3) Modular Gravity-fed 5-Food Dispensers


Gravity-fed customer self-serve food 5-product dispensers served stores in the Quebec Natural Food Co-op Network, Montana & other bulk stores of the Montreal region during the 1980 -2000's distributed by Indigene Community Foods & La Balance warehouse.  Many food professionals & customers note that no other dispenser meets this quality of design & ease of usage.PRODUCT FLOW-THROUGH - All product flows through the dispenser for constant & uniform freshness.

CONTAINER RE-USE: Customers can fill their own bags & containers exactly according to their own quantity specifications eliminating retail packaging costs.


The bulk dispensers are made with transparent 3/16" plexiglass fronts & durable white styrene divisions, backs, sides, top & bottom. POLY-ETHYLENE & POLY-PROPYLENE VERSIONS.


Made with 1/2" Melamine-type plastic surface wood as well as a transparent see-through tray for customer familiarization with wholesale product sizes as well as pre-packaged retail product. Dispenser Unit is securely screw attached to the Cabinet.  The cabinet door locks into place with a child-resistant lock.SUPER-EFFICIENT VERTICAL STORE SPACE USAGE

Five products are clearly displayed in a 2 foot wide display space (4 3/4" wide / food) at customer eye level.  Dispenser top sits at 6 feet tall with product served at waist level.  The store is designed with more sales display space & less hidden space.  Each of the five product vaults are designed to hold a large volume emptied product such as 65 pound or 29 kilogram warehouse size bags. Employees are able to lift the bags to shoulder level perhaps assisted by a step-stool then discharge the contents sliding down the angled surface into the product display vault.


The angled surface is gentle on product granular integrity.  As product flows into the vault, the transparent viewing front enables the employee to quickly verify product quality for vibrance & insect presence. If product is inferior it may be quickly drained from each vault through an employee operated gravity only valve back into the warehouse bag & out of the store display.  Customers have full visual assessment for each product, enhancing confidence.ERGONOMIC & PRODUCT-QUALITY

Simple functional durable design is easy for customers to operate easily & instinctually without spills, jamming or breakage.  Customers scoop granular products directly down into a product bag-holding funnel.  The customer secures the bag by pulling & holding it against the funnel with one finger, while operating the scoop with the other hand to fill the bag to their desired quantity. The scoop pulls the nut-sized, granular or powder sized food down into the customer bag or container.  Designed around granular 'angles of incidence' product flows is encouraged by the scoop but never spills.  Gravity-fed employee quick dispensing option takes a special technique unfamiliar to customers.


Below the bag is a pre-packaged retail product tray, which can also support a large heavy customer bag fill.  Below the Product-tray is storage space for warehouse sized bags, giving retail & commercial customers familiarity & acces to warehouse size units.