sales data. 

The Deal Score is very helpful in making an informed decision about which tickets to buy.

SeatGeek’s interactive seating selection and Deal Scores indicated in green under the ticket price

When you have already decided on the ticket that you want to buy, proceed to purchase it through the SeatGeek platform. You need to enter your payment and delivery information.

Take note that SeatGeek currently does not accept payment from PayPal. However, they accept credit or debit cards, Affirm, as well as SeatGeek promo codes.

After you are done paying, expect to receive your tickets through electronic delivery or physical delivery, depending on the event and ticket type.

The buyer can then, attend the event and use the purchased tickets for entry.

Take note that all third-party ticket sales are final unless the event is canceled.

If you encounter any issues with your ticket purchase, you can reach out to SeatGeek through their helpdesk, email, or customer service number.

Make sure to contact SeatGeek tooneshe soonest when you experience ticket issues to qualify for their Buyer Guarantee.

Are SeatGeek’s pricing and fees reasonable?

When I was looking for tickets, I had a set budget and seat location in mind. However, when I checked the ticket listing, my preferred seat location cost more than my budget.

I had to pay a little more to get the seat that I wanted. Nevertheless, it was worth it!

To give you an idea of how SeatGeek sets its prices and the fees that it adds, let me show you the pricing structure for both sellers and buyers.

What are SeatGeek’s fees for ticket sellers?

SeatGeek allows sellers to set their own prices when selling tickets on their platform. The sellers can either raise or lower the price of their tickets and also delete their previous listing before receiving an offer.

SeatGeek collects a fee of 10% from the seller once a ticket is sold. The 10% fee is what keeps the platform running. 

SeatGeek has a feature called “competitive pricing” to help sellers set the best price possible for their tickets. However, SeatGeek controls the limits and automatically adjusts ticket prices depending on market demand. 

What are SeatGeek’s fees for ticket buyers?

SeatGeek's pricing structure for buyers is pretty straightforward. You just need to pay the price listed for the ticket. The price reflected already included SeatGeek’s fee bundled into the ticket price.

Meaning, SeatGeek does not charge any additional fees for the buyer beyond the price listed. 

Although SeatGeek has faced backlash for not fully implementing an “all-in” pricing strategy where full ticket prices plus fees are already shown to the buyer. 

In my case, this is what happened. The ticket that I chose was a fee-less listing, and the full price is only shown once I click on the seats that I want.

Is SeatGeek legit and safe?

When it comes to the validity of tickets bought, there are some conflicting reviews. 

My transaction came out okay, and my ticket was delivered just in time for the event. 

Maybe I was just lucky that the seller immediately delivered my ticket electronically.

And although I got a bit nervous when it was my turn to have my ticket scanned, it was valid, and I was able to enjoy my concert.

Others are not that lucky, though. Below are some reviews that I saw regarding their experience buying a ticket from SeatGeek:

Is the customer safe from scammers, and are tickets guaranteed?

I suggest that if you encounter some issues with your ticket, contact their customer service immediately. They offer a 100% guarantee on their tickets. 

From what I’ve read. They have a Buyer Guarantee policy, ensuring that buyers will receive their valid tickets on time and that any issue will be resolved.

Their guarantee policy includes delivery of tickets, valid entry to the event, and resolution of verified issues.

The Deal Score feature also gives you an idea of the track record of the seller. Make sure to check that to prevent any problems along the way. It’s better to be sure than regret it in the end. 

Is SeatGeek reliable when it comes to refunds and transfers?

According to SeatGeek, they will give you a full refund of the purchase price if your event is canceled, but not if it is rescheduled. 

In the case of postponed events, you can still use your tickets for the rescheduled date. If replacement tickets are needed on the rescheduled date, SeatGeek is obligated to find a replacement ticket for you.

You should, however, take note that this refund policy varies depending on the specific order and ticket policiesof the seller.

SeatGeek’s Ticket Selection and Availability

One of the things that I’ve noticed is that, when it comes to the variety of events, their selection seems limited. This may be because SeatGeek is a marketplace that is meant to connect buyers with ticket sellers.

So, the number of tickets available is heavily dependent on the number of sellers.

To give you an idea of how many people are aware of SeatGeek, they have 49% brand awareness in the United States in 2022.

Some of SeatGeek’s partnerships include the Major League Baseball, NASCAR, and other sporting teams.

Logos of SeatGeek’s official partners, which include different sporting teams and organizations.

