Seatgeek vs Tickpick [Fees, Customer Service, Security]

After testing and reviewing a bunch of the ticket providers, I found Seatgeek as the best! And here is why..

​SeatGeek Vs TickPick – Comparing Two Giants In The Same Ticketing League

Looking for some bargains online? Whether you want to watch a theater play on Broadway, Beyonce in a live performance or your favorite band at a festival, buying your tickets online has never been more accessible. Buyers no longer wait in lines for hours, but they simply get over the Internet, find a good deal and attend their dream events without having to leave their bedrooms for tickets.

The good news is you do have options. The bad news is there are too many of them. Users often have to run from Vivid Seats, move on to TickPick and perhaps check out SeatGeek too, not to mention all the less or better known portals. Choosing the right deal can be hard, but this comparison review will lead you in the right direction.

SeatGeek vs TickPick – Ticket Selection

There is a harsh competition on the ticket marketplace and each portal tries to cover as many events as possible, leading to confusion among users. Both SeatGeek and TickPick cover the same areas though – theater plays, live performances, festivals, conferences, music concerts, art shows, major exhibitions and sports shows.

SeatGeek seems to be more oriented towards music concerts and famous artists. On the other hand, TickPick has sports games among its main recommendations – not to mention the main menu on the official website. While not so obvious, the company seems to choose this direction and dominate the ticket marketplace.

It is worth noting that both SeatGeek vs TickPick are focused on large shows and games, yet you can also find secondary artists and their tours. When compared to some competitors, you are less likely to find the local band performing in a small arena. You will, however, find a plethora of names that you have never heard about before.

SeatGeek vs TickPick – Website Experience

SeatGeek's official website makes it obvious – everything starts with the search function. It is big, obvious and cannot be missed. There is a basic menu on top with some of the main categories – including sports and music. Users can also scroll down to discover more about the company and its guarantees, not to mention leading sports competitions, teams and music artists – good for some quick shortcuts.

The website is extremely simple to navigate – no fancy ads or graphics. There is also a mobile version, so you can use it over your smartphone or tablet without too much hassle. There are no changes in its features though – same menu, same tickets and same fees. The experience is smooth and simple – even if you have never used it before.

By comparison, TickPick's website follows a similar rule. The search function is massive and cannot be missed, while menus are simplistic and easy to follow. The top menu will bring in the major sports leagues available from this company – users can choose MLB vs NHL vs NBA vs NFL. There are also links to concerts and other types of shows.

As they scroll down, buyers will find trending names in the music business – excellent shortcuts. You can find shortcuts to Ariana Grande's next shows, as well as Elton John's tour or Post Malone. Searching is fairly simple and represents the starting point on most such websites – including competitors' websites. Other than that, TickPick has a mobile version of its website as well.

SeatGeek vs TickPick – Mobile Applications

Apart from mobile versions of their websites, SeatGeek and TickPick have their own applications as well. They are both available in Apple Store and Play Store and they rank over 4.5 out of five stars. TickPick's app is more appreciated in Play Store. By comparison, SeatGeek's app scores almost maximum in Apple Store. They work just like the official websites and they rank better than competitors.

Buyers have access to the exact same features, fees, tickets and prices. Using the application provides a bit of extra convenience. While you can sign up and follow your favorite artists and teams on both SeatGeek and TickPick, notifications are sent by email. When you use the apps, you will get live notifications – easier to read and deal with. Applications can be downloaded for free.

SeatGeek vs TickPick – Deliveries and returns

SeatGeek delivers its tickets in more formats – paper vs electronic vs will call vs local offices. The electronic version is the most common one – you will get your tickets instantly. They come with a bar code, so they can be scanned on site. If the venue requires physical tickets, you can print them yourself. You can also get them in paper, but you will have to pay additional fees for shipping.

Will call tickets from SeatGeek means they are delivered to the venue. Once you get there, you will have to prove your identity to be let in – less hustle for you, as you no longer need to worry about them. Get in touch with the customer service if you require more info. Tickets can also be picked up from local offices – again, there are additional fees for shipping.

By comparison, TickPick provides electronic and paper tickets. The paper ones come with additional fees. Simply use the electronic version – instant delivery. Many other websites sell tickets through TickPick though. In other words, the portal will find good priced options for you on other portals – at this point, there are other rules.

If you buy a ticket from TicketMaster via TickPick, you will have to follow TicketMaster's policies. It might feel a bit confusing, as different companies have different policies and options. However, their FAQs should make it crystal clear for you. You may think it is not worth the hassle, but you will find good deals that simply cannot be overlooked.

