New Culture Test

New Borrelia Culture Test

Notes from Various Sources

September 5, 2011- Test is done by a private lab located near Philadelphia, Advanced Laboratories, Inc. (see link below).

The test is the actual culture of Bb from peripheral blood, and is now available in all states except Florida and NY. Dr. Burrascano works for the consulting company that is helping to set up the lab.

The actual procedure is a basic culture using a proprietary mix of media and some intensive care and feeding of the spirochetes as they grow- in as little as 7 to 10 days.

The blood has to be in the lab within 24 hours to be processed. Any delays degrade the results, and right now, infectious specimens from out of the country often are held in conditions that are very hot or very cold, for up to four days. Therefore until this hurdle is overcome, the test is being done on US patients only.

Positive cultures are confirmed by growth conditions, by histology, and by specific Bb immunostains using monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. The doctor has the option, for additional cost, to further confirm results by ordering the "complete test" which adds PCR android DNA sequencing.

It is a rapid blood culture for Borrelia. There are two separate panels- a basic one and an advanced one.

In the basic panel, the blood sample is cultured and the positives are identified by histology and growth characteristics, and confirmed by fluorescent immunostaining. Positive reports will include a picture of the Bb growing in that culture.

The advanced panel will do this, but will also do PCR using well characterized and published DNA primer sets, and then all positive PCRs will be confirmed by DNA sequencing.

Turn-around time can be as brief as ten days for the basic test, and seven to ten more days for the advanced panel.

You have to contact the lab to have test kits sent to you.

The blood must be sent out the same day it is collected, and the lab provides a prepaid return FedEx mailer.

As the lab is not yet accepting specimens over weekends, please do not collect blood on Fridays.

This culture will not be available to NY State practitioners for several months. The States of California and Florida may have a delayed availability?

Pricing and insurance issues- you will have to contact the lab for this info. [One report stated basic test is approximately $500.00 and if the advanced test is done, add another $200.00.]

To read the press release with contact information LymeCultureTest.pdf