SeatGeek Reviews 2022: Is SeatGeek Legit, Safe & Reliable?

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Is Seatgeek Legit And Reliable To Buy Concert Ticket?

Seatgeek was tested and reviewed by Marianne Buie.

Updated on 06.30.2022


  • Purchasing and selling tickets is straightforward

  • Allows using printed tickets or digital tickets

  • Stores tickets purchased from other similar websites

  • Allows transferring tickets to someone else

  • Has its own mobile application for tickets

  • Tickets for music or sports events, theater, or based on location

  • Prices listed at a glance before trying to purchase them


  • The mobile application has a few limitations – the website is better

  • Cannot see an integrated map of the venue

  • Does not allow searching by particular venues but only by location, artist, team, or event

SeatGeek summary

While chilling from the comfort of your bedroom is one of the most convenient things out there, every now and then, you need some live entertainment to put you back in the mood – the action, the vibe, and the atmosphere.

SeatGeek does a good job of helping you find tickets to known and less known events or artists. You can use its mobile application or the website – all results are displayed in one place. You will find suggestions based on your location and the possibility to search for tickets anywhere in the world.

Is SeatGeek Legit?

The convenience of transferring tickets is a plus – great if you want to gift them to a loved one or perhaps you want to sell them. The portal is packed with features and offers access to sports, music, theater, and other similar events.

Initially designed to deal with the reseller market, SeatGeek has recently made a big step toward the primary marketplace. The fact that you can see prices at a glance is another plus that will save you lots of time. Other websites require initiating the buying process to see prices.

Is Seat Geek legit? With these ideas in mind, finding a negative SeatGeek review is almost impossible.

What is SeatGeek?

Is Seat Geek reliable for tickets? The platform might be a bit different than others because it is rethinking the ticket industry by putting the accent on fans. The plan is to make ticketing more available and convenient than ever.

Established in 2009 by three close friends, the company has offered more than 41 million tickets daily in 2022. During the same year, it was rated the most innovative company by Fast Company.

The SeatGeek reliable ticket source has always had one goal – filling up venues for all concerts and events and making it easier for artists or teams to connect with their audience. So far, it has done a fairly good job.

Most SeatGeek reviews are positive, giving it a solid reputation among bigger players. You can find tickets for all the major leagues in sports, especially in the USA, as well as major teams worldwide.

You can search for your favorite artists in terms of music, but the list is longer than that. You can attend WWE events, as well as theater. You have the opportunity to return your tickets or perhaps sell them too, so there is something for everyone out there.

How does SeatGeek work?

Is SeatGeek legitimate? Absolutely. Knowing how it works will give you well-deserved peace of mind. With millions of buyers daily, there is not much risk in there, but you still need a few insights into its operation.

Step 1: Find the artist you are after or perhaps your favorite team. Since the website identifies your location, you will also find nearby upcoming events. Assuming you found the show you are interested in, you will see starting prices for tickets, so there are no surprises whatsoever.

Step 2: While SeatGeek does not have a realistic map of the venue, it will give you a general one – obviously, tickets in the front will be more expensive. Roll over different areas, and you will see starting prices. Click on the area you want, and a bunch of deals will pop up.

Some of them come from SeatGeek, while others come from people interested in selling their tickets.

Step 3: Once you click on a deal, you will find more details – time, date, venue, electronic or real-life tickets, return date, and so on.

Step 4: Click to go to checkout, and you will be taken through the straightforward payment page. Introduce your email address and phone number and go on from there.

The whole process should take less than five minutes.

Now, is SeatGeek legit? Absolutely. Most people are not concerned about SeatGeek, but about tickets purchased from various sellers. No issues with that, though. Tickets are guaranteed, so there are no risks of losing your money.

A guarantee fully backs every ticket. You will get your money back or the opportunity to attend a different event if the show gets canceled. There were plenty of such situations throughout the pandemic – no problems whatsoever.

How much are SeatGeek fees?

Is it safe to buy from SeatGeek? Are there any hidden fees? Buying tickets over SeatGeek is an intuitive process with no room for interpretation. What you see is what you get, and fees can be clearly explained over the website.

Compared to other websites, SeatGeek has a unique approach. Fees for buyers depend on more factors – the actual seat, venue, artist, team, or event. In other words, fees can go in two directions. Sometimes, they are a bit higher than what you can get on other websites.

Other times, they are way under the market value.

When you see listings, you will have the option to see them with or without fees. Most people choose to see prices with fees, so they know precisely what they are about to pay when comparing tickets. The price you see is the price you pay – no extra fees added throughout the checkout process.

