MUTUAL-AID MEMBERSHIP FORM'Indigene' from Latin = 'self-generating'.  'Community' from L. means 'com' = 'together' + 'munus' = 'gift or service'. In the tradition of indigenous ancestors, our means & goal is to connect and interact personal strengths in community.  Indigene Community mission and method puts people first.  We aren't a 'cause' oriented group except as a subset of being whole people with livelihood strengths and needs living and working together for a better world.

Please fill out the online INDIGENE COMMUNITY MUTUAL-AID Sign-Up Membership form below. Sign-Up enters your name and address coordinates into Indigene Community's interactive membership list so that we may all communicate together.

Following the Sign-Up form is the associated:

Human Resource Catalogue form where your gifts are featured.  Both are part of Indigene Community Investment & Exchange System CIES.  Descriptions of your gifts and services will be featured, eventually with pictures, audio or video but your contact information remains confidential.  Those desiring to purchase (from account credits or money) these from you will click on an Indigene Community, IC e-link which will notify you and IC of their request.  Providers may then contact potential consumers. 


LASALLE GARDENS MUTUAL AID COMMITTTEE  You Tube Douglas Jack oueeiijayii  11th Novembre, 2011 Community Building Part 1.  http://www.youtube.com/my_videos_edit?video_id=MF3hpiuX5rI 

Part 2. String Shell Accounting Values Capital, Currency, Social Security, Communication, Collegial Production Society Specialties http://www.youtube.com/my_videos_edit?video_id=c7A7JhkMO10 

While membership usually involves fees to cover an organisation's operating costs, we are committed to providing an option whereby those interested in contributing talents, goods, services, knowledge, resources, property and other gifts to Indigene Community will receive credit for their contributions which may be applied to membership fees when they are established.  In the meantime, you are welcome to fill out the following forms and become a member.  For the most part neither mainstream business nor popular groups offer recognition of participant contributions.  As this is the very root (etymology) of the word 'community', we believe recognition is necessary for community development.

More information on the 4) Community Investment and Exchange System is found in Section C. RELATIONAL ECONOMY or by following this e-link https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/relational-economy/4-community-investment-exchange-system

INDIGENE COMMUNITY "SIGN-UP" FORM Please mark all areas which you do not wish to share as part of the Human Resource Catalogue as CONFIDENTIAL or CONF.

Catalogue of Human Resources form enables you to post your talents, skills, training, education, resources, goods, services on-line among other community members.  Our method is that members gain access to each other's gifts and services to be able to build and bond directly together.  We are facilitating clusters of interest and strengths in diverse communities across our cities and worldwide.  If the prices you quote are "negotiable" please indicate this.

Each cluster of local participants engage a  'Community Investment and Exchange System' whereby participant's gifts or services received by another are credited to the provider account and the recipient's account is debited.  Upon each transaction, the provider invests part of the transaction in ownership shares and a transaction fee is charged.

rporation CMHC is our conceiving community.  LaSalle is refered to on old maps because of its location 'on-the-rapids' as Kahnawake.  Some of us refer to LaSalle (a borough of Montreal's urban metropolis) as Kahnawake-north in respect to true indigenous sovereignty and heritage here as part of Tsi Tetsiontitiotiakon (Montreal island), Tiohtiake (archipelago of islands in the greater Montreal region refered to by some as 'Place where the nations and their rivers, unite and divide') and Kanien'keh (Land of the people of the flint, Kanien'kehaka or Mohawk) which stretches as well from Albany, New York to Lake Ontario part of the People of the Longhouse, Rotinosaunee (Haudenosaunee) Confederacy of Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Onondaga and Seneca nations.  Some consider Turtle Island (Onowaragen or North America) as a network of confederacies.


Depending on your contributions and interests, you are able to become 1. Founder, 2. Worker, 3. Supplier and / or 4. Consumer and any combination of these.  Those from outside LaSalle Gardens, LaSalle and the local region can fill out the form and eventually grouped with other members to form your own local mutual-aid committee.


'INDIGENE' (Latin = 'self-generating')

Indigene 'Community' (L. = 'com' = 'together' + 'munus' = 'gift or service') refers not only to becoming indigenous for our time and place but as well as drawing upon universal indigenous heritage from around the world.  We align with the leadership of First Nation peoples here in Montreal Tiohtiake (Mohawk for 'archipelago where the nations and their rivers, unite and divide'), honoring indigenous heritage here, for the 'Indigenous Knowledge' IK which they carry for all of us learning how to live sustainably and in abundance with this place. As well we reach out to indigenous individual generators and peoples everywhere. 


