Tech Tools for ESL Teachers at All Levels

by Kelly Cunningham

workshop at ESL Ministry Conference 2013

BGC-Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL - April 13, 2013

Abstract- Learn to effectively apply technology in your preparation and classroom teaching. We will showcase how to use a variety of technology (primarily computers/Internet) in ESL teaching including techniques for those with limited access in the classroom, those with only one computer, as well as those with full computer lab access. A variety of possibilities will be shared as well as how to adapt the activities for a range of levels.

(PPT & Handouts below)

Levels of Access

Many of the ideas may apply across multiple levels of access. You are invited to explore all the ideas to find some that you can adapt to your specific situation.

Level 1- No Access in the Classroom

Ideas for instructors who can only get technology at home or if they bring it on their own or through other creative means.

Level 2- Teacher Computer in Class

For those with a basic set up that has a teacher computer and projector or one they can check out for use in the classroom.

Level 3- Computers for All

Ideas for when you can achieve a 1-1 student to computer ratio or a computer for each small group. These ideas can be used when you teach in a computer lab, go on a trip to the local library, have time in a computer lab or have a computer cart/class set of laptop (or possibly even tablets) to work with. Some ideas may also be appropriate for students to complete at home on their own time.

Other Devices

a brief set of ideas for using devices beyond the standard computer and internet. This includes quick ideas for using mobile devices, aps and tablets as well as cameras, video recording, and voice recording.

Self Study Site List

A quick list of great sites for students to practice with on their own and additional indexes of student help sites. Many of these sites can be strategically or freely assigned for lab time use as well. Some sites are also helpful for teachers and additional teacher sites are included in the indexes.

Techn Tools for ESL Teachers at all levels