5) MUTUAL AID Committee Investment & Exchange (membership form)

LaSalle Gardens Mutual Aid Committee (part of Indigene Community chaptre of the Sustainable Development Associationm a Canadian Non-Profit since 1994) is posting the following Vendor Human Resource Catalogue so that community members may invest and exchange their goods and services together as part of a Community Investment & Exchange System CIES.  In 'community' (Latin = 'com' = 'together' + 'munus' = 'gift or service') everyone has a gift or service to give and receive.  We are all inter-dependent in a world-wide 'economy' (Greek = 'oikos' = 'home / family' + 'namein' = 'care or nurture') but as well capable of local indigenous ecological-economic interactions across essential (life-supporting or creating) goods and services such as food, shelter, clothing, warmth and health. 


Come join us so all our dreams and capacities become reality.  How do your goods and services complement those of neighbours to become a whole com-munity system of giving and receiving?  The annual membership fee per stakeholder category (Founder, Worker, Supplier or Consumer) is one Person Hour Share PHS equal to the value 9$50 of Quebec province Minimum Wage per hour.  The Mutual-Aid Committee is a progressive ownership organisation with contribution, representing experience, expertise and each share having voting privileges representing decision-making acumen.

We are developing this Community Investment and Exchange System CIES economy progressively with the participation of many individuals, businesses and organisations.  Please add your skills, talents, goods, services, visions, dreams and desires to the following form so they can be compiled with others.  Eventually pictures, video and audio will be added to these 'text' descriptions and published on this website.  We are interested in all Domestic economic essential service interactions not just Commercial and Industrial economic exchange.  Your interests, visions and dreams are added to those of others, so spread the word!  Organisers are welcome and all contracted contributions are given share credits in the system.



Eventually CIES will be mapped across the city for member access to a wide range of investment and exchange options as part of our: