Level 1- No Access in the Classroom

Computer & technology access is limited to at home & creative use (bringing your laptop to class) or limited to faculty workspace only.



Teaching Theory/Research ETC- Rong-Chang

Gather teaching ideas-Teacher Resources on ITBE, The ITBE Link,

WorkSheets, readings, etc. - EnglishForEveryone

Gather Input

Images - Find and print images, comics etc. for class- writing prompts & discussion/dialogues

Print to transparency or use on doc camera

Convert online video to dvd

Readings - Culture Shock Interactive Reading

News- News in Levels (also in class w/video), English Online Articles, Easy English News

Create Materials

Worksheets/Exercises- use Excel, Word, etc

Flash Cards- Excel

Surveys- online ( Google forms, Zoomerang, Survey Monkey) or printable - Word etc.

Games- Excel, Google Docs (Sample Present Perfect Game at bottom of page)


Create crossword puzzles

Word searches- generator , another generator, generator 3

Other Types of puzzle generators- Puzzle Maker, http://www.armoredpenguin.com/


Guides for computer class times using screen shots (print screen)

Screen casts and post them online for students to show them how to do things Jing


Make attendance sheets - print, or online

Type lesson plans- print, email to sub, email to self for on phone access

Connecting Outside of Class


Chat/video chat- study sessions, questions, tutoring, study sessions/groups -

Email if no class, or students email if not coming to class


One on one- gmail chat/video chat, skype, elluminate live!

Multiple people-

gmail chat,

Elluminate V-Room - conferencing software, free 3 person room, or pay for more space- great for distance learning- consider field missionary tutoring, can pull windows/documents, chat/voice/video



Distance learning- Online & Hybrid Classes

Field Trips & Finding Access


Community Resources- PRC

Being Creative in Class

Cell phones on document cameras

Web videos on tv's etc (see attachment for converting video)

Printables to doc cam's

Print to transparency

Bringing your laptop, tablet or mobile device &/or asking students to do the same

Hooking up devices to TV

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Tech Tools for ESL Teachers at All Levels:

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