Eating, living and working in harmony with the earth requires that we understand and respect Natural Science (scientific method which assumes alignment with nature as the complex mould in which life exists providing the context of any given compilation of data and experimental design). Food is the animal's (one who moves) most frequent and constant modality of contact with the earth and other life-forms.  Every act of compassion which we take as individuals towards ourselves, among our family and community, magnifies itself locally and across the earth.  When we re-vision ourselves compassionately, we realign with a sustainable earth.


Eating, we are interacting with our environment, taking plant materials and digesting them, replenishing our bodies with essential nutrients, smelling and tasting essences of plant-life, the earth they animate and leaving the earth with rich urine and fecal 'humanure' to enhance all life.  To harvest food we must constantly move through our local biospheres, exercise our bodies, learn about ecology (nature's relationships) and become earth voices - stewards.  The more intimate we are with the earth, the greater our knowledge becomes and the easier it is to live in abundant harmony.


Socrates: "Other men live to eat, while I eat to live."



Vegetarians and Vegans have shown since the beginning of time that; the richest nourishment comes from the plant kingdom.  Animals (the ones who move) act to spread plant / 'vegetable' (M.Latin vegetabilis "growing, flourishing," from L.L. vegetabilis "animating, enlivening," from L. vegetare "to enliven," from vegetus "vigorous, active,") seeds and nutrients (plant matter) across the earth from place to place.  Hence humans as animals perform essential functions for plants and vice versa as part of one living earth organism.  Humans planting and nurturing trees and other lower plants (high nut trees, lower fruit, vines, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, water-plants) as well provide resources for all species.  Humans aligning with the seeding and nurturing of other bird, animal and fish species benefit from the food trees and other plant abundance.  All plant food has been developed over 'Ecological History' in harmony with the physiology (digestion, metabolism) of its animators.  Hence raw food has a special role in the health and well-being of all animals as well as being much easier to gather, prepare, carry, store and eat.



(Why Paleolithic & indigenous diet are incorrectly labelled as 'hunter-gatherer')

Rootless 2-dimensional colonial institutional society has incorrectly interpreted the world in which we live.

1. In our unbalanced constant search and exploitation of resources and food sources, we invade and drive indigenous peoples and First Nation from their homes. 2. In order to appropriate land for ourselves, we in turn lose the ability to learn from ancient knowledge. 3. The 3-D polyculture orchard, oak and other nut trees whose rich proteins, starches and nutrients which abundantly sustained large populations and living ecologies over millenia, become 'lumber' materials to build plundering ships, forts and weapons of war. 4. Colonist 'pions' ('pioneers') not remembering our own 'indigenous' heritage (eg. Celtic) act as the teeth and claws of empire destroying abundant food trees and replacing them with 2-D 'agriculture' (L. 'ager' = 'field') which often turns to desert indeed not receiving land-title unless the trees were removed.  5. 'Exogenous' (L = 'other-generated') colonialists see indigenous refugees (created by invasion), 'on-the-run' away from their fertile valley lands to the surrounding hills and forests and label them incorrectly only as nomads and meat-eaters (Meat is vegetable 'on hooves'). 6. Agricultural colonies never make a full 'living' upon 'field' labours, constantly relying upon harvesting remaining indigenous polyculture orchard trees in order to supplement sparse income.  7.  As more indigenous polyculture tree orchard is cut, rivers and lakes begin to dry-up, soil washed away, summer heat and winter cold unmitigated by the removed orchard cover become 'fierce'.  Colonial life is hard but the institutionalized colonist 'pion' is indoctrinated that his / her life is supposedly 'easy' compared with the indigenous enemy who has by then been exiled to the distant hills.  And thus the false myth of the 'barbarian', 'indian', 'witch' ('wise-woman'), 'druid' ('wisdom keeper of the oak or tree'), 'savage' (L 'sylva' = 'tree') is born from the constant 'nomadic' destruction of the 2-D institutional empire.


The word 'Druid' from the Celtic peoples means 'wisdom of the oak or tree' reflecting European indigenous heritage and a permanence based in the tree.  As European abundance was destroyed by Roman and Greek forces over thousands of years of resistance, so was america's abundance destroyed by European forces and so is the world's abundance being destroyed by our present ignorance.  Each abused people become abusers.


