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Lyme- An Even

Bigger Threat

Than You Think

Chronic Dental Pain

In Lyme Patients

Babesiosis Presenting As

Liver Failure


Discrimination &

Lyme Disease

Dr. Richard Horowitz Redefining Medicine

New Video

Positive HIV Test

Could Be Caused

By Babesiosis Instead

Recycle Supplement

Bottles To Help

Lyme Patients

Prevention Products

Detailed List

Behavioral Changes & Learning Challenges

In Children

What Ugly Momma Eats 5,000 Ticks Per Season?

Video Interview

Dr. Steven Phillips

How Many People

Get A Lyme Rash?

Find Out Here

Military Fighter Pilot

Unfit For Duty Due To

Lyme Disease

Getting Harder To Get Around Outdoors?

List of Lyme Misdiagnoses With Documentation

The South End Of

A North Bound Tick

Sepsis Infection

Mostly Hospital Acquired

Killing 700 People Per Day


Gastritis, Skin Rash, Heartburn, Abdominal Pain


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

E-Fund Your Health

Crowdsourcing With Matching Donations

Get Sick When

Going In Stores, Malls, Schools Or Offices?

You Aren't Alone!

Persistant Infection In Patients With Ongoing Lyme Disease Symptoms

Lyme Science Related

Conversations With

Dr. Daniel Cameron

Stopping Psych Meds In

A Safer Environment

Florida Lyme Patient

Tells Her Story

Outdoor Screened

Protection From

Biting Bugs

Ideas Under $50

Mast Cell

Activation Syndrome

When Histamine

Goes Haywire

Updated For 2018

Free Educational

Handout Literature

Deer Flies Harbor

Lyme, Anaplasmosis

& Bartonella

New Study Here

Lyme Video

Medical & Psychiatric Symptoms


For You & Your Pets

Free Tick Testing

Click Here For More Information

Morgellons Disease

Delusion to Definition

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) In People With Lyme Disease

Many Ways To Detox

For People With

Chronic Lyme Disease

Borrelia miyamotoi

Associated With Neurological Symptoms Too

New Discovery

Chlamydia In Ticks

Medical Marijuana Info

Doctor Locator

CDC Finally Abandons

The IDSA & Its Failed

Lyme Treatment Guidelines

Bee Venom

For Treating

Lyme Disease

Essential Oils

Effective Against

Lyme Disease

Price List With

Additional Info

For Essential Oils

FDA "Fast Tracks"

New (Actually Recycled)

Lyme Vaccine

Autism, Lyme &

Associated Diseases

2017 Update

Lyme Cases Increase

For Hispanics

Salute to Our

Southern Neighbors

Brazil- Thank You!

Dr. Richard Horowitz

2017 Lyme Conference Presentation

Parks- USA & Other

Their Ticks & Diseases


Did You Know?

Reasons NOT To Test Ticks

Children's Infectious

Disease Doctors

Attack Lyme Patients & Doctors Again


Scientific Studies With Quotes

Herx, Herxing, Ouch!

Jarisch-Herxheimer Reactions

New 2017 CSTE/CDC

Lyme Disease Case Definition

Dr. Joseph J. Burrascano

1993 (3 minute video)

The Lyme Conspiracy

Morgellons Disease

Linked to Lyme Disease

And Causing Additional Suffering

DPT Vaccine Kills

5 X More Children

Than It Protects

"The Silent Killer"

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

2,244 Deaths in 5 Years

Another Attack Targeting

Lyme Patients & Doctors

By So-Called "Officials"

Response To Attack Here

Dr. Horowitz

"How Can I Get Better?"

Over 1/2 of the Kissing

Bugs Tested Had

New Bartonella Genotype

Abusive Situations

Healthy Relationships

Ancient Ice Man Ötzi

Bone Loss From

Lyme Disease

Munchausen's By Proxy

Children & Parents

Caught In This Trap

President Obama Signs

21st Century Cures Act

Swiss Lyme Treatment Guidelines & Shamefully

No Changes

A Look Into Our Future

Ask The Experts

Pain, Swelling, Inflammation &

Blood Vessels

What Is The Reason For The Strange Symptoms?

Dr. Joseph Burrascano's

Vancomycin Treatment

For Resistant Lyme

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