Level 2- Teacher Computer Only

There is at least a single teacher computer in the classroom with a projector or a projector available with laptop hook ups or cart with a projector you can sign out.


Google Docs

Lesson plans- online digital storage of documents- can't lose them; shareable (w/subs & other instructors)

Attendance- can share with admin, subs etc; always accessible

Phone/Email lists- can share w/ students to keep it up to date

Class Sites

Make a class site to organize materials, links w/students

Use in class, send to students for home reference or computer lab time

Easy Free Builders- Google Sites, WikiSpaces, CourseSites



Use for writing prompts/discussion/vocabulary

Find & print for individuals

Use 1 or a few for whole class

Example Sources: Google Image Search, Comics- Google Art Project


MindMeister (mindmapping)

Movies- show DVD's- MovieTalkTechnique for low level listening

Online videos

Online or CD song clips- ex. Singing in the Rain for present progressive

Music Videos- OkGo w/ passive voice (example lesson in level 3))


Create Comics- see links under 'create' level 3

Show useful sites, student teams can demo tasks- weather, maps

Group projects

Rotate stations of various tasks on a theme/topic

Demo things students can use at home

Testing class understanding- clickers/ mobile clickers/ twitter feed for class discussions/question (large classes)

sample Index Site Variety of Activities for Teacher Computer or Computer Lab- Rong Chang Li

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