TicketNetwork Review 2024. Is TicketNetwork Legit, Safe and Reliable?

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Ticketnetwork Review

Ticketnetwork was tested and reviewed by Marianne Buie.

There is some unique fascination with attending a live event, especially if it is an exclusive or special one. Spectators are lively energetic. Regardless of whether it is applauding a Celine Dion show or cheering your favorite athletes, being a part of a live event uplifts your entertainment to a new level.

So, are you a theater fan, concert aficionado, or a sports event lover? In that case, being among the audience in one of these entertaining events is certainly a pleasure for you. If you are truly crazy, it is obvious that you would make all possible efforts to make up for an upcoming live event, right? 

Of all the efforts that you make, the most disliking one is to gain a valid ticket. Why so? This is perhaps because you have to go out of your home and wait in a long queue to get one or more tickets for yourself or a group of friends with you. The event is very near and the tickets are almost sold out on most online sites.

So, you truly now are trying for last-minute tickets. So, are you willing to maximize the chances of getting such tickets? Well, where there is a will, there is a way out! Yes, there is still one option left for you, which is online for which you need not leave your home or wait long, sweating in a long queue. 

Unlike two decades ago, the advancement in technology has introduced convenient buying platforms for our hectic schedules. Not each one of us gets enough time to travel up to the ticket window and wait in a long queue for getting just one ticket. This is why the modern technology has blessed us with online ticket marketplaces.

There are websites that are assuring you these benefits while fulfilling your wish to get tickets successfully when the upcoming event is too near. One such site that we feel is worth a try is TicketNetwork.com, an online platform dedicated to tickets due to which you can buy last-moment tickets. 

Although there are many other sites for such tickets, we found that this one has gained more positive reviews and ratings while going through the TicketNetwork reviews given by different ticket buyers. Recognizing the fact that an ideal site for you relies on whether you are selling or buying a ticket and exactly how you want to do it, this network is popular for both.  

For buyers, this network has several last-minute tickets to sell for concerts, night theater shows, sports, and other events. Thus, you can give it a try for gaining entry to one such event at the last minute. Well, while this sounds truly tempting news, it is wise to find out whether it is reliable or not. By going through this post, you will be able to decide the same. So, let’s explore this service network. 

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What is TicketNetwork?

Established in 2002 by Don Vaccaro who is a ticket broker and Doug Kruse who is a software developer, TicketNetwork is a digital marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to trade tickets of live events. It is the signature ticket exchange portal of TicketNetwork Inc., a ticket software company making ticket software. 

Headquartered in South Windsor in Connecticut; this parent company aims to be the leading digital exchange platform for those who want to sell and buy tickets for theater events, concerts, festivals, and sports competitions across the globe. It is actually one of the high-tech frontrunners in the ticketing industry and laid down the foundation of the comprehensive online marketplace. 

Acting as a mediator, TicketNetwork aims to connect its customers to live entertainment in the form of over 100,000 events across the globe. Its goal is pretty straightforward: To give you access to a vast assortment of quality event tickets despite been sold out everywhere. 

As per most TicketNetwork reviews, this ticket exchange online is a robust performer and easy facilitator of the right seat at the best possible price, although it is somewhat high perhaps because it is a last-moment purchase. As there is a massive collection of tickets and events to select from, it is perhaps one of the most competitive platforms in the market.

Even we found it to be so. Just as any other concert ticket service, this one is also a good service with an assortment of tickets for the popular events we observed. 

It also gets global attention, which is something that not all online ticket exchange platforms have. We found that the ticket rates are average to cheaper than most other sites including the ones that rank high and that the service fees are little more than the average. 

With a focus on providing several types of tickets for easy to hard events, TicketNetwork has resulted in a thriving arena for vendors and purchasers. The platform is known for its reasonably low rates, as compared to other sites offering high-profile event tickets. 

This means you can always enjoy the benefits of bargaining for any upcoming event. Whether it is a sports tournament, a live music concert, or a live theater performance, this marketplace serves the requirements of all its fans of entertainment. 

How TicketNetwork Came into Action? 

Belonging to the First Five Program, the exchange site obtained the state’s two-part funding program. It was almost $6.3 million loan through which TicketNetwork would hire almost hundreds of people within two years. It also received a grant of $250,000 for training its engineers.

