Something Bugging You?

Try some of these inexpensive, less toxic methods of ridding

Your home and yard of these pests.


Mosquito Traps- 4 Minute Video

(Simple, Inexpensive- DIY)

Mosquito Traps- 8 Minute Video

(Simple- Inexpensive- noise in background is annoying)


Tick Tubes- DIY- 4 Minute Video

(DIY- Suggestion- Rather Than Paper Tubes

Use Pieces of PVC Pipe That Are Reusable Next Season)

Dry Ice Tick Traps- DIY- Short Article With Picture

Stink Bugs

Stink Bug Trap- DIY- 30 Second Video & Short Article

Stink Bug Trap- DIY- 3 Minute Video & Article- Cost $7.00

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Up Close- 4 Minute Video

(Interesting Information)

Bed Bug Trap- DIY- 3 Minute Video


Chiggers- Information About The Bugs- Rash Pictures- 2 Minute Video

Chiggers- How To Get Rid Of Them- 3 Minute Video

Gnats & Fruit Flies

Gnats & Fruit Flies- DIY- 2 Minute Video


Fly Trap- 3 Minute Video


Snake Traps- 3 Minute Video

(Glue Tube Worked)

Snake Shield Snake Repellent Does Not Work- 5 Minute Video

(Fast Forward Past First Two Minutes)

Ro-Pel Snake Repellent Does Not Work- 9 Minute Video

(Not Useful, But Interesting To Watch)

Are Your Pets Bugged?

Natural Tick Repellent For Dogs- 2 Minute Video

All Natural Flea, Tick, Mosquito Repellent For Dogs & Cats- 3 Minute Video

(New Item to Purchase)

General Information

Organic Fly & Mosquito Control- 4 Minute Video

(Ticks & Gnats Also- Items To Purchase, Not DIY)

No-See-Ums- General Information- 3 Minute Video