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Thanks for writing about Lyme disease

Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 10:45 pm (Updated: March 30, 11:01 pm)

To Ms. Chris Van Ormer:

I was reading your article regarding Lyme disease and the unfortunate plight of Tyler Vaughn, diagnosed late of this horrible disease. Thank you for writing about this.

I was a physician in Berlin, N.J., for 25 years when I got so sick, repeatedly, of what I thought was severe muscle-joints achiness from being exposed to influenza virus. Flu, coupled with a whole host of debilitating symptoms of easy fatigability, extreme exhaustion, feverishness, which were all my first signs of the disease.

Being a doctor myself, I took my 3-4X tests of Lyme disease as really negative, until the Central Disease Control in Atlanta and in Connecticut verified I was already in the fourth stage of the disease. I became so critically ill as to be given a potent series of 195 days (of an) intravenous new drug called Rocephin. This was the most serious and last stage of the disease, which involved all the systems of the body.

There is a cure for the first stage of the disease when caught early. The latter part of the disease goes on to many complications, like heart and lung problems, diabetes (pancreas involvement), kidney failure, all-over muscle/joint pains called fibromyalgia — the worst of all pains, which is unrelenting. Then depression sets in due to impairment of all functions, physical, mental and emotional.

I am 83 years old now, and was a picture of good health until I had to retire early due to an unnoticed bulls-eye skin rash from an infected tick bite I got from gardening flowers and from pets let outside.

I was tempted to share my experience of Lyme disease as an authority by experience. I am still struggling with the aftermath of Lyme disease: fibromyalgia and depression.

However bad it is, I still feel so blessed because one of the best treatments are good, caring friends, loving families and the grace of God to carry you through your tough times.

Thank you, Chris, for your article about Lyme disease and Tyler’s struggles and the awareness and concern for the public.

Dr. Reme B. Buaron


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