Ticketmaster vs Stubhub [Fees, Customer Service, Security]

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TicketMaster Vs StubHub – Which One Is Better?

Where do you plan to get your next New York Yankees tickets from? How about the next Celine Dion concert? What about a festival or your favorite baseball team? Going online to purchase your tickets or find some ticket sales is the key today, but where do you do it?

StubHub vs Ticketmaster – two of the leading names on the market. You can find tickets for all kinds of events, from the next big festival in New York City to a small concert in London. Each company has its own specifics though, whether you are interested in buying or selling tickets. Which one is better then?

StubHub Vs TicketMaster - Ticket selection

StubHub and TicketMaster go in the same direction – sports tickets, music events, theater plays, festivals and conferences. You can find tickets in high demand, as well as tickets that may barely sell. The selection is relatively similar – both portals go with major names, as well as locally known artists. You will not find a ticket for a small town band, but you can get one for a state known band.

TicketMaster goes a bit further though – every now and then, you will find special categories. Some of them are tailored to your previous ticket searches, favorite artists or bands. Some other categories are temporary and suitable for particular events, such as the winter holidays.

TicketMaster Vs StubHub - Website experience

Comparing StubHub vs TicketMaster will not bring in too many differences in terms of website experience. Sure, none of them is suitable for season ticket holders, but if you truly want to see New York Yankees' next game, you will not mind the website – especially if tickets are in demand.

Both TicketMaster vs StubHub will hit you with a minimalist design and a plethora of suggestions – especially for tickets going on sale. The buyer should take advantage of the search function, which is a bit more detailed on TicketMaster. Finding suggestions unsuitable? Check the location. If it is incorrect, set the right one yourself.

Whether you use StubHub or TicketMaster, finding the right ticket is a matter of minutes. Make sure you take company fees into consideration when comparing the price. Set the right location and ticket delivery method, then make the payment – the whole experience should not take more than five minutes.

TicketMaster Vs StubHub - Application

Both TicketMaster and StubHub have proprietary applications. They are available in both Apple Store and Play Store – free of charge, of course. You can buy tickets online over the website, the mobile version of the website or the actual application. There are no extras, specials or different fees.

The only difference is you will get better notifications when you follow events, venues, artists or your favorite team. It is also way easier to purchase tickets when you only need a few taps. Applications are well rated in stores and work smoothly and flawlessly.

TicketMaster Vs StubHub - Deliveries and returns

There are not too many differences between TicketMaster and StubHub when it comes to ticket deliveries and returns either – electronic vs paper. The price is bigger on paper tickets because extra shipping fees apply.

On the other hand, ticket sales are final. Once you get the ticket, you cannot change your mind, even if you find a lower price somewhere else or you run into a resale. You will get a full ticket refund (including fees) if the show is canceled. If you are stuck, you can attempt selling tickets back.

TicketMaster  Vs StubHub- Customer service

StubHub is difficult to contact. If you do not have an account, good luck finding the company's contacts on the official website. A simple search over the Internet will give you a number though – you can get in touch for tickets, price inquiries, seller issues, fees and so on. If you have an account, getting in touch is easier.

TicketMaster makes it much easier – get to the contact page and you will find a plethora of contacts. Choose the suitable one based on what you need help with. It is a more transparent approach that does not raise any suspicions.

The good news is that both StubHub and TicketMaster have helpful and knowledgeable customer service representative.

TicketMaster Vs StubHub - Safety and security

There is nothing to worry about in terms of safety and security. You can safely share and store your information, whether you use the website or the app. No one will know who you follow or what tickets you have just bought. There have never been any reports regarding the safety protocols.

Worried that someone might resale a ticket that is not authentic? Less likely to happen, as each ticket is sold based on its bar code. Plus, both teams scan tickets thoroughly before they go out on a sale. If you do get a fake ticket, you will be fully refunded – including the fees too. The same rule applies if your paper ticket fails to get to you on time.

TicketMaster Vs StubHub- Fees and costs

Both StubHub and TicketMaster charge fees for their services. StubHub charges 10% for buyers and 15% for sellers. Listing and searching for tickets are free of charge though. For instance, if you want to buy a ticket worth $100, you will pay $110, while the seller will get $85.

TicketMaster has more sophisticated fees. On average, they range around 15%. All fees are explained on both websites though. Reselling tickets on any of these websites can get you to lose money, but there are no other options if you can no longer attend an event.

TicketMaster Vs StubHub - Verdict

So, who wins the TicketMaster vs StubHub competition? Hard to tell. In theory, both portals are similar. StubHub has a sketchy customer service, but its fees are crystal clear and it is easy to use. TicketMaster has merged with Live Nation, so in theory, it should have a much higher selection of tickets. Its fees, however, tend to be slightly bigger.

Overall, you should keep an eye on both websites and check prices every few days – get an opportunity when you spot it or wait if prices do not seem to go too low.​