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The following two attached Montreal History articles (at the bottom of this page by historian and innovator of 'Phantom-Montreal' tour guide Donovan King describe Eurocentric thinking and some of the colonial tragedy in Montreal's history and self-image.  Donovan as well is a theatre playwright who has worked on the Sinking Neptune 'This Play is About Cultural Genocide' show.  Considering that no indigenous perspectives or resources are generally available in our schools, churches, government institutions and legislation, these tragedies will be disconcerting to most: 1. Place d'armes statue of de Maisonneuve considers the lack of information at colonial commemorative sites, in our history books, in government literature, tourism advertisement and documentation for First Nation history (10,000 years at least), the predominance of colonial markings or such as de Maisonneuve's genocidal colonial declarations and actions while visiting this Kanien'keh nation territory.

 2. Place du Marche considers, contrasts and questions whether humanity and Quebec civil society is served today by the predominant celebration of colonial history and its brutal feudal legacy compared with the dearth of information on the democratic legacy of the People of the Longhouse Confederacy and their Great Law of Peace.


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