Fees are also given in a breakdown during checkout, so they make more sense. You will find service fees and delivery fees – the most common ones. Unless the event is canceled, these fees cannot be returned.

Are SeatGeek tickets legit? Absolutely. They are guaranteed, regardless of what happens. SeatGeek also mentions that certain events or locations may charge different fees – most commonly, particular venues will charge taxes, which are normally transferred to customers.

The point is no one can give you a specific amount for fees because they vary. Even for the same artist, fees may vary between venues, so you need to check upfront. SeatGeek is slightly cheaper than other large ticket marketplaces, though.

SeatGeek will charge sellers 10% of the actual value when interested in selling your tickets.

SeatGeek customer service

SeatGeek offers comprehensive customer service that leaves no room for issues. It is one of the most appreciated websites in terms of customer support. How legit is SeatGeek? Get in touch with the customer service upfront if you have any questions, and you will convince yourself straight away.

There are more options before reaching customer service though. Just like other ticket marketplaces, SeatGeek has a comprehensive FAQ or help section on its website. You can find answers to the most common issues, so the customer service is mostly aimed at special situations.

It is worth noting that the help section is available in both English and Spanish.

Should you actually need to talk to a representative, there are a few options. You can call SeatGeek on a toll-free number, yet it depends on where you live. You can also use the live chat option, which will ask you a few questions about the issue first.

SeatGeek can also be contacted by email – complete a form and give it a few days, especially if you do not have an emergency. By far, live chat is the best option so far, yet some people may still prefer to call the company for particular issues.

Social media is also an option.

SeatGeek phone number

Is SeatGeek a reliable website? You will be surprised by how easy it is to find the answers you need. To get in touch with SeatGeek by phone, simply call 8885064101. You will be directed to a representative based on what you need help with.

You can seek help before or after a sale, regardless of the issue.

Does SeatGeek answer the phone?

Occasionally, you may find SeatGeek reviews claiming there is no answer on the phone. This is only because some people call outside the working hours. SeatGeek does not offer 24/7 support for emergencies by phone, yet the live chat is always there to help out.

Bottom line, reps do answer the phone, but only within working hours.

SeatGeek refund

Now, how reliable is SeatGeek when it comes to refunds? Is SeatGeek a legit site if you want to claim your money back for whatever reason? Absolutely. SeatGeek has a solid refund policy – much better than what you can find in other services.

Keep in mind that many venues have their own policies, so the refund policy may vary from one event to another. This is why many ticket marketplaces claim their sales are final. SeatGeek goes by the venue. If the venue allows refunds up to a particular time upfront, you have this option too.

Should the event be canceled, SeatGeek will provide a full refund based on what you paid at checkout. You may also get credit for further purchases – most commonly, you will have to choose between one or the other. The same may apply if the event is rescheduled.

Those who cannot use the tickets or obtain a refund will be able to relist them on SeatGeek. Is SeatGeek reliable when it comes to selling tickets? Absolutely. What happens if you cannot get rid of them? You can pass them for free to a friend then.

How to sell tickets on SeatGeek

If – for some reason – you cannot attend the event and you are not entitled to a refund, the best you can do is try to get rid of the tickets by selling them. As a general rule of thumb, it pays off relisting them for a slightly lower price, so you can sell them fast.

Those who are not sure whether SeatGeek is reliable or not will be happy to find out that they can resell tickets they bought somewhere else too. Is SeatGeek safe to buy tickets then? Absolutely. Each ticket is checked and guaranteed.

To sell tickets, you must add them to your account first. You can upload an electronic ticket in PDF format and send screenshots of the QR codes for mobile tickets. You can upload such files to the official website or the Android or iOS application.

If you sell NFL tickets, you can also upload their barcodes. Follow the intuitive steps, and you are done.

Based on SeatGeek reviews and the FAQ section, it is worth noting that you cannot sell any type of ticket. Scans or photos of paper tickets are not accepted, not to mention tickets to past events or screenshots. Hard stock tickets and gift card tickets are also forbidden.

To sell tickets on SeatGeek, you need to ensure the event is already there – search for it upfront.

SeatGeek promo code $40 off

Just like any other website out there, SeatGeek comes up with different discounts and special offers every now and then. Any event of the year is a good reason to come up with a coupon code, be it the first day of summer or perhaps the winter holidays.

The most recent offer cuts $40 off the ticket prices, which means some tickets can almost go for free. Obviously, just like for any other coupon, you need to ensure you read the terms and conditions – it may only apply to certain events.

Is SeatGeek legit when it comes to coupons? Absolutely. You will never find a negative SeatGeek review based on coupons. However, you need to ensure you get this coupon from a reliable source rather than dodgy websites.