Since inception, the network has tried its best to be a giant online ticket vendor. Keeping this goal in mind, it has expanded its ticket exchange platform from sports to other events so that more and more people can find a single roof for buying tickets for almost any entertaining event or concert.

With the website released in 2007, it has built a vast network of autonomous sellers who list their tickets on the TicketNetwork Online Exchange (TNOE) and several live entertainment fans who buy tickets. 

These sellers encompass professional ticket brokers and buyers having additional or unwanted tickets, who together provide over 7.5 million tickets on the site’s exchange daily. This online exchange offers a few creative solutions along with its own flagship product, Point-of-Sale, for empowering a wide network of sites to exchange tickets. 

This premium source of tickets has gained a lot of experience in the ticket resale industry for over 17 years of journey. This has also made them gained a solid reputation with millions of people getting last-minute ticket network tickets and enjoying hard-to-attend events. 

In recent years, the network has spread its wings in another direction, TicketLiquidator.com. This site, too, is dedicated to giving tickets for getting entry to high-end events. 

For this, the founders give credit to their dedicated team of professionals. They seem to struggle day and night to ensure that the customers have the latest details of forthcoming live events as well as immediate access to the biggest ticket exchange online.

How Does TicketNetwork Work?

TicketNetwork works by listing all the available tickets on sale. It gathers and displays detailed information on upcoming theater shows, sports tournaments, concerts, and other events from different listings. Thus, with this exchange platform, you will never have to miss a must-see event again.

All the tickets that are listed on its official site are directly from the professional ticket-selling agencies and reliable ticket sellers. The exchange also interacts with personal ticket sellers due to which people can easily find hard to find or sold out tickets for any event.  

So, from where do the listed Ticket Network tickets actually come from? Well, this massive online exchange gets tickets from different sellers for running its marketplace. Apart from those having extra tickets, its sellers include firms, licensed sellers, and sponsors or organizers of the box office.

Sellers use its online exchange for listing their inventory ready for resale or sale. If you wish to buy any of these listed tickets, you just place an order on the website. The corresponding ticket seller further fills the order for selling the ticket directly to the prospective buyer. 

Thus, TicketNetwork does not actually hold any tickets; it just provides and monitors the online exchange on which the tickets are listed and brought. This is how it has transformed the whole tiresome ticketing process into an efficient, digital one. 

TicketNetwork benefits from its ever-increasing customer base. It gathers its website users’ data to know their preferences and accordingly use it for presenting events, sports, theater shows, and concerts that are interesting to them or they wish to see. 

Is TicketNetwork Legit? Can I Trust TicketNetwork?

Yes, it is a legitimate site, especially if you consider its evolution story, goals, and expansion. Getting a loan from the Connecticut state government is not so easy. Further, you can check all its contact channels, all of which are active and relevant. 

We have also gone through several TicketNetwork reviews on different portals such as TrustPilot, SiteJabber, and ConsumerFairs where several customers have spoken about this network and its exchange system. 

Is TicketNetwork Safe? Is TicketNetwork Reliable?

Mr. Don Vaccaro, who is the CEO of the parent company and RCN Capital, was asked about how legitimate is every transaction on TicketNetwork. As a reply, he said that absolutely, they are legitimate. 

He further asserted that TicketNetwork is just as other services such as StubHub that promises the authenticity of listed tickets on sale, a claim that the brokers had verified who revealed that they had to refund the money for even minor mistakes in the listings.

Apart from the CEO’s reply, there is one more evidence that confirms TicketNetwork legitimacy. Just as most other ticket exchange sites, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. As per this offer, if the show is canceled, the money you have paid for valid tickets in your hand will be fully refunded. 

However, this is inapplicable to the rescheduled events. Further, the tickets once brought shall arrive on time prior to the event. The refund is also applicable if the order was accepted but is yet not delivered to you by the seller or it gets delivered after the event. 

Even if the tickets you get are invalid, you are eligible for a refund. This ensures that you get the desired tickets on time for which you paid or your money is given back. This truly gives you additional peace of mind.

