Ticket Liquidator Reviews 2019

TicketLiquidator Reviews

Ticketliquidator was tested and reviewed by Marianne Buie.

Is Ticket Liquidator Legit and Safe?

Since 2003, Ticket Liquidator has been in business and it has been selling tickets safely and securely. The customer service agents are known to treat the consumers very well and they have a high rating on the Better Business Bureau website. This site also has tickets for a lot of events as well as competitive rates. With 19 years of ticket selling experience, this site seems to be one that tries to meet the needs of its customers.


Ticket Liquidator Reviews 2019 - PROS

Although Ticket Liquidator has a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, they also have a lot reviews and complaints, with many people saying that Ticket Liquidator is not 100% reliable and it is not a guarantee customers will get exactly what they order. Even though it is a real inconvenience to not get exactly what is ordered, it is very common for places like Ticket Liquidator, because often times, sellers will work with several different sites to sell their tickets and at times the same event tickets will sell on two different sites at the same time, which means one of the customers will not receive the tickets they paid for and getting a ticket that is not of equal or better than the original purchase. Another thing that may be disappointing, is that seller’s can arrange their own price on tickets, and this can lead to some tickets costing more than they should. A lot of tickets may be more than others with this practice. Some of the most negative things about visiting this site is that there is a fee. Other negatives about this site is that the tickets may be over the valued price and the prices may fluctuate. There may also be a fee for shipping once the purchase is made.

CONS for Ticket Liquidator Reviews 2019 - CONS

With any upcoming event, Ticket Liquidator has a variety of tickets available for sporting events as well as for concerts or theatre shows. Some of the other benefits are that this site offers, is money back guaranteed, for any events issues that causes them to cancel the show and not reschedule it. Ticket Liquidator also offers money back if tickets are not legitimate or viable. There is also a 200% guarantee money back if the do not arrive on time before the event. A few other benefits of coming to Ticket Liquidator for your tickets are, you will be able to get your tickets at the very last minute if you need them and you will have a secure checkout. Your tickets will also come on time with delivery.

Summary of Ticket Liquidator Reviews 2019 - PROS

Along with many years of experience in selling tickets for upcoming events, Ticket Liquidator has made name for themselves. Ticket Liquidator continues to strive for perfection with their customer service and competitive rates. With millions of tickets available for floor and courtside as well as in the top rows, customers will be pleased to know that there are so many options. However, even though there is a you are guaranteed to get your money back canceled events that will not be rescheduled, the site has reputation of being 100% not reliable. Although there are things that make this site a little disappointing, you will still be able get the tickets at the very last minute, which makes for a very good consumer experience overall.

TicketLiquidator Reviews
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