Reported Speech & Comics Sample Lesson

Below is a sample lesson on using existing comics on the web in an online pre-collegiate grammar course focusing on reported speech. This lesson occurs in week 1 of the four week session on reported speech. It can be easily adapted to hybrid, in class or group environments as well.

Student Instructions:

Please use the discussion board to post your assignment and respond to your classmates. In this assignment you will practice using direct quotations.

Go to and choose a comic (at least two frames long).

Then write a description of each frame including the dialogue from the frame in proper direct speech form using quotations.

In your initial post your should include

    • your name in the subject line
    • a direct link to your chosen comic
  • a script/description of the comic that utilizes direct speech

You must also reply to two classmates, the first of which must be to someone who does not yet have a reply, if such is the case. Your reply should include

When someone replies to your post with a question, please also answer the question. You may continue any of the discussions longer but you must have a minimum of 1 initial post, 2 reply posts as outlined above (1 reply to two different students) and responses to any questions you are asked.

Please post your assignment as a new thread in the Week 1 Discussion Board with your name in the subject line.

Your post is due by Sunday Week 2.

In addition you must respond to at least two posts from your classmates.

Your reply is due by Tuesday Week 3.

  • a short response to what the person wrote/ the comic