Indigene Community is founded in the practice of livelihood 'welcome' (welcoming inclusive human economic relations of mutual-aid) and solidarity.  Every part of 'indigenous' (Latin = 'self-generating') 'community' (Latin = 'com' = 'together' + 'munus' = 'gift or service) and this website is designed as an expression of welcome.  Indigene Community is devoted to those who are developing inclusive livelihood welcome for each other while aligning with and enhancing natural elemental forces.  We need strong words and 3-dimensional interdisciplinary actions considering the plight of our brothers and sisters around the world in the face of linear 2-D exogenous (L. = 'other-generated'), exploiting extracting economic and the derivative ecological onslaught.  could the strongest words on our lips and in our action be inclusive “Welcome” or “Come and join us in making livelihood together” and “We stand in solidarity”.

Indigene Community invites all individuals and organisations to consider how to function in welcome for all who care to contribute.  Indigene Community's welcome is to enter into a system of giving and receiving, contributing, developing experience, being recognized, stewarding, decision-making in areas of expertise and benefiting accordingly.  Welcome is not easy to understand or implement from 'exogenous' (Latin = 'other-generated') linear (one-way) worldviews so we hope that readers will benefit from the diverse descriptions of interactive welcoming society and opportunities for involvement offered by Indigene Community.  We also physically welcome those who wish to become involved, to join us in the livelihood provisions we are working with and locations we are living in.  This welcome also implies great detailed responsibility and discipline across every factor of life for every participant.  Our dialectic process described in Section D. 1) Both-Sides-Now equal time recorded dialogues offers all those who contribute and become involved a voice in determining our organisation. Our human resource time-based accounting puts those who contribute into positions of enhanced decision-making proportional to their aggregated progressive contributions. There are no free rides but at the same time wonderful opportunities for livelihood, friendship and mutual-aid.

Indigenous welcome and knowledge assumes that all people regardless of physical or mental considerations have important truths, wisdom, capacities and effort to offer each other through economic community, when supported interactively to do so.  We are each a specialized voice of life and the earth speaking.  The way indigenous communities around the world achieve 'welcome' is primarily through 1) Multihome living design and 2) Inclusive livelihood time-based human resource economic accounting (String-shell traditions) of progressive ownership in Production Societies.

Humans as social creatures are inherently complementary.  When Europeans came to Turtle Island, North America, both the east from Florida to Newfoundland and west from Mexico to Alaska coasts were primarily Longhouse multihome dwellings.  Its intriguing that the 'Haudenosaunee' (Iroquois = 'People of the longhouse') confederacy of five nations called themselves this term of affiliation.  We can understand how First Nations observed Europeans living separately in detached nuclear family dwellings without much interaction between generations and among families.  First Nation realized that the most important message for us to understand is how to rebuild the connections among us.  Celtic peoples of Europe originally lived in Longhouses which were destroyed violently through Greek and Roman invasions. Humans look to relations of mutual aid as whole interactive full-cycle systems.  However humans as social creatures are also inherently 'game' (rule) players and 'pattern' makers or searchers.  When whole system three dimensional design is destroyed humans revert to linear 2-D models with seeming contradictions.  Today's right and left wings for example are essential complementary capacities which need to work in harmony in order for humanity to fly.

Indigene Community invites all individuals, organisations, institutions, government, industry and commerce to join us in making 3-D interactive, inter-generational, interdisciplinary, indigenous community for a sustainable and welcoming planet.  We base our work in the participatory traditions of companies and communities around the world and particularly that of indigenous peoples.  We are all originally indigenous peoples from everywhere around the world.

Sections A. 3) The Indigenous Circle of Life and C. 1) Extending our Welcome , 6) Solidarity are good places to begin reading, but all sections have important qualities of indigenous whole system design.

When individuals, communities, multihome housing, organisations, institutions, industry, commerce, government, professionals, academia etc are welcoming for the contributions, progressive ownership and creative involvement of all stakeholders, then humanity is truly working with all capacities for a loving, living, changing and sustainable world.  When we consider our organisational 'objectives' in terms of our individual and collective 'subjective' recognition of capacities, strengths and needs, then we are truly recognizing human and earthly reality.

Those who are not welcoming all stakeholders to contribute are dependent upon unsustainable linear paradigms frozen in time.