22 Feb 2013: BGF annual meeting - Marine renewable energy – an option for the future?

Post date: 11 avr. 2013 11:21:39

Welcome to the annual meeting of the Bergen Geophysical Society on February 22nd 2013!

The talk of the evening will be given by Finn Gunnar Nilsen from Statoil and Geophysical Institute (UiB), who will address the available energy resources and challenges related to extracting energy from the ocean. Focus will be on tidal, wave and offshore wind energy.

Offshore wind is a rapidly expanding industry, in particular in Europe. Several challenges are related to this development, as reliability, flow interaction phenomena and in particular costs. Utilization of ocean wave energy is still in its infancy, but the fundamental principles are known and a lot of technical principles developed. However, reliable and cost effective solutions are still missing. Tidal energy has the nice property of being predictable. However, the resources are limited to few locations.

Some of the above issues will be addressed and illustrated by examples.

The talk is open, free, and will be given in english.

The lecture will be followed by dinner and party!

The menu will be announced on our website org.uib.no/bgf


19:00-19:30: Annual meeting:

• Election of board member(s)

• A status report on the finances and activities

19:30-20:15: Lecture: Marine renewable energy – an option for the future?

20:30: Dinner and annual party!

When: Friday February 22nd 2013 at 19:00

Where: NERSC cinema and cafeteria, Thormøhlensgt. 47 (http://www.nersc.no/about/contact).

Fee for the party: Students 150,-; members 200,-; non-members 250,-. Membership is only kr. 50,- per year (30,- for students).

Sign up: The lecture is free and open for all. The annual meeting is for everyone who are or wishes to become a member. The party is also open, but you need to sign up with Knut-Frode Dagestad <Knut-Frode.Dagestad@stormgeo.com> by Wednesday 20th of Febuary for that. Remember to mention any dietary needs.

Welcome! Even, Knut-Frode and Annette