Level 3- Computers for All

Computers available for the class in a lab, on a cart or otherwise where a 1-1 or 1-small group computer to student ratio is available.

Task Based-

Useful sites

Show everyday tasks & Life Skills

(for details & sample lesson plans, sites & downloads see Fall Workshop 2009)


Problem Solving/ Life Skills/ Task Based- weather, car buying, job search,

Life Skills, Conversation- maps/directions, Google street view, floor plans

Writing/ Discussion/ Directions- google art project activity ideas

Writing: imdb - movie reviews, summaries

Input- Multimedia

Ted- a vast variety of talks appropriate mostly for higher level students

Elllo - intermediate level ESL/English interview etc videos some w/ transcripts & questions - collect sets of themed interviews for a lesson, or see my lesson sample for indirect speech/questions grammar

My Example Lesson- OkGo music video for passive voice

Videos/music videos/commercials

Street View World Gallery

Google art project

Comics - use as discussion or writing prompts or for grammar- My Sample Reported Speech Lesson



Blogs- class blog, new student guide, active newsletter, portfolios

Wikis- Wiki Spaces- higher ed free , K-12 Free

Comics- ReadThinkWrite Comic Creator , Strip Creator, - MakeBeliefs Pixton

Goanimate - create, save & share animations

Crossword & other puzzles (see links in level 2)- vocab, grammar & test review

Google Earth

Google Educator Tools

Custom Google Maps- map student stories, readings, local neighborhood

User Gallery in Google Art Project

Videos, Youtube channels, etc

websites- google sites

Microsoft Photo Story- build interactive stories w/ pictures & sound

Great list of innovative language sites from @NikPeachey

Basic computer skills-

Typing- keyboarding lesson, keyboard printable

Accessing content



Safe Use

Basic Word processing, copy/cut/paste


Use screen shot and or screen casts guides when possible

Test instructions carefully

Find the ways students will get hung up (figure out what goes wrong)

Run through sample exercises w/ whole class

Let students work in pairs

Give at least one task to individuals that all get a chance to try

For more tips see Life-skills Online: Authentic Tasks for Adult Learners

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