Is SeatGeek safe to buy tickets with a coupon? Of course. SeatGeek releases all coupons.

SeatGeek FAQs

Still unsure about one thing or the other? Is SeatGeek safe? Still, got questions? The support section should give you some great results for your queries. Besides, there are lots of SeatGeek reviews to provide answers. Here are some of the most common FAQs, though.

Is SeatGeek reliable?

Based on pretty much every SeatGeek review out there, the time in business, and reputation, SeatGeek is one of the most reliable options out there. It should take less than five minutes to find tickets for your favorite venue, artist, or team, select the seats, register, and purchase the tickets.

Is SeatGeek Legit? Indeed, SeatGeek may not be the largest ticket marketplace in the world, but it can successfully compete against the top players. Established in 2009, it has become one of the most appreciated sources of tickets in the world – especially in the USA.

How long does it take to receive a ticket from SeatGeek?

Are SeatGeek tickets reliable? Will you get them in time? What happens if you buy a ticket the day before the event? Luckily, there is nothing to be concerned about. The confirmation will be instant and will come by email.

As for the actual tickets, you may get them instantly, but this is not a general rule. There could be a bit of time between the confirmation and the moment you get the tickets. For instance, some mobile transfer tickets may come less than 24 hours before the actual event.

According to more SeatGeek reviews out there, this is not related to SeatGeek. Instead, more and more venues turn to these practices to keep tickets safe and prevent scams – not to mention ticket pirates who purchase them in bulk and try to resell them at higher prices.

When buying from resellers, they need to manually send tickets by email or even through your account – sometimes, they can only do it on the day. Is Seat Geek safe then? Absolutely. You are backed by a guarantee.

Get in touch with customer service if unexpected situations arise and you do not get the tickets in time. You will be fully refunded. However, it is almost impossible to find a SeatGeek review claiming tickets did not make it in time.

To avoid panicking, simply log on to your account and check the tickets. The delivery method should be mentioned there. You will know precisely whether you should get them within the next hours or days or wait until the last moment.

Are SeatGeek seats together?

Based on most SeatGeek reviews – as well as the official website, tickets are usually together. When you buy directly from SeatGeek, you will get all of them in one go – one package. Choose the area and the tickets, and you are ready to go.

Things change a little when you buy tickets from someone else who cannot attend. There is a risk tickets are not together. Fortunately, these things are mentioned, so you will know precisely. Is Seat Geek safe then? Absolutely – there will be no unexpected situations, just check all the listing details.

The good news is that most people who buy tickets will most likely want to be close to their friends and family. They will get all these tickets together. The situation is different if you only need a single ticket, but then, you obviously do not care who you will be next to.

Are SeatGeek tickets guaranteed?

How safe is SeatGeek when it comes to tickets? Are they guaranteed? Yes, they are. This means there are no risks at all. Whether you attend the event, the event is rescheduled or canceled, there are ways to get there or at least get your money back.

According to every SeatGeek review, a buyer guarantee is in place that ensures your tickets will be delivered in time. Your tickets are also guaranteed to provide entry to the event with no surprises.

If any of these things do not happen, SeatGeek will refund you, and give you comparable or even better tickets. Simply get in touch with customer service. Is SeatGeek legit regarding this guarantee? To keep it simple, there are no negative SeatGeek reviews about it.

You will most likely be able to use the same tickets for postponed events – based on the venue rules. You can also ask for a refund if you are not able to make it on the new date. If replacement tickets are available, SeatGeek will get them for you.

Basically, SeatGeek is quite flexible and will work to get things sorted for you.

Does SeatGeek verify tickets?

It is nearly impossible to find a SeatGeek review about fake tickets. This portal has no room for scams because sellers must go through a comprehensive selling process to display their tickets. They need to upload a few files, including QR codes or barcodes, that can be checked.

So, is SeatGeek legit then? Absolutely. Each ticket going for sale will be verified. Should any unexpected situations arise, buyers are always covered by a guarantee. You will get a refund if the ticket is not authentic or you do not get it in time for the event – less likely to happen, though.

Why is SeatGeek so expensive?

SeatGeek is not necessarily more expensive than other similar marketplaces, yet there are times when fees could be higher or lower when compared to the competition. This is because, unlike other marketplaces, SeatGeek will apply fees in a different manner.

Each ticket comes with its own fees. Other marketplaces will charge a particular percentage or perhaps a flat fee. SeatGeek charges differently because each venue has its terms and conditions, as well as their own fees and taxes.

Is SeatGeek legit for doing things this way? Based on most SeatGeek reviews out there, it is. Given this approach, SeatGeek will often have fees lower than on other websites or at least similar in price. Obviously, there will be situations when fees could make tickets a bit more expensive.

