Reported Cases


Reported Cases of Lyme Disease

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The CDC recently admitted its reporting practices

miss 10 cases for each one counted!

Florida more than doubled its cases in one year, from 2012 to 2013.

Cases of human Lyme disease are woefully underreported by the Florida Department of Health/CDC. Immediate change is needed to accurately reflect the true epidemic in order to better protect both human and animal health.

CDC Reported Cases By State 2004- 2013

CDC Incidence Rates by State 2005-2009

CDC Reported Cases by State 1995-2009

CDC Cases by Year Graph- 1995-2009

More CDC Case Information/Stats

FLORIDA- Counties With Reported Cases

1992- 2011 Totals

Pinellas- 94

Palm Beach-81

Miami-Dade- 60

Lee- 59

Sarasota- 53

Hillsboro- 54


Orange- 45

Brevard- 29

Duval- 29

Martin- 29

Marion- 28

Indian River- 27

Volusia- 26


Manatee- 24

Pasco- 23

Lake County- 22

Escambia- 20

Citrus- 19

Broward- 17

Collier- 16

Okaloosa- 16

Nassau- 15

St. Johns- 15

Polk- 14

Hernando- 13

Alachua- 13

Charlotte- 13

Seminole- 12

Osceola- 12

Leon- 11

Flagler- 11

Santa Rosa- 10

Sumter- 10


Counties not listed above have 1-9 cases each except for the following, which have no reported cases: Bradford, Glades, Gulf, Hamilton, Jefferson, Lafayette, Liberty, Madison and Union.


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What About Our Dogs?

One out of every 113 dogs tested positive for Lyme disease in Florida. One of every 135 dogs tested positive for Ehrlichiosis, and one of every 166 dogs tested positive for Anaplasmosis. Click here to see the interactive CAPA map.

National- Highest Incident Rates 2013

Vermont 107.6

New Hampshire 100.0

Maine 84.8

Connecticut 58.7

Massachusetts 57.0

Delaware 43.2

Rhode Island 42.2

Pennsylvania 39.0

New Jersey 31.3

Minnesota 26.4

Wisconsin 25.2

Arizona had approximately 5 times more cases in 2013 as in 2012.

Alaska had more than 3 times more cases in 2013 as in the previous year.

Florida more than doubled its cases in one year, from 2012 to 2013.

California and Alabama almost doubled its cases.

Colorado had only 3 cases reported in an entire decade. Maybe it’s the pot?