Seatgeek vs Stubhub [Fees, Customer Service, Security]

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SeatGeek Vs StubHub – Comparing Two Giants In The Ticket Business

Interested in buying tickets to see your favorite music artist or perhaps a world renowned sports team? There are lots of options out there, but who is willing to wait for hours in lines? Everything is done online these days. Buyers get tickets to their favorite events without having to leave their bedrooms for a more comfortable experience.

Your options are quite varied when it comes to companies dealing with your ticket. Some of them can stand out in the crowd due to their reputation among buyers, ticket prices, fees and the great customer experience – SeatGeek vs StubHub. Known as two of the leading companies on the market, there must be something good about them. But what is it?

This quick review will give you all the information you need to make a good decision as a buyer.

Seatgeek VS StubHub - Ticket selection

The ticket selection is the most important consideration when comparing SeatGeek vs StubHub. SeatGeek is specialized in sports events and aims to dominate the market. You can find tickets for pretty much every sport, major league or even secondary leagues. You might as well follow your favorite clubs or sports people and get quick notifications for events and ticket prices.

SeatGeek also deals with music events, theater plays and shows. You will find tickets for top performances, plays and even wrestling events. Apart from following artists and venues, potential buyers can also follow cities.

StubHub follows the same trend when it comes to ticket searches and events. As a buyer, you can browse the company website for sports, music and theater performances. There are a lot of options popping up as you search for something in particular. Besides, StubHub also allows following artists and venues for a more complete experience.

Seatgeek VS StubHub - Website experience

You do not want to spend half an hour to buy or sell tickets, do you? When comparing SeatGeek vs StubHub, you want to know which one offers a more intuitive feeling.

SeatGeek has a very simple main page and interface. While you can find a few artists and ideas on the main page, you will most likely have to search for whatever you are interested in. The menu on top will give you access to all kinds of events and extra features.

StubHub has a more diversified homepage, with lots of recommendations based on your location and not only. If you are not sure what you want, you can just browse the first page for lots of online suggestions. The company allows you to change the location (add a different one), but you can also take advantage of the top menu in your ticket searches.

Seatgeek VS StubHub - Application experience

Both SeatGeek and StubHub have their own applications – available on both Apple Store and Play Store. There are not too many differences between the actual websites and the apps – same fees, features, ticket selection and online experience.

If you are a regular buyer, the app will prove to be more convenient – a few taps and you have your tickets. Besides, both SeatGeek and StubHub send notifications through their apps – often a more convenient option than getting spam emails.

Seatgeek VS StubHub - Deliveries and returns

SeatGeek is a bit more limited than StubHub when it comes to ticket formats and deliveries. Fees are also affected by the delivery choice. For example, SeatGeek can send tickets over email or over the application. You can print them yourself if you want to, yet many venues accept digital tickets – make sure you check upfront.

On the other hand, StubHub allows you to choose – digital tickets vs paper tickets. Getting them over the app is probably the most convenient way. If you want them by email, you will be hit with extra fees StubHub. Fees will also apply if you want StubHub to send physical tickets to you. It is much easier to go through the checkout process, get everything in the app and print tickets yourself.

Seatgeek VS StubHub - Ease of use

When comparing SeatGeek vs StubHub, you should know that both portals are easy to use and intuitive. The same procedure applies to both of them. Search for the ticket you want, go through a list of available tickets, choose the one you want and proceed to the checkout page, where you will also see all the fees.

The same procedure must be followed if you use the app.

Even if this is the first time you buy a ticket online, there are a lot of portals that provide a straightforward experience – these two make no exception.

Seatgeek VS StubHub - Customer service

SeatGeek has an easily accessible customer service. Feel free to use the live chat feature available on every page – easy for instant replies. You can also find a phone number or just drop an email. Getting help over the online chat is by far the best option.

StubHub has a good and knowledgeable customer service, but it is not so easy to get there. You will need an account. If you want to ask questions regarding an account or something else, it is not really possible. Besides, there is no live chat.

Both SeatGeek vs StubHub have online help sections – FAQs and the most common problems and solutions, whether you need help with a ticket, the fees or the checkout process. When it comes to phone calls, the waiting time is longer for StubHub – about 10 minutes on average, but it depends on what time of the day you call.

Seatgeek VS StubHub - Safety and security

StubHub is probably the biggest player on the secondary market, meaning it does not deal directly with venues and artists. With over 10 million tickets available, it obviously has a mass of potential buyers, so it aims to maintain security standards to the highest levels. For the same reason, you can add more types of payment solutions, so everyone can purchase the tickets they require.

SeatGeek, on the other hand, browses through dozens of ticket selling websites in order to provide the results you seek. It has the same high security protocols, so transactions are safe. If you are sent to a third party website, make sure it is a reputable one. SeatGeek is not responsible for the security standards associated with other websites.

Seatgeek VS StubHub - Fees and charges

Fees are standard, but not flat for StubHub. As a buyer, you will pay 10% extra for all the processing and organization. It is a service fee. As a seller, you can sell tickets for free. Once they sell, you will need to pay 15% – a processing fee.

SeatGeek has a different approach. The buyer fee varies on the event, artist, venue or seat. Fees can get quite high, but they may also get under the market value. They are included in the price, so you have an easier approach – deciding on the actual ticket price is much easier. As a seller, you will pay 20% on SeatGeek.

Seatgeek VS StubHub - Features and extras

SeatGeek has a feature for those who are not too familiar with venues and seats. The Deal Score feature analyzes everything – from the venue to the seat – to determine a score. The higher a ticket score is, the better the deal becomes.

On the other hand, StubHub allows you to buy tickets until the last moment – minutes before the performance begins. The fanprotect guarantee is another good extra, as it ensures you get the tickets before the actual event.

Seatgeek VS StubHub - Verdict

As a short final conclusion, comparing SeatGeek vs StubHub will not really bring too many differences. Both platforms operate in the exact same industry, but they have different operating principles. One of them is a broker, while the other one works like a search engine.

Ticket prices vary from one portal to another too. Considering their fees, features and ticket prices, it is up to you to make a final choice. However, it is worth checking both options before buying tickets.

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