Starting some 7000 years ago in Mesopotamia (Babylon) human's incorrectly began to cut down the 3-dimensional polyculture orchard which supplied our 'indigenous' ancestors abundantly over hundreds of thousands of years and replacing this with 2-D 'agriculture'.  Indigenous peoples living in gregarious clustered housing and urban settings immersed in Polyculture Orchard merely had to reach outside the windows, walk out the door or go up to their Green Roofs in order to harvest an abundance of Permaculture perennial and tree plant food.  Some form of civil unrest or war eventually 'wasted' or 'simplified' lands and ecologies from 3-D to 2-D, produced scarcity.  The perpetrators of this 2-D destruction turned to institutional mis-information, indoctrination, policing and military enforcement of the 'lie'.


All of us can remember at various levels of schooling and religious services where we were taught that 'agriculture' or 'field' food production was supposedly the greatest 'revolution' of mankind and 'civilization' when in fact anyone can quickly understand the laden polyculture orchard tree canopies as more abundant.  Scientific studies from the UN on 'Agro-forestry', Permaculture, Forest-Gardens, Polyculture Orchards over the past 70 years show data that traditional indigenous 'polyculture-orchards' with canopy and multiple levels from tall-tree, short-tree, vine, shrub, herb, vegetable, mushroom etc. are 100 times (10,000%) more productive per area than 'agriculture'.  https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/design/food-materials-resouces


As human societies, once indigenous and turned exogenous, deny biosphere & physical reality, humanity  turns from stewards of abundance to scrapers of scarcity and our minds and social structures become 2-D linear-organized into militaristic life-styles.  2-D simplification in violent methodology so that fear and loathing and constant war-mongering in third world countries by industrial countries hungry for resources are the norm today. False society organizes itself in perpetuation through constant indoctrination and enforcement of the 'lie' through: 1. 'educational' (Latin = 'to lead forth from within'), 2. 'academia' (Greek 'Garden of Academus').  Socrates took youth and others willing to learn in the 'garden' outside of the walled 'Sophist' schools of the time.  The core foundation of Socrates 'academic' method is based in the 'dialectic' right to 'debate' (French 'de' = 'undo' + 'bate' = 'the fight').  3. 'Religion' (Latin 'religio' = 'to relate') originally implied free human will and dialogue-exchange in reflection or relation of our experience.  We can identify and unravel the 'lie' imposed upon our minds, by turning to the original etymological (word-history) meanings of the syllables (consonant-verb sound grouping) of the words we speak.  One quickly can see that 'education', 'academia', 'religion', 'economy' and other fundamental concepts of life as interpreted today are completely opposite to their original meanings. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/5-collaborative-language



Indigene Community understands that reconnecting with compassionate living and indigenous heritage is not easy to do alone.  In the indigenous community tradition, we understand that building proximity and interaction are key to rebuilding compassionate life among us.  In this sense and others, we invite you to join us in our multi-home cohousing.  We understand change as primarily being empowered by the physical interaction of mutual-aid with information playing a minor complementary role.


Indigenous peoples around the world in observing the isolation of the 'exogenous' individual and families have called us to learn and implement the Great Law of Peace.  It is striking that the 'Haudenosaunee' ('People of the 'longhouse' or 'extended home') or five nation Iroquois Confederacy were only a small part of 'Extended-home-living' across Turtle Island (North America).  The east and west coasts extending far inland of Turtle Island were inhabited by extended homes, Pueblo (townhouse-like) or Longhouse (apartment-like) but chose the 'extended-home' name as a name of 'affiliation' rather than 'distinction' for our benefit.  The Great Law is found among most indigenous people in some form or another worldwide.  Our indigenous ancestors understood that peace is a function of economic inclusion and well-being dependent upon the empowerment of individuals linked to the whole.  Systematically the strength of the individual grouped together in a form of 'economic' (Greek 'oikos' = 'home' + 'namein' from 'manus' = 'hand' or 'care & nurture') 'team' building.  The Great Law is based in 2 main parts:

