CHRONIC Lyme Disease- Definition

Definition of Chronic Lyme Disease

May 9, 2017- Today, CHRONIC Lyme disease is officially official! Dr. Raphael Stricker, et. al. published a study medically describing and defining CHRONIC Lyme Disease based on over 700 peer-reviewed studies.

Quote- "According to this definition, CLD is a multisystem illness with diverse musculoskeletal, neuropsychiatric and/or cardiovascular manifestations that result from ongoing infection with pathogenic members of the Borrelia spirochete complex often associated with other tickborne disease (TBD) pathogens.

To qualify for the diagnosis of CLD, patients must have Lyme- compatible symptoms and signs that are either consistently or variably present for six or more months. Two subcategories of CLD include untreated chronic Lyme disease (CLD-U) and chronic Lyme disease following a limited course of antibiotic treatment (CLD-T)."

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