Other Devices

Flip cameras/video camera/cell of digital camera with video function-

Use- record in class

plays, skits, commercials, pronunciation, dialogues, student projects

1: at home only- create dvd at home to play in class, show on tiny screen in class

2: single computer- play and show on class computer, review skills taught and progress

3: computer lab- students edit and share on their own and play for the class

Voice Recorders-

Use - record in class

Pronunciation, TOEFL test practice, speaking, conversations- especially phone practice

Students grade each others work, practice listening, practice hearing own voice

1: at home only- convert to cd /mp3 play on CD/MP3 player, play directly from the voice recorder in class for students, record listening sections of tests, post recordings of new vocab to class site for at home practice

2: single computer- play back for class, groups take turns recording?

3: computer lab- if multiple recorders or computer mics available, group of individual or pair work recording, possibly listening, editing or sharing, try voice overs for video or slide show or movie clips

Cameras/Cell Phones-

Use- anything involving pictures or video

student write and take pictures of the community or campus

self or partner portraits

pictures of things they like

take pictures for writing or speaking inspiration

combine with other techniques

at home only- put on dvd for in class showing

single computer- post to website or show in class on computer

computer lab- students utilize, create and share content actively in class, writing about, speaking about and sharing pictures- possibly group blog, wiki, website or privately within course etc.

CellPhone/Mobile Aps/Tablets-

Flash cards




alphabet practice

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