All tickets brought from this exchange are sold directly via a third party. However, each ticket that you see listed is included in the listing by a professional ticket seller and is compliant to Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security. If there is a starburst icon beside any ticket in the listing, it indicates that the corresponding seller is confident about the genuineness and validity of its tickets due to which you get a money-back guarantee on your purchase.

Further, your transaction details, personal details, and privacy are strongly secured using the latest SSL encryption. The exchange also uses McAfee Secure tool for ensuring protection from all malware. These customer-caring steps are taken so that you do not bother about getting scammed and directly focus on grabbing the tickets you want. An unreliable site will truly not put such efforts and investment in security, right?  

As the Ticket Liquidator’s parent company, TicketNetwork works in a way similar to a StubHub competitor. Still, it allows only qualified and scrutinized American sellers to list their tickets. This indicates that you will only get reliable tickets and that too at a fair price. 

The platform is robust enough to give you only valid tickets at the right time and also be prepared for a genuine refund if something goes wrong with your transaction. With the latest security measures, tailored customer service, and full money-back guarantee, you can safe trading on this exchange. 

There are also different customer support means through which you can contact the staff easily to get clarity or settlement. The customer service phone number is easy to find and verify, as it is atop the home page.

This exchange platform does not provide you with ticket insurance. This means you will lose all money paid for the tickets in case you do not attend the show regardless of the reason. This should be fine, as it is a rare incidence to occur. 

What Does the TicketNetwork Review for its Website Interface Say? Is the Interface User-friendly?

At first glance, the digital interface may seem a bit off-putting for the buyers, especially if they are visiting or using it for the first time. However, it takes no time to get familiar with it and use it. Its comprehensive ticketing service makes it quick and simple to look for the tickets that you need. Below are the most useful interface features or utilities:

How Efficient It Is to Use TicketNetwork?

Using the site for buying a ticket is pretty simple. You can start by using the search utility if the event for which you want tickets is not there in the categories below the menus. In case the event is listed, you need not use the search utility and directly click that event, band, performer, show, or tournament. Following are the steps of using the site for buying a ticket:

Thus, the procedure of buying tickets is easy and quick. The only area where you may spend more time is in selecting the seat using the interactive venue map. Here are some tips to keep in mind while using this site:

What are The Types of Tickets on Offer: Of Which Events Can I Get Tickets? 

TicketNetwork offers tickets for a variety of favorite events. Here is the primary classification of tickets as per the type of event:

Do I Truly Get ticket Network Tickets of My Choice?

Searching and selecting tickets are quick processes on TicketNetwork, as discussed until now. We fully endorse this fact from our findings. We also feel that the payment process is also simple and quick, which helps in getting the selected tickets on time. 

The platform accepts all known payment methods such as PayPal and credit card payments. Thus, there is hardly any chance of being unable to buy your selected tickets. 

Above all, we truly loved a customer-friendly and trust-boosting feature called the Instant Download feature although available at an additional cost. Instead of waiting for a physical ticket, an e-ticket is delivered to the Inbox of your e-mail ID in just a few minutes. 

We know that most people consider ticket reselling infamously unreliable for getting the tickets of your choice. However, TicketNetwork beats this drift, which is one of the most wanted benefits. TicketNetwork has its highly active exchange system where different sellers keep listing their tickets. 

As a result, the inventory of tickets is never empty or insufficient. The tickets are always stocked, which are unavailable elsewhere due to which you can trust this platform to get your tickets on time for enjoying a live event. After all, there is a money-back guarantee, right?

Is My Purchase or Sale Safe on TicketNetwork?

Yes! The payment you make for your chosen tickets is safe. Well, there are two reasons for this. First, the site ensures the standard Internet security. All transactions on the website are secured by McAfee Secure program and are PCI compliant. 

This means your payment and ticket order details are fully secured. Further, this site uses the HTTPs protocol, which is perhaps the most secure way to encrypt and decrypt the exchanged data so that no unauthorized entity in the middle can decode or see it. 

Second, there is a professional and amicable customer support team who are dedicated to reply to your queries promptly. In case of issues with the seller who somehow does not fulfill the order, your money is refunded fully. 

For sellers too, the site is safe. In the past, there were stringent rules to courier the tickets to the buyers so that they at least get them on the day of the event. However, with advanced technology, TicketNetwork has simplified rules for them too. For example, sellers need not courier hard copies but e-mail e-tickets to ensure prompt, timely, and convenient delivery. 