Is SeatGeek legit? Overall customer satisfaction and experience

For me, customer service is important for a company because they are the voice and face of the company. When I bought my ticket, I was so close to contacting customer service, but thankfully, I received it on time.

Based on a survey by Comparably, SeatGeek’s customer satisfaction score was rated the highest by customers who have used SeatGeek’s products and services for 2 to 5 years.

I also saw some good and bad reviews on the internet when it came to SeatGeek’s customer support. 

Some of the bad ones mentioned that they were not able to talk to anyone, and some shared that they talked with some terrible customer support and were not able to solve their issues.

Is SeatGeek legit? Overall user satisfaction and recommendations

While SeatGeek is not the most popular or top-of-mind ticket marketplace among its competitors, I think they are still a good company that provides good service to its customers.

Some of their strengths are their straightforward buying and reselling process, different ticketing options, and flexibility on ticket transfers.

Having a 100% money-back guarantee on canceled events is also good, as is, of course, having the final ticket prices reflected on their platform.

However, I still think that they do not have a wide variety of events available for ticket buyers. Ticket prices can also be expensive depending on the seller, and their mobile app still needs improvement. 

Overall, I am fairly satisfied with my experience with them and will give them a 4.0-star rating for it.

What are other SeatGeek Ticket Marketplace alternatives?

Here are also some of the ticketing sites that I checked before using SeatGeek. If you think that SeatGeek is not for you, then, you might like the others better.

Similar to SeatGeek, StubHub is a reputable online ticket marketplace that provides fans with the opportunity to purchase and sell tickets for various concerts and events. 

At the very top of StubHub's page, there is a search bar. Right under that, is a promotional photo of the Austin City Limits Festival. There are also icons showing P!nk’s concert, NFL games, and NCAA football

Having been established for over 20 years, they successfully sold millions of tickets to fans worldwide. Notably, StubHub has received an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is considered a commendable level of trustworthiness.

StubHub boasts a better ticket selection compared to SeatGeek with a diverse range of events such as concerts, sporting events, and theater performances.

StubHub also offers a comprehensive 100% fan protection guarantee for authentic premium tickets to major events and shows within the United States. 

This assurance further makes people find them legit and safe. They are committed to ensuring a secure and reliable ticket-buying experience for their customers.

Vivid Seats is an online ticket exchange and resale organization, that facilitates connections between ticket buyers and sellers for live events within the United States and Canada.

Vividseat’s homepage shows four events: New York Yankees at Houston Astros, Lionel Richie, and Earth, Wind, and Fire, Drake and 21 Savage (Rescheduled concert), and Beyonce’s concert

This company became publicly traded in 2021 following a merger with Horizon Acquisition Corporation, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC). 

Vivid Seats remains dedicated to enhancing the fan experience by streamlining event discovery and ticket procurement, instilling an element of excitement into the process.

Vivid Seats is widely acknowledged as a legit and safe platform for ticket exchanges and resales. In addition to offering a robust 100% buyer guarantee, they also extend the benefits of a loyalty program to their loyal buyers.

Another ticket marketplace to consider is Viagogo. This company was established in London back in 2006 by Eric Baker, who is also a co-founder of StubHub in the United States. 

Viagogo’s website homepage shows six event recommendations according to your previously viewed events

Viagogo primarily works as a secondary ticket marketplace and has established official partnerships with various sports teams and music festivals.

However, it's worth noting that Viagogo has faced scrutiny because it allowed professional resellers to promote their tickets on the platform. This has resulted in elevated ticket prices and instances of fraudulent activity.

In summary, Viagogo offers an extensive range of tickets for a variety of popular events, but it is important to exercise caution due to the aforementioned concerns about pricing and legitimacy.

Among the ticket marketplaces mentioned in this article, Ticketmaster stands out as the most well-established option. Established in 1976, 

Ticketmaster sources its ticket sales from both primary and secondary markets, having a wide reach and it is a preferred choice for many fans and event attendees.

The Ticketmaster homepage has a big message at the top that says, "Let's Make Live Happen." Below it, there's a search bar where you can type in your city, the date of the event you want to go to, and the name of the event itself.

Despite offering reliable and legit services, Ticketmaster often faces criticism for its dominant position in the ticketing industry.

Consequently, ticket prices tend to be elevated due to additional fees, and numerous customer reviews report subpar service experiences. 

Nonetheless, all factors considered, if you have the financial means to spare, acquiring tickets through Ticketmaster remains a dependable choice.