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CATESOL 2010 Focal Skills: On Focus or Missing the Target?

"Focal Skills - On Target or Missing the Focus?"
2010 CATESOL State Conference-
Santa Clara, California
Kelly Cunningham & Elizabeth Reyes

This presentation described the transition from a traditional IEP to a Focal Skills based IEP at a community college in the Chicago suburbs serving both international and local non-native speakers of English. The presentation looked at the benefits and challenges of this switch from the point of view of a teacher, an administrator and a student. It also discussed some of the flexibility the program change has allowed and the new avenues being pursued and goals for the future.

see for more information about the Focal Skills Based Intensive English Program at Elgin Community College

more on Focal Skills including research and scholarly explanations

Powerpoint from the presentation available for download below
Kelly c,
May 15, 2010, 8:35 AM