18 Nov 2014 - BGF career opportunities

Post date: 11 avr. 2013 12:16:44

About 45 students (and others) participated at the "career opportunities" on 18 November.

We had 8 presentations from various institutes and companies as well as a representative of school teachers.

  • Norwegian Meteorological Institute (Anne Solveig Andersen and Berit Hagen)
  • Institute of Marine Research (Vidar Lien)
  • StormGeo (Cecilie Villanger and Lillian Bergheim)
  • Teaching/Schools (Åse Heilund Midttun, Sandsli VGS)
  • NERSC (Lasse Pettersson)
  • NIVA (Andrew Luke King)
  • Aanderaa Data Instruments (Ailin Brakstad)
  • Polytec (Leonid Vasilyev and Konstantinos Christakos)

Afterwards, pizza and drinks were served in the canteen, where students also got a chance to speak to potential future employers.

All the presentations are available at the bottom of this page.