The word 'indigene' is also multi-lingual between many European languages as is our desire to join together in 'self-generation' with peoples and environments all over the world.  We are all originally indigenous peoples from every place on earth but have suppressed this heritage from 'exogenous' (L. = 'other-generated') colonial imperial alienation.  We are told in schools, churches, media, books etc that our indigenous heritage is 'primitive', ill-informed, backward and unproductive, hence we give it no notice or energy.  Indigene Community helps participants and members to cut through exogenous propaganda to join again with our ancient heritage and Indigenous Knowledge.


Indigenous practice around the world is one of conspiring for life and living together, recognizing mundane 'strengths and needs' rather than 'wants' as the core of human experience.  Some people take guidance and fulfillment from alignment and abundance with life.  Yet many people of our time are 'wants' based, rejecting the 'mundane' (late 15c., from M.Fr. mondain (12c.), from L. mundanus "belonging to the world" (as distinct from the Church), from mundus "universe, world," lit. "clean, elegant"; used as a transl. of Gk.khosmos (see cosmos) in its Pythagorean sense of "the physical universe" (the original sense of the Gk. word was "orderly arrangement").) disconnected from the earth and from solidarity with each other.  'Wanting-frustration' with human social status and in hurt still competing for 'artificial' (late 14c., "made by man" (opposite of natural), from O.Fr. artificial, from L. artificialis "of or belonging to art,") consuming rewards and hierarchal status.  Hence life dreams of peace, love, justice and freedom and deliberate planned strategy to reconnect back to human intentional interaction.



Paying membership in money is only one modality.  It is possible as a registered participant to earn membership Person Hour Shares PHS equivalents for contributions as 1. Founders, 2. Workers, 3. Suppliers and / or 4. Consumers.  The Person Hour Share is based at 9$50 on the value of the Quebec Minimum Wage in 2010.  Each share in our progressive ownership system is voting reflecting member contributions, experience, expertise and decision-making acumen.  Membership in Indigene is based upon each stakeholder investing his or her complementary strengths of 1. Organisation and resources, 2. Labour and expertise, 3. Goods & Services, 4. Patronage and resources (money, expertise etc).  These four stakeholder contributions represent the four stages of our present economic cycle and the complementary ability for each of these to contribute in an intentional way to a healthy ecological-economy.  There are multiple economic benefits to membership investments.


Our correspondents come from communities around the world, so we will try to join you in your own community with others making efforts to become indigenous.  Each site is different so requirements will vary.  We are a share-based community where each person, organisation or business contributes their strengths and is recognised/accredited through Human Resource Accounting credits as shares in their member accounts. The common Person Hour Share PHS gives voting rights within each stakeholder association and caucus (specialty) group.  Associations are represented on the community board of directors.  We are an inclusive non-profit organisation under the auspices of the Sustainable Development Association, a Canadian Non-Profit Corporation since 1994.  Indigene membership Rights and Responsabilities are described in a document INDIGENE, Sharing our Livelihood with Community Ecological-Economic Participation attached under the STRUCTURE section (navigation on left-sidebar.


We are an Asset-Based-Community-Development-Economy ABCDE organisation, which is concerned about organising and animating the complementary strengths of each of us through bringing members into living proximity (connected-housing), cataloguing human resources, accounting for multi-stakeholder contributions, investment recognition and exchange (debit and creditting). At the bottom of this page are Human Resource Catalogue attachments in English, French and Spanish as well as discussion papers on our Community Investment & Exchange System and Community Service Register System.

The SDC is a Canadian non-profit dedicated to the promotion of Ecological Design, which includes Environmental (with our world), Elemental (integrating 1)Air, 2) Water, 3) Earth states of gaseous, liquid and solid matter, 4) Energy in solar, fire etc and Life both vegetable and animal, Ergonomic design with the human body, 'Economic' from the Greek = 'care and nurture of the home and family'.  Our programs are designed to support each other in livelihood (food, shelter, clothing, warmth and health) during the process of making a living.  Supporting people and processes are key to reaching our goals together.

Contact: Douglas  Ou-ee-ii-jay-ii  Jack douglasf.jack@gmail.com