Once you get your ticket or bar code, you cannot return it. Sales are final. You can share tickets though or at least pass them to friends – get in touch with the customer service if you are not sure how to change names. You will get a refund if the show is canceled (not rescheduled) or the tickets you receive are not authentic (less likely to happen).

SeatGeek vs TickPick – Ease of use

Buying a ticket over SeatGeek is relatively simple. Start with the search bar. As you type in a name (be it Ariana Grande or Chicago Bulls), you will get suggestions – top results, top artists, top events and so on. You will also see starting ticket prices. Choose the event you want and you will see an interactive seating map, as well as a list of tickets and their locations. Select the ticket and proceed to checkout.

You can choose to see ticket prices without additional fees or with the fees. This way, you know precisely how much you are likely to pay. Ideally, you should see the price with all the extras included, as you can prevent unexpected surprises by the checkout. All in all, the whole process should take you a couple of minutes.

By comparison, TickPick follows a similar procedure. Type in a name and suggestions will pop up – artists and events. The bad news is that you may not always find tickets – for instance, type in Adele, choose one of her concerts and you might find a page telling you there are no tickets found. Click on the artist's name then and just browse their events.

TickPick will then show you a list, as well as starting prices for tickets. Choose the event you are interested in and the interactive map will pop up. Tickets will always be displayed without additional fees, so expect to pay more than what you see there. The good news is that you have many filters in the list – aisles only, no obstructed views, electronic deliveries only and so on.

SeatGeek vs TickPick – Customer Service

SeatGeek has an unusual customer service experience. As you choose to seek support, you will be taken to a website with loads of FAQs and guides. You will probably find all the answers you need there. If you still need help, a new window will open up – it looks like a chat window. Ask your question and it will turn into a ticket. It is one of the least satisfactory options in the ticket marketplace.

When it comes to TickPick, everything is accessible. You have a phone number for emergencies, an email address to get in touch with the customer service and even the physical address if you want to send a letter. TickPick is also available on social media, so you can contact the customer service on those channels too. It is simple and efficient.

Both SeatGeek vs TickPick have knowledgeable customer service representatives. Whether you want to inquire about a code, the additional fees or a ticket, chances are you will get the answers you require. Contacting SeatGeek by phone is almost impossible, especially if there is an emergency with your tickets. This could be a major put off for customers.

SeatGeek vs TickPick – Safety and Security

Both SeatGeek vs TickPick rely on quality protocols in terms of safety and security. Their websites have high security standards in place, whether it comes to your searches vs personal details vs credit card information vs address. It is important to know that the mobile versions and applications are just as safe. However, if you buy from a third party website over TickPick, security standards might be different.

You are fully guaranteed for your tickets over both SeatGeek vs TickPick. If someone sells you a fake ticket, you will get refunded. If a physical ticket is not delivered before the actual event, you will be refunded. In other words, there is nothing to worry about regarding your tickets. Additional fees will be refunded as well.

SeatGeek vs TickPick – Features and extras

Both SeatGeek vs TickPick aim to dominate the market and provide as much as possible for their customers by implementing extra features or keeping additional fees low. SeatGeek has a special feature known as the Deal Score extra. SeatGeek's algorithm will automatically analyze the best deal for you based on the price vs location vs time vs date vs fees – it is all about value for money.

By comparison with SeatGeek, TickPick does not come with such extras. However, it sells tickets from reputable third party websites too. In other words, you can buy a ticket from Vivid Seats or TicketMaster by finding it on TickPick. Believe it or not, you might run into brokers that charge no service fees, which keeps prices extremely low.

SeatGeek vs TickPick – Reviews and testimonials

Just like for any other website you will share your details with, you want to know whether SeatGeek vs TickPick are reliable, right? Most reviews are positive. SeatGeek has a few negatives – such as a limited customer service, but overall, the service is flawless. By comparison with SeatGeek, TickPick does not allow seeing ticket prices with fees included, which means you do not know the final price until you pay.

TickPick has a stronger customer service though, as well as a more transparent approach. It also sells parties from third party brokers, meaning you have an impressive selection of tickets, as well as some great deals. It is almost impossible to find authentic negative reviews for SeatGeek or TickPick though.

Most of them have nothing to do with the actual service, but things that buyers forget to check upfront – such as TickPick adding fees at checkout or both SeatGeek and TickPick not accepting returns from those who change their minds.

SeatGeek vs TickPick – The Verdict

So, which option is the best for you in this SeatGeek vs TickPick competition? The truth is that no service is perfect. Both SeatGeek and TickPick have lots of pros, as well as a few flaws. If there is still time to the event you want to attend, check prices on both platforms every two or three days. Do not rush to buy, as prices are more likely to go down than up.​