6) Indigene Community Art

Indigene Community Art section opens with material from the indigene art website http://indigeneart.com by Indigene Theresa Gaskin indigene@indigeneart.com of Pennsylvania, USA.  These graphic images identify in pictures than words, often more effectively, what we are trying to understand about human indigenous heritage.

If you have 'indigenous' (Latin = 'self-generating') art which you would like to contribute to this subsection on Indigene Community Art, with a calling to strengthen human relations and the earth, then please get in touch with: Douglasf.jack@gmail.com 

Last week, she was just a pretty face, with a splash of blue in the background sitting on my easel. Voila, this week, she is making her debut.

ALA, also spelled ALE, ALLA also known as ANE - Earth Mother Goddess of the Ibo tribe in Nigeria. Creator of the living and Queen of the dead. Provider of communal loyalty and Lawgiver of society. Her symbol is the crescent moon.  She is still worshiped by the Ibo today, who pay tribute to her each year during the Yam festival.

Ala is a part of my Goddess Series. I think this series may be ongoing for some time, since there are thousands of goddesses from all over the world clamoring for me to paint them! Feminine Energy is rocking the world now and forever!

Ala’s Vital Statistic: 30″ x 22″, mixed media (Graphite, layered with many layers of watercolor paint and finished with acrylic paint).

(Inside info: Ala’s face is based on a beautiful young woman who now lives in South Carolina, and her baby bump was fashioned by a lovely mommy who gave birth to a lovely little girl, in January last year! Thank you ladies!)

Original Price: $800 – Unframed, plus S/H   -  Limited Edition Prints of (150) Signed and numbered – $75 Unframed plus S/H.      All framing would be an additional cost.

I’m in the “nookery” (another word for my art studio). I’m just humming with creativity and joy! I have so much that I’m working on now. I am working on images from my Southwest Landscape Series. I took an extensive trip to New Mexico and took over 700 reference pictures and also did numerous sketches. There is something about Taos, New Mexico, that just does it for me, I was so feeling the vibe of  artist, Georgia O’Keefe.

I’m in the “Nookery” (another name for my art studio), humming with creativity and joy! I am also working on some commissioned work, which I’ll post about another time in the future.

Well, it’s Friday, I stop work at 7:00PM, when I will kick back with the family, have a nice glass of Champagne, listen to world music, chat about our day, eat some comfort food and then watch “Legends of the Guardians”. Hmmm…I can’t wait!

May you enjoy what makes you happy and healthy. Peace to you all.

Metaphysical & Fantasy

ALA - Ibo Goddess





About Me

“Illuminating the black and white of life with vivid color”

in·di·gene – native; belonging to a certain country, region, or locality

In·di·gene – Female Caribbean-American Visual Artist Living in Pennsylvania

Industry: Arts

Occupation: Artist/Illustrator

Artist Statement

“I am primarily inspired by the histories, myths and spirituality of women, it is some aspect of them that I seek to visualize and it has become a passionate artistic obsession for me. It is the preoccupation of the history, myths and spirituality of women, that becomes so strong in my mind’s eye, that I am only freed from it by completing the actual work. I choose to work in a variety of styles that vary between figurative, narrative and symbolic, allowing for multiple interpretations by the viewer, but my unique stylized way of art comes through in every piece.  It is only when my art is in the final form that I feel I have revealed my subject or an aspect of them in an honest approach. I am also aware that I have once again exposed a little more of myself.”


“Each painting begins as a graphite drawing with soft gradations of light and dark. From the drawing, the composition is built upon with many sheer layers of pure pigment and subtle color washes. Each layer is built upon to produce paintings that are rich and vibrant with an illuminating quality.

Often, traditional media is used such as graphite, vine charcoal, powdered earth pigments, a variety of inks, and sometimes, handmade oil formulas. Natural elements are preferred for their superior practical applications as well as for their metaphysical properties.

The finished painting is many layers of sheer color and delicate glazes. The artistic techniques are a fusion of many traditional forms of creating art.”

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