1. Living in multihome proximity, planning for each other inclusively so that multiple generations & disciplines can interact easily in 'economies of scale' typically from 50, 100 & 150 individuals  living and working together.  Today 50% of world housing is multihome such as apartment or townhouse complexes with roughly these same economies of scale at an average of 35 dwelling units per complex.  Fully recognizing everyone's contribution through progressive ownership in specialized Production Society economies of scale at this extended home level enables indigenous societies to fully engage all member capacities and serve all needs without artificial abstract institutions such as churches, schools and other centralized hierarchies. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/relational-economy/extending-our-welcome-participatory-multi-home-cohousing

2. Inclusive welcoming economy with specialized Production Society accounting for integrated human values as: 'Capital' (Latin 'cap' = 'head' meaning 'knowledge'), Currency (the word 'money' means 'memory'), Condolence (Social-security), Collegial-education (young apprentice to elder master), Math-based Communication and more represented in the String-shell value based accounting system among the Production Societies.  String-shell in some form is used on every continent around the world represented by such as Wampum, Esnoguay, Seewan, Kayoni in North America, the Quipu system of South America, Cauris Shell of Africa and strikingly similar systems in Europe, Asia, Australia and throughout the Pacific Ocean.  In effect indigenous Production Societies printed their own currency, capital & condolence value systems.  https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/relational-economy

Multihome proximity allows for domestic and community service labours to be grouped together and organized with accounting for all inputs which is impossible in the detached isolated nuclear home.  Thus traditional women's work is recognized with accounting, giving women an equal voice economically and subsequently politically.  Generations are able to work interactively and industry / commerce are economic subsets quality and health controlled by an empowered community.

The intelligence of each contributor is recognized with progressive ownership built by the individual over the course of a lifetime with accounting starting as ownership shares.  Peace economy is thus firmly rooted and guided by the ownership and voice of all its peoples.  The most efficient and productive Participatory corporations of the world such as the Keiretsu (eg.Toyota, Hitachi) of Japan, Chaebol (eg. Daewoo Motors) of Korea, Associative Economics of Europe (Rudolf-Steiner), Participatory businesses such as Ben & Jerry's Icecream, Dofasco Steel, Tom's of Maine Toothpaste, Tembec Forest Products work with multiple stakeholder ownership and capital-currency-condolence etc integrated value accounting practices.



Vegans use less than 1 / 15th the land and other resources for feeding themselves.  The ecological footprint of a vegan is manageable for the 6 billion people who inhabit the earth.  Human welcome is the key element (under our loving-ability) for rebuilding the society we need as social creatures to relax, interact, benefit and thus to lower population pressures.  In order for human stewards to rebuild nature's capacity on earth, we need to relearn to best nourish our bodies at the same time as creating more 3-D tree-led resources for all species.  As humanity is now re-beginning to calculate the earth's limited resources for everyone for the pressing needs of Anthropogenic (Human caused) Climate Change, Global Warming, rising sea levels, desertification, violent weather events (caused by lack of solar photosynthesis absorption of solar energy), compassionate diet is something we all can contribute.


The attachments below speak to our long sustainable vegetarian and mostly vegan heritage over thousands of years.  No other animal nor human need to suffer or be hurt in order for humans to feed ourselves with maximun nutrition.

COMPASSIONATE ACTION NETWORK www.compassionateactionnetwork.com 

VegSource:  www.vegsource.com

VegSource report The Paleo Diet is Uncivilized (and Unhealthy and Untrue) by Dr. John McDougall, 30th June 2012 http://www.vegsource.com/news/2012/06/the-paleo-diet-is-uncivilized-and-unhealthy-and-untrue.html#comments-open

Living Green Veganism & the Environment: By the Numbers (Info-graphic) http://www.culinaryschools.org/yum/vegetables/   

CulinarySchools.org is maintained by culinary expert Brad Lowry

Brad Lowry started working in restaurants during high-school, eventually handling most every job in the kitchen and dining room.  After teenage stints as dish dog and fry daddy, he finally found his stride with front-of-the-house positions at several world-class hotel properties. http://livinggreenmag.com/2013/02/13/energy-ecology/veganism-the-environment-by-the-numbers-infographic/?goback=%2Egde_67451_member_213950503

Veganism & The Environment: By the Numbers [Infographic]

Editor Post | February 13, 2013

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A meat-filled diets does quite a number on the environment. This infographic from CulinarySchools.org shows the impact of our individual eating habits.  For example, if one person switches from eating meat for a vegan diet, they can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 tons per year — TONS!