How Are the Ticket Prices? Are They Fair? 

It is true that online ticket sellers or brokers such as TicketNetwork are providing tickets at prices greater than the face value. However, still, they are not as costly as public sale leftovers or extremely priced VIP tickets. So, generally, the prices at this marketplace are still fair

At times, they may be just a bit more than the face value. In a nutshell, purchasing tickets via a reseller is always going to cost more than at the actual ticket window. Just as normal sellers make some profit, resellers too will. 

Considering that the marketplace of TicketNetwork is vast and diverse, the probability to keep ticket prices as low as possible is always high. Thus, you can expect competitive rates as compared to their competitors. 

It is vital for you to know that this platform levies a fee to get its share for reselling. According to some TicketNetwork reviews, the platform is currently charging a normalized service fee of 20% of the ticket’s face value. Well, this is a bit expensive. 

On top of that, if you wish to use the optional digital delivery service, an additional fee is also charged for the same. Yes, there are resellers online with lower fees. However, many of them do not have a thriving marketplace as TicketNetwork.

As this site focuses on reselling tickets for a variety of events as well as from several types of sellers, the prices that you will see here are not going to differ significantly. However, they are likely to change daily depending on how near is an event. 

As a buyer, you need to recognize the fact that no ticket is replaceable, cancellable, or exchangeable once brought. This is because tickets on resale are just unique. In case the event is rescheduled or canceled, the tickets are honored. In case of re-issuance, an alert will be sent to you. 

In case there is no rescheduling happening, you simply should contact the seller to settle the matter. This is because this platform is only a mediator and not a direct seller. 

How the Tickets Are Delivered?

There is more than one way through which TicketNetwork delivers purchased tickets. It sends tickets to your Inbox or you can directly download. In case of e-delivery, a fee is charged. However, the exact fee depends upon the event. 

Once the tickets are purchased, an email with a download link is sent so that you can then finally print them. At times, the delivery is done through FedEx, which needs a signature. However, if the signature is an issue, you can collect your tickets right from the shipment location. 

In case the event is very near and FedEx cannot be on time to deliver even if you pay extra to accelerate the delivery, TicketNetwork offers a will-call pickup through which you can collect your tickets right at the event venue. An extra delivery fee is levied if the event is on the same as your purchase. 

The delivery methods available for tickets are not the same. They tend to differ by event and venue. All details regarding the delivery method are shared while purchasing the tickets so that you become aware up front. 

You need to be on your smartphone if you purchase a mobile ticket. If you purchase more than one ticket, the platform gives you adjacent seats unless otherwise specified. 

Are There Promo Codes and Gift Cards?

Yes, there are such promotions available. 

How is Customer Support?

TicketNetwork has more than one form of customer service channels, such as phone, e-mail, social media profiles, and e-mail. It has its own call center running on all days. Thus, you can expect quick responses to any queries, complaints, and concerns.

To get in touch with TicketNetworks support call 1-888-456-84997 from 7 a.m. - 1 a.m. EST or email .

Existing TicketNetwork Reviews

Well, the reviews are mixed! This is because most customers did not like ticket prices. However, we feel that this is directly attributed to sellers. After all, this platform does not govern the prices. 

A nicely designed website and a big marketplace makes this platform one of the wish-fulfilling ticket vendors online. Ticket resales have got a positive uplift due to such platforms for sure. All these facts are shared in the customer responses given on reliable trusted review sites, such as SiteJabber and Trustpilot. 




So, is TicketNetwork reliable? Yes! Overall, it is a secured marketplace online with national recognition. Due to its huge inventory listing online, it makes it easy to find tickets for any popular event, especially when the event is very near such that you may not find tickets anywhere for it. 

Their customer service is also reliable; thanks to its professional team of active agents who share the latest updates of any event. The exchange platform provides tickets of almost every event you can think of with several dates and venues to select, facilitates safe checkout, and shares valid contact details.

While prices are average, they are likely to rise at times. However, this is the case with last moment tickets whose prices are either too low or too high. If you need tickets that are sold out and unavailable on sale, do give a try to Ticketnetwork.com!