The Role of the Interpersonal in Modes of Technology-Mediated Feedback in ESL Writing

12th Annual Technology for Second Language Learning( TSLL 2014 )- Beyond Form: Functional Perspectives on CALL Research & Teaching

Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Friday Sept. 12, 2014

by Kelly J Cunningham

This study uses a systemic functional linguistics (SFL) framework to look at how the mode of technology influences the way feedback is given in an intermediate ESL writing course for the purpose of revision. Following a study of twelve participants who revised based on feedback given by electronic text or screencast in a counterbalanced/cross over design over four assignments, the screencast feedback itself was studied initially with a qualitative key word analysis. This analysis brought up elements of the interpersonal metafunction, which prompted further analysis using this lens to better understand the differences between the two technology-mediated modes of feedback.

This presentation explores the use of the interpersonal in technology-mediated feedback on intermediate ESL writing and its potential impact on the use of feedback for revision by tying this discussion of the interpersonal metafunction with a focus on modality & appraisal to the observed student use of feedback, rate of successful revisions tied to feedback and survey responses and interviews relating to student perceptions of the feedback. These findings suggest that simply by changing the technology used to provide feedback, and by doing so changing the mode in which it is provided, in second language writing, we may better address the interpersonal and in doing so, feedback shifts in such a way that become more approachable, understandable and thereby effective for revision.


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