9) Undoing False Science

'Indigenous' (Latin = 'self-generating') Knowledge practices for undoing colonial society's false science assumptions and processes in agriculture, economy and science upon which modern 'exogenous' (L = 'other-generated') institutions, education, business, industry, government, housing and human-aggression are based.  How twisted and confused is modern thinking?


When colonial 'pioneers'  [Etymology from Middle French pionier (“originally, a foot soldier”), Old French peonier, from peon (“a foot soldier”) (modern French: pion). See 'pawn' in chess.] came to the Americas, we made certain false assumptions which we still carry with us as persons and as a people today and form the foundation for our worldview.  We've internalized our oppression.  Are you the pawn in someone else's game? Within colonial society, the word 'pioneer' carries a positive sense of accomplishment as he or she gives his/her life to expand institution and empire even though we may be asking ourselves deeper questions about what-for? if we consider the larger scope of life and ecology as well as the disintegration of the biosphere.  The following examples give just four areas of false assumption and corresponding indigenous knowledge.  The Indigene Community website gives thousands of examples of Indigenous Knowledge by which we can recapture sustainable development and biosphere for ourselves and future generations.

FALSE SCIENCE ASSUMPTIONS and thought processes include:

INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE derived from hundreds of thousands of years:

Indigene Community is based in rediscovering everyone's worldwide indigenous knowledge.  These four examples and hundreds more about Indigenous Science are found in more detail in the following 55 sections of the website.  We hope you will join us in laying humanity's true foundation for life.  The processes described are about how we interact determining what we become.  Exogenous society is confused between communication content and process.