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Children with Lyme can exhibit a variety of mild to severe symptoms.

Children may be unable to describe their symptoms in the same way as an adult. Pain, for example, may be expressed by rubbing or tapping on or near the painful area. Fatigue may be expressed by a child wanting to suddenly sit down, sit longer or more often than normal and do light activities like play games or watch tv rather than play sports for example.

Signs & Symptoms Associated With

Lyme Disease in Children

Rashes- Only a few children (less than 10%) will get a "bulls-eye" or other kind of Lyme related rash. The rash may appear in hard-to-see places (scalp) and may be very short-lived and overlooked. Some rashes may not appear until after treatment begins (not to be confused with an allergy). See rash photos by clicking here.

Tick Bites- All species of ticks can transmit a variety of infectious organisms, some within a very short time (minutes to hours) after attachment. Do not think because it is a lone star tick or other kind of tick it can not transmit Lyme disease as some of the older literature suggests.

Deer ticks, for example have been found to have 93 different kinds of bacteria, parasites, viruses, etc. Many organisms are known to be able to be transmitted to humans by the deer tick. With the other organisms, no one is sure if they can or can't be transmitted. Many children (and parents) do not remember the child having a tick bite. To learn how to properly remove a tick click here.

Additional Information

What Doctors Need To Know About Pediatric Lyme Disease- by Ann Corson, MD- See attached pdf at the bottom of this page.

Psychiatry Ground Rounds (December 13, 2006)- Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Tick Borne Diseases- by Ann Corson, MD- Click Here

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For more detailed information on specific symptoms that can affect children,

Please see the individual articles listed below.

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