Just like for everything else in life, it is worth comparing the market. Keep in mind that to attract buyers, many marketplaces add fees during the checkout process. You can see final prices on SeatGeek to keep things transparent, with all fees included.

Is SeatGeek safe to sell tickets?

There are no doubts about it – SeatGeek is an excellent place for ticket buyers. But what about sellers then? Is SeatGeek legit? Are there any risks you should be aware of? Fortunately, SeatGeek is just as safe for sellers.

Sellers need to accept some terms and conditions and upload tickets accordingly. The event should already be on SeatGeek – otherwise, tickets cannot be uploaded. SeatGeek will get the money for the ticket and send it to the seller, minus the associated fees.

In terms of selling fees, SeatGeek will charge 10% of the total price. Some guarantees also cover sellers. Unable to sell the ticket? You can also pass it free to a friend, as long as they have an account. You will not be charged then.

Who is the owner of SeatGeek?

SeatGeek was established in 2009 and has quickly become one of the most appreciated ticket marketplaces. It was established by three friends who still operate the business, which has expanded over time.

Jack Groetzinger is one of the co-founders and the CEO of the company. A big fan of sports teams in Cleveland, he has always believed in technology, and the company's growth proves him right over the past decade.

Russ D’Souze is another co-founder. A big fan of sports teams in New Jersey, he put his vision into SeatGeek. He believes the live industry will be much better once tickets provide more than just entry, which is what SeatGeek aims for.

Eric Waller is the third co-founder of SeatGeek. A big fan of Third Eye Blind, he has always seen an evolution in technology, and SeatGeek makes it pretty obvious. He is also known as a serial startup chaser.

How do you pay on SeatGeek?

Find the event, venue, band, artist, or team you are interested in, and look for seats first. You will find different options, places in the venue, and prices. Choose the right place and price, then go through other details before checking out.

Purchasing SeatGeek is straightforward – as well as the entire checkout process. Is SeatGeek legit? Absolutely. The portal only relies on classic options, so it may seem inconvenient for some people.

Basically, you can use debit or credit cards to purchase on SeatGeek. If you are lucky enough to get a promo code that covers the full price of the ticket, you can also use it for your purchase during checkout.

These are the only available options.

SeatGeek does not accept PayPal, Neteller, other payment platforms, or cryptocurrencies.

Does SeatGeek have payment plans?

According to every SeatGeek review, you will most likely have to pay prices in full. Sure, a ticket or two will not need a loan, but buying tickets for a larger group will ask for a bigger payment. Collect money upfront because, normally, you cannot pay in monthly installments.

However, SeatGeek does allow some payment plans, but only for businesses. There are different terms and conditions there. At the same time, the payment plan must be set and in place before the actual purchase.

What is the difference between TicketMaster and SeatGeek?

There are differences between TicketMaster and SeatGeek for both buyers and sellers. Is SeatGeek legit? With so many years on the market and a great reputation, there are no doubts about its challenge on the bigger players.

Based on pretty much every Seatgeek review out there, SeatGeek does not impose restrictions on how people get their tickets. Anyone can sell tickets through the application or the official website. Apart from artists or venues, people can also resell their tickets.

Transferring tickets is a piece of cake too. You can transfer tickets to your friends or coworkers – or perhaps you want to surprise someone with a gift. There are thorough verification procedures in place – the same procedures apply to sellers.

Then, fees are applied differently. Is SeatGeek legit then? No question. The website will charge fees based on the venue, band, artist, team or location. Therefore, fees are often lower or equal to what you can find on other websites – sometimes, they might be more expensive too.

Is SeatGeek Legit?

All factors indicate that SeatGeek is legit and a serious source of tickets – including tickets sold by people who can no longer attend. It is among the well-rated options on the market – decent prices, different fees for each ticket, and good customer service.

The portal allows comparing and sourcing tickets from different sources – more vendors and venues. It has partnerships with many companies providing guarantees regarding the tickets, which are passed to customers – such as Eventbrite.

There are no risks for buyers since sellers must guarantee 120% of their tickets if they are fake.

SeatGeek is not just a random application or website, but a well-established business with offices in multiple countries. The customer service can be contacted in different ways – phone, email, or live chat, so there is always someone there to deal with customers’ queries.

Bottom line, is SeatGeek legit? There are no doubts about it. Most of your answers can be answered through its official support guide. The website is fairly simple to use and has a straightforward interface – concert, artist, venue, ticket prices, checkout, simple as that.

Overall, it takes a few minutes to find and purchase tickets to your favorite band or team.