Book- YES Chronic Lyme

IDSA Founder Publishes

Chronic Lyme Disease Case Studies

Announcing a big break through for those suffering with chronic Lyme disease!

A founding member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) recently published a book detailing 51 case studies concerning the diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic Lyme and tick borne diseases.

The book is in total opposition to the IDSA's long-standing theory that there is no such thing as "chronic Lyme disease", and antibiotic treatment beyond their minimal, cost-effective protocols are ineffective.

The book's author, Dr. Burton Waisbren, is currently a member and Fellow of the IDSA organization. In his book he describes clinical diagnosis and treatment protocols for patients with chronic Lyme disease, including the long-term treatment they received, and his success with treating "chronic Lyme disease" with antibiotics.

He reports successfully using multiple antibiotics to treat chronic Lyme cases (IV and orals). He also comments on using IGeneX Lab testing in some cases, treating with flagyl for stomach issues, etc.

Dr. Waisbren is the author of the article: The Emperor’s New Clothes, Chronic Lyme Disease, and the Infectious Disease Society of America. Burton A Waisbren Sr. M.D. FACP- Founding Member and Fellow of the Infectious Disease Society of America.

Thanks to Dr. Waisbren's efforts, more patients may be recognized as having "chronic Lyme disease", and be able to be treated for a potentially disabling and life-threatening infectious disease that has been too long ignored by a handful of IDSA members.

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Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease: Fifty-One Case Reports and Essays in Their Regard by MD, FACP, FIDSA Burton A. Waisbren Sr. (Oct 19, 2011) - Kindle eBook