Enhanced Input & Output with the Google Art Project

2012 TESOL International Association Convention- A Declaration of Excellence

March 30, 2012 - Philadelphia, PA, USA

by Kelly Cunningham

This presentation showcased a variety of adaptable classroom tested activities that bring masterpieces to the classroom. It taught educators to investigate the world’s museums as they learned to access and use the Google Art Project in their own courses. Activities showcased in this presentation were targeted for adult students in a community college intensive English program but possible adaptations for adult education, higher education and k-12 were also discussed.

Enhanced Input & Output with the Google Art Project - The Website (The website with more information, activities, etc)

PowerPoint below- The PowerPoint presentation has been simplified and modified for better web viewing. (You should see a clickable interactive presentation below. If you do not, try using a different web browser. Chrome & Safari seem OK, sometimes Firefox does not display the image.)

Enhanced Input Output Goo...ArtProject TESOL 2012.ppt